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Thursday, November 1, 2018


The homeless - they are found -
everywhere - they are told to move -
and soon they are pitching their tents -
elsewhere - moving the homeless from place to place -
does not help - not at all.

San Francisco is NOT any other City - in fact we are the City and County of San Francisco. Once respected worldwide - no more.

Mayor London Breed has NO clue about how to solve - homelessness - because her heart in not in the right place.  Those that she has as advisors - pander to her - and her temper - she is determined to take this once great city down the drain - into the " cesspool " of her own creation.

London Breed cannot even speak like a lady - she screams and shouts - and no one has told her about etiquette and manners - she exhibits the hood - wherever she goes - and makes a fool of herself.

The Navigation Model is not a solution - to address the acute and chronic homelessness in San Francisco. Our Elders are dying on the streets of San Francisco.

Where there is deep empathy and compassion - " Navigation Centers " are NOT the solution - one has just to visit a Navigation Center to find out - first hand.

Human beings who cannot take care of themselves - have animals - dogs, cats, unkempt live side by side - and this model is touted as some solace and solution - to the chronic - homelessness. Go Figure.

Daily assaulted - the homeless have to endure all sorts of trials and tribulation - more, by those that prey on the Seniors - to feed their addiction - be it heroin, opioids, you name it - that is rampant on the streets of San Francisco.

The daily car break-ins are linked to that population who mingle with the homeless - while carrying on their trade - stealing, preying on the vulnerable, breaking into homes, breaking into cars - and  London Breed has NO clue - how to address the situation at hand.

The SF Police Department put out some fake statistics - and only those who are preyed upon again and again - know what I am talking about. If you are assaulted try calling the SF Police Department - and note the wait time. 

If you are assault on MUNI - try call the SFPD and find out how long it takes - for anyone to come to your rescue.

London Breed - she talks the talk -
but there is no walk - worth the salt.

Months into her Mayoral short term that end in November 2020 - we have seen NO change - as Mayor London Breed spew diatribe with no Blue Print - with timelines and concrete goals,

The " fire chats " - twisting her mouth, spewing diatribe with the head of SaleForce - does not help.

At ground zero the situation - is getting from bad to worse - and here is the Mayor - talking about " Navigation Centers " and building some few beds - 80 or so beds - when we have over 12,000 homeless - in San Francisco.

Many living in Recreational Vehicles, in their cars, under the freeway, in the bushed, in vacant buildings, anywhere where they are live and lay their head for a few hours.

The SF Health Department - must interview the homeless victims - and gauge their stress level - it is simply uncalled for that with a $11 Billion Budget - we cannot provide decent living condition for our Elders and those with compromised health.

A one bed room cost $3500 and a two bed room $5500 and in many places - depending on the location more. Two and three families live in a two bed room apartment. It is common for many that work two and three jobs - to rent a couch.

Mayor London Breed now earns $366,000 a year - she can afford to spew hot air - and continue to shop - spending thousands at a time - while those that need help - are slowly dying. She is surrounded  by wicked lackeys - who are despicable - more ignorant and arrogant.

We have a population of about 840,000 in San Francisco and a day population of over a million.

Most come in to work - and leave.

The homeless are found every where - and expanding some little help - a few beds here, a few beds there - is not going to help the homeless situation. 

The SF Board of Supervisors as a whole and more the President of the Board Malia Cohen and London Breed the Mayor - have failed us San Franciscans.

They have failed us - and have NOT represented us - as they ought to.

When we had the singular incident of Ms Canada - who was over 100 years old - and evicted - we saw first hand how the entire SF Board of Supervisors and how London Breed were slow to help her.

That was just one person - but that one person who was targeted Ms Canada - an Elder - over 100 years old  -  did not deserve to be treated with disdain. Shame on those that talk the talk - but failed to walk the walk. Our Elders matter - and the more we harm them with intent - the more - we should be ashamed of our sordid - actions.

While Ms. Canada was in hospital - her rental unit was broken into. Her documents stolen, and she suffered from a severe shock and died. Mayor London Breed has BLOOD on her hands.

The millions been set aside to improve the Sea Wall - the millions set aside to address - so called " affordable housing "  - Proposition C - do not have sound plans - less transparency and even less accountability.

Right now it costs over $1500 if not more - per square foot to build a decent building - with the permits, and other hurdles - no developer worth the salt - wants to build. You may talk about building thousands of units - much like former Mayor Edwin May Lee did - on contaminate ground - where people should not live.

 Those that live - will die a slow death - as do many on Parcel A - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

These idiot who brag about building the Central Subway, the  SF TransBay Terminal, the Sea Wall - other projects - waste millions of dollars - tax payers money - to the detriment of decent, hardworking, tax paying San Franciscans.

Unlike any other City in the United States -  in San Francisco we have astute San Franciscans - many of them can represent - but cannot face LUCIFER AND HIS MINIONS  - those that are backed by " Dark Money ".

London Breed, Malia Cohen, the two candidates in District Six, the candidate in District 4 - and all backed by " dark money '. Bequest money - and the layperson has just to go the Ethic Commission Website and check things for themselves.

We saw this with the Central Sub-way - started with $ 600 million - and now has cost us over $1.5 billion. 

Such increases do not seem to faze the SF Board of Supervisors - and some charlatan like Mayor London Breed - who is surrounded by lackeys - most of them - filling their pockets with  " dark money ".

The SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - has wasted millions - hard earned tax payers money  - to the detriment of the tax payers - who have been left holding the bag.

Those that pay for their clean drinking water - get poor quality drinking water - the water stinks from time to time - the addition of ground water - is one of the sources for this foul smell - apparently from some algae. 

Yet we have to pay more for this water that is touted to come from Hetch Hetchy - pristine water which  it is NOT - at this time. 

Mayor London Breed has tapped into " Community Benefits " money - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

Sponsored by Dwayne Jones and his consultation company - RDJ Enterprises LLC. 

Why is some one who is black listed - handling " Community Benefits " money - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

Who gave this corrupt person the permission - to dole out money to unsavory entities - defying norms - breaking the law and plain decency. 

Where do these crooks come from and why is this City and County pandering to Tyra Fennel, Shakira Smiley, Dwayne Jones, Shamann Walton, and a host of others who have invaded our community - and adversely impact - innocent people.

The Sales Force Building -
resembling a " phallus " - 
very soon you will hear more about the 
de-watering fiasco - and the adverse impact to 
the surrounding area.

We do not have to go far to review de-watering - where millions of gallons - were pumped to aid and abet the SalesForce owners and those involved in the engineering of the Phallus like skyscraper.

The Sales Force Building - treats its own sewer water - and has used state of the art engineering - to stop paying dues to the City and County of San Francisco - does not pay taxes that other businesses pay.

The de-watering needs a permit - a special meter is issued and timely reports must be gathered - none of this happened - during the construction of the Sales Force Building.

So who is in charge - and why is there NO due diligence?

Who is fooling whom - and for how long - should San Franciscans - tolerate such utter nonsense?

On the contrary when asked about the meter - the answer given by SF Public Utilities Commission - the meter was not working. This answer is NOT acceptable.

So the SF Public Utilities Commission  does not have the real time - nor general figure - of the amount of water pumped from  water-shed.

The amount of water pump - which is the millions of gallons of water - pumped from the underground Watershed.

The millions of gallons of water - pumped into manholes - that lead to the City and County of San Francisco -  dual sewer system - that lands in the Bay. Go Figure.

Recently - we were shocked at the Billions spent on the San Francisco TransBay Terminal.

Thick special steel beams - cracking - the situation has not been solved. 

Webcor that help build 525 Golden Gate - the headquarters of the SF Public Utilities Commission - was one of the key contractors - that help build the SF TransBay Terminal.

Numerous change orders - costing over $2 billion.  

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