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Monday, November 5, 2018


San Francisco has always had the ability - in past decades - to address those factors and elements - that need to be addressed and upgraded - more to address Quality of Life issues.

SF politicians in recent years - have chosen to pander - first and foremost increasing their salaries - over two hundred percent.

It is not uncommon - for managers ( who mostly are wasting their time with no accountability and less transparency ) - laughing all the way to the bank - not found at their desk - during work hours -  making hay while the sun shines.

Our SF Mayor receives a salary over $360,000 a year - and is NOT qualified to run a City and County of San Francisco with all its unique needs.

The same holds good for our City Administrator who earn a salary of over $350,000 with benefits, other too many to name but they all receive salaries of over $275,000 with benefits - a full 10% of the City's total employees - some 33,000 in toto.

Our clean water drinking pipes - about 1100 miles and our sewer pipes about 1000 miles - are all over 80 years old - and as much as we are told - they are being replaced - this action is moving at a snail's pace.

We could have done more with clean Solar Power - however, SF Public Utilities Commission - was very SLOW in implementing - the program.

We are now caught in a dilemma - Pacific Gas and Electric that has won hundreds of court cases winning against SF Public Utilities Commission.

Pacific Gas and Electric  - is now about to take the SF Public Utilities Commission to the cleaners. PG&E has chose slick marketing and its legal team - to put SF Public Utilities Commission in a bind.

SF PUC could have done better - but cannot with inept, unqualified employees - like Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - and calls herself Chief Strategist - Juliet Ellis cannot see beyond her nose.

We all know we must learn to work with our competitors - but in the case of SF Public Utilities - their marketing is so lack luster and shallow it is despicable. 

The advertisements linked to its Sewer System Improvement Project is pathetic to say the least - with no real timelines and goals met - more since 2004.

Just the Digestors Program started at a price of $2.3 Billion - it is now past $3.5 Billion.

The Sewer System Improvement Project started with a program - costing $6 Billion - it is now past the $10 Billion mark.

With price increases linked to steel over 25%, general material used in vertical and horizontal construction - over 30% - any construction - today is cost prohibitive.

Shamelessly - the SF Public Utilities Commission has NO shame - constantly lying to the rate payers, the tax payers, and asking for more and more money - not once have they worked within their budget - and always making excuses.

We have suffered from the Central Sub-way - starting with a price of $600 million and now has reached the $1.8 billion target and increasing.

It is the same with the TransBay Terminal staring with a tag of $900 million in its early stages - and now exceeding $2 billion.

It is a same with Project Managers and entities in charge of these large projects -  who have NO accountability and less transparency.

More no moral, less ethics and for sure no standards - we see this everywhere with the SF Public Utilities Commission - corruption has reached saturation point.

Too many innocent SF Public Utilities Commission employees suffering - and many do not like going to work.

There are NO entities - among the general public - who are ready to do the heavy lifting.

Investigating reporting - in recent years - has ceased to exists - " dark money " - is used to by those that can be bought -leaving those who used to do their work - to face hurdles, threats, and many have lost their lives.

The Main Media - has collapsed lungs - is suffocating - and slow withering on the vine.

When the layperson dares to do the heavy lifting and same  Forth Estate - the journalist belong to - have nothing much to say - most of them are lethargic  - they want all the information on a platter - no one want to do the heavy lifting. 

Our SF City Attorney from time to time will rise from the ashes - and in doing so - target entities - where the heavy lifting is less difficult - with the SF City Attorney taking credit more than that office deserves.

We have SF City Department heads - defrauding the SF City and County millions of dollars - one of the worst is the Enterprise Department - the SF Public Utilities Commission that was formed in 1996.

Millions of dollars - set aside as Community Benefits - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project  (SSIP )  have been used in recent  Elections - corrupt individuals - given tax payers money.

We the people are asking for an accountability - and we want it now. Who will help us? And for how long can we the people - a Nation of Law - tolerate such blatant nonsense?

Hundreds of minions have been on the pay roll - and in recent months - the well has dried.

The minions shouting and screaming that someone has STOPPED the bread crumbs they were getting - more creating divisiveness in our Bayview Hunters Point community.

Outsiders get $300,000 and more to open up restaurants on the Third Street corridor.

Over $200,000 to open up stores - selling bottled wine and such products and paraphernalia.

Millions of dollars - for Art Work - when infants, children, youth, Elders - are starving from poor nutrition, live in inhabitable homes - no decent Artists will let this happen - but is it is happening in the SF Bayview Hunters Point ?

Quality of Life issues must be address in a meaningful way ?

In the meantime our infants, children, youth, young adults, our  Elders, those with compromised health, more those physically and mentally challenged are slow dying.

The economic disparity in the Bayview Hunters Point area - District 10 - is worse than Rwanda and the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen  - has amassed a lot of wealth.

More than $15 million in her campaign coffers  - and there has been no deep investigation - to find out - how can a person - who once went under loosing her condominium - worth $580,000 - now, spends thousands dressing up - and hundreds just to get her face covered with quarter inch of make up.

In District 10 - which is Bayview Hunters Point, Oakdale, Hollywood, Visitation Valley, the Potrero Hill - the Infrastructure is the worst ever.

The WEIRS are all falling apart - they collect the secondary effluents - brought by the Force Main - some 8 foot pipes - before slowly releasing the secondary effluents - into the Bay.

The WEIRS are in very bad shape - and the SF City and County of San Francisco is playing with fire.

Salt water has entered the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - situated in the Bayview in a residential area.

The Environmental Protection Agency has sanctioned the SF Public Utilities Commission - but those in charge - pretend all is well. Over 20 sanctions - in the last year alone - linked to the Treatments Plants - the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - sanctioned the most.

Hundreds of clean drinking water pipes and sewer pipes are leaking more in District 10 - where the replacement of the leaking pipes -  a project that has been on the screen - but has NOT been targeted.

Karen Kubick who worked so hard - the last Project Manger - linked to the SF Sewer System Improvement Project - had a reputation for transparency and accountability - has retired - she was fed up with the ploys, machination, and shenanigans.

Shame on SF Public Utilities Commission - for creating the hostile environment - forcing decent, hard working employees working for the SF Public Utilities Commission - to leave in disgust.

An explosion of experienced, senior employees - leaving - in the hundreds - without institutional experience - garnered for the future.

A void created - that baffles anyone that knows something about preserving sound institutional - experience.

We are watching - and some of us have exposed the situation at hand - at great cost to our safety and progress. Those that are evil - can harm anyone - that is not to say that we are afraid - but, this is a clarion call - the SF City and County is saturated - with the worst type of corruption.

Entities and individuals - all set to milk the system - paid exorbitant salaries, the crooks and corrupt who work for the SF Public Utilities Commission in particular - have fine tuned their " cheating practices ".

Trying their very best NOT to leave clues,  no traces,  no singular trail - we have found them in places where no one would go - just because we did our homework - well.

We pray to God - because we have HOPE - the crooks will be brought to justice - and fairness will prevail. There is only so much the innocent can suffer - we see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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