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Sunday, October 8, 2017


The original South San Francisco Opera House -
and next to it the Masonic Lodge -
one building stands - rehabilitated -
the other was torn down.
(photograph courtesy of James Autry )

Barbara Ockel  - is that one " person " that comes from a strange place - devious to the core - straight from hell - out to order people around - and spread the worst type of hate.

She micro-controls everything - lies, cheats, full of vitriol - she is a White German - in a very diverse community - and especially hates - Blacks.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

More so to those who are still alive - have a faint idea of what was in and around the original South San Francisco Opera House built in 1888.

 It was a time - when Blacks travelled to California and more to San Francisco - from the South - worked very hard - and did what they did best - represent.

Few know that Blacks at that time initially lived in tents, then trailers, then public housing - before many bought homes from the Italians, the French, the Irish, the Maltese - others who left - refusing to live next to Blacks.

Whereas in the rest of the City and County of San Francisco - sixty percent rented and forty percent owned homes - in the Bayview sixty percent owned homes - and the rest rented.

The majority of Blacks owned homes - has good jobs at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - later in the 1960s worked for the City and County of San Francisco , the Municipal Transportation Agency, the Water Department now the SF Public Utilities Commission.

 The Presidio of San Francisco, the UC San Francisco Hospital - the SF General Hospital and clinics liked to it - the SF Unified School District - Macy's - Sears - in short - there were good jobs to be had - and it was not as the situation in now - lack of opportunities - and for sure lack of career jobs.

It was a time when every grandmother was respected and so were the grandfathers - as a matter of fact the Elders.

Every mother cared for all the children - and those that were nurtured - will tell you the many stories.

 Many of the stories  heart wrenching.

How a mother -  made a great difference and saved the lives of many. God bless them all - they left a - legacy.

Mothers opened their door - fed the children, cared for them as if they were there own -  more those that were physically and mentally challenged.

We talk a lot about " wrap around services today "  - in those times the late 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s - all that I have stated above - and more - was actual and more holistic.

Mrs Ruth Williams - 
an advocate, lover of the Arts - 
Mrs Ruth Williams was larger than life -
she left her legacy.

The Bayview Opera House - is well know at the Ruth Williams Opera House by the people of Bayview Hunters Point - and as every one knows - Mrs Ruth Williams - sacrifice a lot to teach, put on plays, and see to it - that the performance of those plays - were  extraordinary.

Today the Bayview Opera and the Ruth Williams Memorial Theater - has a signage on the fence facing north - that side of Third Street.

Truly speaking that should be a plaque on the wall - the theater that she loved and care for - show her some respect -  Ruth Williams left a legacy.  A  plaque that all can see - respecting the wished of the people.

Barbara Ockel - has failed the Bayview Opera House -
she has hurting the feelings of too many people -
the turn over at the Bayview Opera House -
is pathetic to say the least - no one wants to work with her.

We did not want to handle the many abuses - by shouting and screaming at this despicable woman. We studied the financials of the Bayview Opera House - using the Freedom of Information Act - got some of the information - worked hard and got the rest.

A grant of $5.6 to rehabilitate the Bayview Opera House - more deal with " lead abatement " and " dry rot " - was not done until very recently.

$2. 3 million was spent on an ugly, disgusting looking - rock garden - that does not meet the Department of Interior standards.
The Bayview Opera House was built in 1888.

How those in charge made this happen - is anyone guess.

 This atrocious - so called ugly rock garden - must be removed - now - it does not meet the Department of Interior ground rules - not is it aesthetically - sound.

A more decent approach taken - as shown in one of the conceptual plans - look some what pleases - but still does NOT do justice - to the Landmark Building - built in 1888.

This  conceptual plan too does injustice.
Had this landmark building been in any White Neighborhood -
the SF Arts Commission - would have done justice - going out 
of its way - to please the community at large -
in this case - the SF Arts Commission - blew it.

The Bayview Opera House -
is a den of wheeler and dealers -
Barbara Ockel makes a lot of money in access of $100, 000
the Bayview Opera House in know primarily
by most - as a hub for Economy Development -
the Arts and related issues - are related to the back burner.

Barbara Ockel as reported by those close to her - has called some of us " pests ". Or really - call us " pests " to our face - if you have the guts - and you will repent - as you must.

Well we have taken this matter to the Sunshine Task Force and done well.

We took this matter before the SF Arts Commission - and the Director of the SF Arts Commission - has participated in many actions - that are dubious in nature - and that is - putting it mildly.

This matter will move to the SF Ethics Commission - where most of us - are well informed and experience to deal - with those that prey on the community - are ignorant and arrogant - and throw their weight around.

Let us see how Barbara Ockel - who purports to know all - and behaves like a racist Neo Nazi - who the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others - are cognizant of - working hard to foster gentrification - once highlighted in the document - the " Unfinished Agenda " and than again - in another recent  document - collecting dust on the shelves - " The Out Migration " document.

Do not challenge those who have their heart in the right place - and will fight and lay down their lives - for the community.

Our Sisters and Brothers are on stand by - ready for the Green Light - this is a clarion call - to all - to right of face the wrath of the people - who have suffered too much at the hands of the racists - the paradox coming from far off places -lacking cultural competency.

Let me say - with God on our side - we have nothing to fear - not from Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this lackeys - and for sure not from Barbara Ockel - who preys on the community - buy up Real Estate - using the crooks - who saturated this City - fostering - blatant - gentrification. Aho.