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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The San Francisco Unified School District
has failed the less than 4000 African American children.

The entire San Francisco Unified School District - Board of Education - have failed the less than 4000 African American students who attend normal classes -but fail to perform to standards that are acceptable.

The paradox is that African American students in Special Education Class - do better -  here lies the " crux " of the problem.

Hydra Mendoza for all her talk -
she is busy pandering with those entities -
that offer her free iPads -  but cannot monitor 
those that must educate our children - all children.

For all the moaning and groaning by Hydra Mendoza, Rachel Norton, Walton Shaman - others beating around the bush - the fact remain that the responsibility of the education of all children including the African American children - lies with the entire SFUSD Board of Education.

Amos Brown - he will take any podium -
to spew diatribe - but has nothing much to offer -
all talk and no action.

Amos Brown made his ugly appearance at the SFUSD Board Meeting - to win some " Brownie Points " - diatribe with NO solution where he and his lackeys participate and bring about change.

He recently raise thousands - having Bill Clinton as the Key Speaker - and every Black Sell out that has been adversely impacting the African American community in San Francisco - at this dinner - wheeling and dealing - amassing favors and looking down on that population that most needs - help.

Amos Brown was barking at the wrong tree - not looking at the underlying factor - lack of housing, dysfunction African American families, stressed out children - who often confess to me the true factors - that make it difficult for them to attend school.

The ever increasing " turf issues " - those that take Public Transportation - have to watch their back - going to school and back from school. The way they children and youth feel safe - is by doing the gangs - a fact that sound horrific - but is true.

At school the stress and those that are hyper-sensitive - are punished - no one look at the under lying factors - in fact every few of those that put the children down - care about the children.

The Willie L. Brown Middle School is a joke. Principals come and go - and more - the children are so stressed - with the many changes that adversely impact them daily.

Teachers cannot perform - those children in the class - are far below the standard accepted. With very poor grades - yet - year after year - the children are promoted - uneducated children - pushed further and further - into that cesspool of ignorance - being uneducated and  abjectly - dysfunctional.

Superintendent Vincent Matthew -
has failed everyone but more the African American students.

The SFUSD Superintendent makes over $300, 000 -
yet does not have a " grip " of suspensions -
African American make 8% of the school population -
at the SFUSD system - yet 50% receive regular suspensions.

Good leader show the way, know the way, and go the way.

Try talking to the SF Board linked to the SF Unified School District - most of them are busy - preparing for some higher office - leading the charge Shamann Walton  - who is running for the District 10 Board of Supervisor's seat. 

The Brother has failed - as President of the SFUSD - as the President of the SFUSD Board - and this responsibility is not easy - but look at the situation fairly - there is NO leadership, less accountability, and even less transparency.

Behind the scenes any audit done - linked to the many bids doled out with intent by corrupt SFUSD - if any audit is done - a can of worms will be opened. 

Compliance experts that the SFUSD has hired - and who bring to the notice of Shamann Walton and others - blatant infringements - side with the culprit - and have fired the Compliance Expert - more stopped pay her dues - and this and more -  has given a bad name to the SFUSD and to the Board - that has long, boring meeting - talking in circles - and coming up with NO solutions.

Violence and other related issues in the many school is increasing - teachers assaulted - these incidents numbers are many - and must be reported openly - so that public at large - know what is really happening.

Reports of knives being brought to school - are increasing and recently guns. Children opening abusing the teacher - the F and B word used liberally - and the teachers are afraid of their lives.

It is time - that the SFUSD understand that too many of the Board - are not straight - have little experience with children of their own - think that because they have the " gift of bluffing " they can commit murder in broad daylight - they must resign - if they find it too hot in the kitchen.

Limit your comments to 2 minutes - be focused and speak to the point.

STOP the long and lengthy  presentations  - more convoluted that fail us all - more those that pay our taxes - the " rainy day " fund has come to the rescue of the SFUSD - year after year - from the General Fund - from the Budget - of the City and County of San Francisco.

The SF Unified School District - comes under the jurisdiction of the State of California - who have year after year - have NOT done -  justice to the Public Schools.

San Francisco and San Franciscans have stepped up and funded many programs - I volunteered for years - have my badge that permits me to go to any SFUSD Public school.

In all those years - I witnessed a lot - spoke to practically all the principals - many astute - other who worked very hard and retired.
The time has come for a complete over haul - it will be painful - but it is necessary - and those on the SFUSD Board  - like Rachel Norton - initiating a Resolution on the Yosemite Site - a contaminated and polluted environment - passed by the entire SFUSD Board - without a whimper - such actions speak loud and clear.

Yosemite Slough favored the sell outs - the area was contaminated by Radioactive Elements - next to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - close to Aurelious Walker Street and Alice Griffith Public Housing.

The Bay adjacent to Yosemite Slough - Parcel F which is the parcel that impacts Yosemite Slough and is part of the Bay - is still contaminated - its waters - the ebb and flow - daily contaminate Yosemite Slough - once a " toxic cesspool ".

Women near by at Alice Griffith Public Housing - deliver still born children - empirical data - available by the San Francisco Department of Health - and its Director Barbara Garcia. 

The constituents who live close by - suffer from heart and respiratory diseases. 

Tumors one of a kind - the entire SFUSD Board - at the meeting held October 11, 2017 - see nothing passing the Resolution on Yosemite Slough - that says it all. Shame on you all.

You folks the SFUSD - Board are NOT educated on issues.

You folks lack accountability and transparency.

 Most of you all are spiritually bankrupt - how can the public at large trust you all -  put their hope in your contaminated hands -
you SFUSD Board - are pathetic - I hope to address you all - soon. Aho.