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Saturday, October 7, 2017


The homeless living in tents - in San Francisco -
this is one of better ones - 
most are filthy and for sure unkempt.

San Francisco has a growing " homeless " population - the City and County of San Francisco - talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk. Time is running out - one death is one death - too much to bear.

Some at City Hall - think and more feel - this situation - is a laughing matter.

Right now at this late date - plans are afoot to move the homeless into some pre-fabricated smaller units.

Something that has been talked about for 7 years - but - now after everything has failed - this ploy is being spoken of - but how will it be implemented - is anyone's - guess. Imagine those that must be free - put in a small space - and told to live like animals.

It has been over 10 years now - that hundreds of " homeless " have died - died on the streets of San Francisco - and no one has taken responsibility for this " crime " - blatant disregard for those that have fallen on bad times.

Memorial services have been held for the homeless that have died on the steps of City Hall.

We have billionaires in San Francisco - and we have a budget of over $10 Billion - the SF Board of Supervisors - talk about the 
" homeless situation " - and bring about some " concrete " and speedy solutions -  actions that count - everything coms to a abrupt - STOP.

The Mayor's Office of Housing and Economic Development - is another entity that has the money - lacks the leadership to exercise " capacity building " - and has treated the homeless situation - with disdain.

Sitting on millions and allowing those that can be accommodate - given opportunities to live in units that they can afford - those making " $80, 000 and below " - this segment of the population are force out of San Francisco.

This segment of the population - contributed to building our neighborhoods  now taken over by " techies " - and newbies that have NO clue about cultural competency - less being a San Franciscan - and even less having the heart of a San Franciscan.

BS banners - once flew all over the place -
tattered and torn - they were taken down -
thousands of San Franciscans - saw some HOPE -
until years later - they gave up on HOPE and left San Francisco.

It is the same with the SF Police Department - after numerous interventions - called in by the " Hot Teams " - who work for the SF Health Department.

Many of these calls resulting in the death of the homeless. 

Shoot first and ask questions later.

 SF Police arrive - without hesitation they shoot - the victims dies - and then everything is -  in limbo.

The SF Health Department is looking at the homeless situation - without connecting the dots - with an over $2 Billion budget - the many " hot teams " - those few focusing on the OPIOID epidemic   - try to address the situation at hand - more with an attitude that is not holistic - " no solution " will be attained - if the issue at hand - is catered to - as a " band aid ".

More is those trying to resolve the issue - who do not have their heart in the right place.

At this late date - the issue of the homeless has been taken over by the Department of Public Works (DPW) - with a former employee - employed by the Homeless Czar - Sam Dodge working for DPW.

Sam Dodge - has been hired by the DPW - more of the same -
to take charge of the homeless - who have been disrespected, treated with disdain - their personal propriety confiscated - and many mentally and physically challenged - not treated with respect - citied and incarcerated. 

All this in our City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

For years the SF Police Department and more 850 Bryant the City's Jail House - has been the destination - for the mentally and physically challenged - doctors and nurses working at the Bryant Jail House - try their best - to deal with the situation.

It is not unusual for those that are mentally challenged to be released from the Jail House - only to return back - after a few days.

More - as there are few services worth the salt - with rap around services - in San Francisco - there is the money - but more spent for administrative services - and less on the victims that need the help.

Some non-profits - try - but they prefer to treat the ailments superficially - and stay away from retaining and hospitalizing the patients. No one want to address the issue in a holistic - manner.

No wonder we see no many wandering on the streets of San Francisco - the indigent population - consisting of the " mentally challenged " - has adversely impacted the entire City - put a damper on Quality of Life Issues.

All it takes a number of " mentally challenged " to invade any neighborhood and upset the constituents.

The constituents - call the SF Police Department - they try to reach out to anyone they are told can be helpful - with little or no results.

As usually happens - NOT - all can be attain in a " jail setting " - that is NOT to say that we do not appreciate the services - of those that have their hands tied.

 I personally have monitored the situation at hand - and admire the tenacity and fortitude of the Doctors, the Nurses - and those employees that work so hard.

God bless them all.

We have an pandemic taking place everywhere - and the disease that is spreading like a plague is - " stress ". We cannot take stress more " acute stress "  - for granted. How many times have you seen a gun drawn on our freeways - look at  a person - and if she or he think you look funny - an alteration arises - an assault - and many times resulting in mayhem and murder.

Most people cannot afford to live in the City and County of San Francisco - unless they make $150, 000 at a minimum - many spend over $60, 000 for a decent two bed room unit.

Living in the City is expensive - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys gives a damn.

The poor and those that have fallen on bad times - are treated with disdain - and SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Kathy Tang and Ahsha Safai.

The Municipal Transportation Agency - is tasked with keeping our MUNI ( our local public  transportation system ) clean and safe. They fail to do so - they listen sometimes - and I am requesting Ed Reiskin to look into this matter - on a War Footing.

Again and again stinking buses - leave the various depots - and any spot check - will reveal - the many very serious diseases - present - a random - testing of the surface of the bus - on the inside can spell out - the situation at hand.

MUNI operators and decent citizens who take Public Transportation - fear for their lives - not only from the increased assaults - but the lack of hygiene.

The many situations evident - people coughing and in general the number of people - mostly poor and indigent - who stink - because they cannot afford to take a shower. 

You do not have to go far - you see it all in front of the Main Library in San Francisco.

The United Nations Plaza - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - can just look outside his window - and judge for himself - what is displayed for all the world to see -  on the lawns before him - and there is more.

Children are exposed to "junkies " - who pass up the junkies -  most of them high - and think they are free - to shoot heroin in their arms and other places - with no shame - compunction.

The SF Health Commissioners - love to hear reports - and see presentations - that paint a " rosy picture " on the streets of San  Francisco. 

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Again and again the lack of " cultural competency " and " implicit bias " - comes into play - with sordid words and lack of empathy - uttering words like  " those people  ' - those that utter the words - think the victims - the poor - have brought this plight on themselves with intent.

Well time will tell. 

San Francisco has more and more - treated our infants, children, youth, and young adults - with disdain. We have no forums where the children and youth - can express themselves - adults who know little.

They cannot speak for the children and youth - and this attitude - manner of sorts - brings about divisiveness and more is an insult to our smart and savvy children and youth - many are very talented and have much to offer.

Our Seniors are despondent - more those that live on the streets of San Francisco. More and more they have given up on the City Agencies and officials - of the City and County of San Francisco.

I personally know the many heads of Departments - some are making a vague efforts - but the majority are nonchalant - and this attitude must change - none take the time - to go to ground zero and see things for themselves.