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Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Our City and County of San Francisco - has been dabbling with FIRE - when it comes to former Public Housing - most of the units once built by the Department of Defense (DoD) - for short term use.

When these units were built in the 1950s and 1960s - mostly to accommodate - military and civilian personnel - it was for short term purposes - and the DoD accomplished their mission pretty well - before handing over the units to the Housing Urban Development (HUD) - who in turn handed the units in very bad shape to the SF Housing Authority.

Conceptual Plan are like a dream -
you wake up - it could be your 
worst nightmare - more when you are exposed -
to element one cannot see - and there is plenty of it.

The SF Housing Authority Board screwed things so badly - that it had to be deactivated - which means - the members including Amos Brown, Dwayne Jones, others one worse than the other - were fired.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
he took upon the challenge - 
be it in a hurry to fix the problem at hand -
at Alice Griffith - aka Double Rock.

Former Mayor Edwin May Lee (now deceased ) formed a team of so called experts under the Chairmanship of Joaquin Torres - who tried his best and succeeded some. As least for starters - the very corrupt the likes of Amos Brown and Dwayne Jones - were removed - and are still wheeling and dealing - seeking to make a fortune and fill their own pockets.

We met at meetings like this one -
tryin our best to help the tenants -
always advocating for Quality of Life issues -
for sure advocating for clean up to residential standards.

I have been involved with Alice Griffith Public Housing since the year 2000 and actively since 2002. 

It was in 2006 that we the advocates saw some movement - and the first issues that we agreed on - we called it then - one on one replacement and transfer of tenants to the proposed new units.

I took this photograph - on the basketball court -
I remember the youth - have a good time -
they did not have a lot - but they had our love.

We met with a lot of opposition - most of it coming from the City and County of San Francisco - many have forgotten those days.

Nancy Pelosi doing what she does best -
pandering to the House Negros -
when will we ever learn to respect ourselves -
and stand up for our proven values - good health 
is paramount to good living - it is our right.

At the recent opening - NO mention was made of those advocates - who toiled very hard - put in hundreds of man-hours - to bring real opportunities, hope, and upward mobility - more when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

The many sellouts on the podium and those sitting in the front  row -  the salivating sellout which include Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, London, Breed, Theodore Miller, Fred Blackwell, Aurelious Walker, Malia Cohen - other youth who have NO clue what they were talking about.

One good place to visit is the link I am posting below which will give the reader - an idea what I am talking about - when it comes to Quality of Life issues - it is called the Record of Decision - read on :

Alice Griffith had long been forgotten more since late 1970 - in the late 1990s - the condition of the units was unbearable to live in - raw sewage - leaking from old pipes and plumbing, other key infrastructure in disrepair - deferred maintenance - hundreds adversely impacted.

Work orders piled up - we tried to bring about solutions - and were totally fed up - getting to the bottom of the problems.

Those in charge - did not give a damn. Imagine raw sewage dripping every where - windows broken that took months to repair - electrical wire in bad shape - and the list goes on and on.

There was no way to bring about change - most everyone - just kicked the can -  down the street and looked the other way.

How many minions are on his pay roll -
the SF Controller wants to know ?
For how long will the corruption continue ?
How many millions have been wasted ?
Tax payers money - any takers ?

The Opportunity Center - a pre-fabricated building that Dwayne Jones was introduced to -  ceased on the opportunity to buy or lease the building - was placed at the Southend of Alice Griffith - with computers - for the youth - that soon went missing.

Another conceptual plan.

There was a small conference room - and many of us packed the conference to explain to the Tenants the importance of having a Tenant Association.

Gave them some understanding of the terms that they should be familiar with - Environmental Impact Studies or Reports (EIS/EIR).

Record of Decision (ROD), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQUA), the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA).

We - took the time to answer as many questions - as we could for the best interests of the community at large - mostly indigent.

Around 2006 the average annual income of the tenants was around $10,000 and some made as high as $12,000.

Today as the developer announced that amount has been increased to $24,000 on an average - there is NO empirical data available or notice from the developer - on the pollution, contamination - linked to the air, the land, liquefaction and severe flooding.

Some of us were already working with the Polynesian Community - more the youth - AIGA ONE.

Many of us worked with the Polynesian youth - living at Alice Griffith - better known at that time as - " Double Rock ".

We organized some BBQs and sponsored some events. We campaigned hard - and knocked at doors and distributed information - we did all that we could possibly do. 

We also worked with the Black youth and other youth that came to us for help - and helped place many youth - who had dropped out of school.

Gave them jobs - so that they could stabilize themselves.

In short youth of color were helped by us as best we could - we got NO help from the City and County of San Francisco.

In 1996 Willie L. Brown Jr. became Mayor and remind in office until 2004 - then came in Gavin Newsom in 2004 and remind in office until 2012 - none of them did anything viable and sustainable - lots of talk and less walk.

The frustration was so high - that when Gavin Newsom thought he could placate the youth - by building a brand new children's playground - some one burnt it down.

I could not comprehend at that time - who possibly could do this - adversely impacting the children - and have not until today.

It was so sad that the children that most needed - a safe haven and a play ground - now need help - and we saw that we rallied the right people without much fanfare and fixed the situation at hand.

When Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - first took office - he knew what he had to do.

Mostly - because he saw were NOT doing their job.

He fired - all those who had made a " hornet nest " - at the SF Housing Authority - many taking bribes.

One Director of the SF Housing Authority - when Mayor Edwin Mah Lee was charged taking bribes - some SF Board members of the SF Housing Authority involved with bids - and  put on the black list - one of them Dwayne Jones - and all this and more was adding fuel to the raging fire - at that time.

Theodore Miller -
HOPE SF - Director

Four years before the demise of Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - Alice Griffith received a $30 million grant  - a Choice Grant involving Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Advocates - who fought hard - had left a track record - and several entities called me personally - to ask about Alice Griffith and the surrounding location and more about the people. I provided these entities with photographs, empirical data from the surround area - soil tests - and so on.

The following links gives the reader some idea of how things were moving along around 2012 - linked to Alice Griffith also know as -  " Double Rock " :

The City and County of San Francisco has a track record - failing to maintain standards - when it comes to building and more placing those that badly need " affordable housing " - human being on very contaminated ground.

We have seen this nefarious activity  all over the City and County of San Francisco.

We have seen it recently the fiasco at Parcel A - when Willie L. Brown Jr and others - connived to hoodwink Mainland Chinese and others to buy in the AB-5 Visa scandal - at $500,000 a pop - then paying over $850,000 for a two bed room condominium - the buyers realizing they had been hoodwinked.

Many Mainland Chinese wrote their losses - used to Visa to live some where else Napa, Santa Barbara, Hillsborough, Pacific Heights - they had the money - but never ever expected ever expected to be hoodwinked - in broad daylight.

With intent those that sold the condominiums at Parcel A - Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - knew the land was contaminated.

Be it  - those who fell into the trap - local folks and the Mainland Chines - took them 5 to 6 years to realize that the homes were built on very contained land - their health was put in peril.

Residents suffering from headaches, women bearing still born babies, all sorts of respiratory diseases - older residents suffering from heart problems. 

Then some  " luminous ship maker "  was found - on the outskirts of Parcel A - away from the new housing - and taken to the laboratory for testing.

The recovered  "ship marker " - was dug out - and found emitting low level radioactive readings.

Asbestos Structures - have been registered at very high levels -
in and around Parcel A - for many years - 8 years for sure.

The main reason for the high level of Asbestos Structures - from the crushing of Serpentinite Rock - found naturally in and around Parcel A. 

It is the same at Alice Griffith - the problem is one cannot see the Asbestos Structures with the naked eye.

When you inhale the Asbestos Structures - it lodges in one's lungs - and grows into a scar - after a few more years - 8 to 10 years - the Asbestos spikes - interfere with one breathing.

The scars or spores - make breathing difficult and very, very painful - I have seen such situations - when I worked at Naval Air Station  (NAS) in Alameda - in Building One - where the Medical Clinic was located. 

The City and County of San Francisco has not taken the precautions necessary - to meet abatement and mitigation - linked to Residential Standards.

Millions of dollars part of the AB-5 Visa - were supposed to be used for " Inner City Youth " - there has been no accountability and transparency.

Malia Cohen circa 2010

Malia Cohen and Willie L. Brown Jr. -
today wheeling and dealing -
she has NO respect for poor people -
she voted against increasing minimum wage -
when the hotel workers were recently giving testimony -
on their on goin strike - Malia Cohen missing in action -
when Nancy the crook appears - there she is present -
willing to sell herself to the highest bidder - for favors.

Malia Cohen is part of these ploys, machinations and shenanigans - folks like Shamann Walton, Veronica Hunnicutt, Eloise Patton, Oscar James, Doris Vincent, Dwayne Jones - others - they all pretend the work hard - but all of them are on the take.

These politicians and lackey - will look you in the eye and lie - those the likes of Theodore Miller, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Nancy Pelosi - they take credit of tax payers money - we pay their salaries - from the tax payers coffers.

We tax payers pay these vermin - all they do - is put indigent and poor people in harms way.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - it is never ever implemented. Read the Precautionary Principle and be educated on issues - your heart in the right place :

There is God - or as the Indigenous People who have always done right by " LIFE " - abide by the Great Spirit.

We must protect all life - we must NOT put any life in harms way - more, with intent.

Nancy Pelosi, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Theo Miller, Dwayne Jones, Aurelious Walker, Fred Blackwell - the many lackeys use tax payers money.

Some private money - as with the San Francisco Foundation and Fred Blackwell its Director - they know better - not to place innocent, poor people, in brand new homes - situated on very contaminated land.

We need the empirical data posted - on the quality of the air - with winds of 40 to 60 mph - blowing directly into the homes - more when there is a fire that spews contaminated and toxic air.

These politicians with intent harm our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health, specially our mentally and physically challenged.

On the land prone to liquefaction and flooding - why does Nancy Pelosi NOT have an office situated at Alice Griffith - so that her staff can gauge the situation at first hand ?

Once there were about 256 homes - at Alice Griffith - now there there is very high density chosen 50 to 125 units per acre - some 1,210 units - accommodated about 4000 human beings - on contaminated land - be it the units are brand new.

High density living - where people have little or NO opportunities - defeats progress - stress, lack of opportunities, anger management problems - are already adversely impacting those that are innocent, hard working, and want to make a living.

A Security guard a Pilipino - guarding the Alice Griffith parameters - the on going construction area - he  was just trying to earn his living.

Not long ago - he was shot and killed. The youth who committed the crime was from Alice Griffith - and everyone knows about the situation at hand - but there is NO remedy.

Time to remember this guard - by honoring him -  in some decent fashion. Just a thought - as I keep monitoring the ploys and machinations.

Health is key to living - healthy babies, healthy women who bear health children. A clean healthy environment is what we must espouse to and try to maintain very high standards. 

For starters the brand new units should have portable air purifiers - that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District can play a role.

Do you think such a concept, workable idea crossed the mind of the two professional political whores - London Breed and Malia Cohen ?

We pay these scum bags - London Breed makes over $360,000 and knows nothing much - except  talking from both sides of her mouth.

Under her watch - homelessness increased - garnering speed and reaching saturation point - we have chronic homelessness in San Francisco.

With most Blacks dying a slow death.

London Breed -
talks from both sides of her mouth.

While practically three times a week - London Breed goes shopping spending thousands - just because the tax payer had NO mechanism to check mate the political whore - laughing all the way to the bank. 

The same with Malia Cohen - she spend thousands - just to cover her ugly face - and yet you see the back marks -  peering - more when some Television light shines on her ugly face - spewing diatribe - every opportunity she gets.

Soon she will be going to the State of California - filling a vacant sit - Board of Equalization - for which Malia Cohen is NOT qualified.

Begone devil - you have put thousands in harms way - while filling your coffers - evil to the core.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish - always remember we knew you were from Atherton - lived on Silliman Street in District 9 - while you won a seat in District 10 - until you were called out.

Malia Cohen - she is a chronic - all round stellar liar, noted cheat, and what is important to note - not to be trusted.


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