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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The Sonoma Fire that caused so much devastation -
the neighboring areas - Napa and Solano counties - that still have to deal with "hot spots " - over a hundred people still - missing.

The recent fires that hit Sonoma and Napa county in the wee hours of the morning - the other neighboring areas - that have suffered so much thousands of acres - incinerated - ashes - nothing left except - memories.

Many of us have relatives and friends - and as we reached out - we rejoiced when some one was saved from the treacherous fires.

The high winds - that amassed great strength - through a valley - much like a tunnel - 70 miles per hour - and increasing - as it sped through the valley and then burst into the open - blasting and incinerating  everything it touched.

This situation was created as is " with a perfect storm " this particular " Urban Fire " is unique not seen before - not for sure in the last 50 years. Meteorologists and expert weather women and men - are still trying to figure out the details.

Ambers flying hundreds of feet - some carried even further away -  landing of homes and igniting large fires.

Ambers landing on grass that was dry fueling more fire - large fires and spreading, warehouses laden with wood frames - most everything ripe - a perfect storm - that has hit us all so hard - life is precious - and one life lost in this fire - in one life too much - it surely impacts us all. 

Reminds us to respect Mother Nature.

Hundreds of miles away day and night -
thick smoke reached San Francisco hundreds of miles away -
reminding many of us of the fires that hit the Oakland Hills -
this fire impacted over 30, 000 acres plus - and is still 
being monitored - homes and property  protected by curfew
from early dawn to dusk - to keep sordid - thieves away.

Hundreds of miles away in San Francisco, Burlingame, South San Francisco - we could all smell the smoke.

As we watched - the Main Media - the Television news - we receive information - not all " correct " but as we have seen in the past - " sensational news makes it way - into our homes and some of us are quick to believe news - that has not been vetted ".

Stop being gullible - again and again when such tragedies take place - those responsible who should be imparting the correct facts - lets us down. Here again the Main Media failed us -  laymen and women - correcting the Main Media in seconds - using their cell phones - and digital media. Kudos to the many who now fully understand - about imparting - correct and pertinent - information.

We just experienced the Hurricane Harvey, Irma , 
Maria and Nate on the East coast - and now this large  fire
 that has as incinerated thousands of acres in
 Northern California -
many had just minutes to grab some few belonging and left -
others left with what they wore - we have heard so much -
people leaving - fleeing to protect their lives.


California is blessed with agencies like Cal Fire -
other law enforcement agencies - who came to the rescue of 
the impacted areas - to take control of the traffic -
many traffic lights could not work for lack of electricity -
Law Enforcement taking position to STOP looting -
among them one hundred plus San Francisco Police Department.

The Atlas Fire destroyed a clean drinking water  pump station - other places saw hospitals and schools closed and evacuated - there has been so much commotion.

Those agencies that deliver help like the Red Cross are requesting money donations - to better serve the affected communities.

Local people who have not been affected - have been quick to take food, blankets, what they can donated and more - and shown their sisterly and brotherly love - as most of us Californians do.

The Red Cross they want money - so that they can deal with those areas - that really need help - and money makes that need service - possible - they know better - as they have the experience - and have brought succor to millions of people - all these many years of service - the Great Red Cross that we all - respect.

Over 2000 homes have been destroyed - shopping malls, hotels, motels, wineries, so many offices - other structures small and big.

Many of those that rent are most affected - and life has to goes on - and Californians by large measure understand - are empathetic - compassionate - and will stand shoulder to shoulder to help their neighbors and friends.

Horses like most animals have an intuition -
to survive - I love horses and with this comes pain and concern -
kudos to those that have rescued thousands of animals -
goats, sheep, horses, and take care of them. 

Much as we care about the human beings affected -
many are concerned about those animals that have
given them so much joy - many - one of a kind stables -
have burned to the ground - many owners rushed -
 risking their lives to save their horses -
  I know that feeling - so do - most animal lovers.

Here is a map that gives one a good idea 
the large area adversely impacted -
destroying so much that started Sunday night  
October 8, 2017 - a day that will be etched in the minds 
of so many - for the rest of their lives.

Kudos to our fire fighters who have been exhausted - many of them have been fighting the fire - since the wee hours of morning - Sunday - October 8, 2017.

Kudos to Scott McClain who heads the Cal Fire operations - thanks to the logistics - having equipment in place - communication equipment, drones that can help during the day - all kind of needed supplies - the endless hours of training - that prepare our California Fire Fighters - to be truly - prepared.

God bless them and their families. We are forever - grateful for your service and hard work - and appreciate you and you love ones. We pray that no harm comes to you - stay strong and represent - we love you all - who put your lives on the line.

It is always about preparation - and having the right equipment in place to fight the fire. 

Fire is a force to reckon with - much like water which is another powerful force to reckon with - with strong winds - at times you leave the fire alone.

The fire can turn around in a second - and hit you in the face.

 Seasoned Fire Fighters - know this having learned from the many trips they have made to - far off places to fight large fires.

Our Fire Fighters are one of a kind - often when taking short trips -  up North of California - I would see CAL FIRE - asking for donations to be prepared.

I always stopped thanked the Fire Fighters for the service - gave a donation and felt good.

Here is one scene - where from a distance - 
those affected are assessing next steps -
trucks, trailers, anything that helps to move 
humans and animals to safety.

As an Environmentalist many factors come to mind. Foremost Climate Change and the change in the weather - we have experience heavy rain - and with under brush, and other dry up material mostly vegetation - all it takes is one single amber - to set ablaze - and drive us all at our wits end.

I have been watching the scenes on the television - and climate change is sending us a clarion call - to address the many actions that contribute to climate changes - using fossil fuels in access, aerosol and such products - that can deplete the ozone level.

The skyscrapers that emit tons of carbon dioxide - the congestion on our roads that contribute to the Carbon Footprint - the foolishness of using all sorts of materials to contribute to the Carbon Footprint and thinking - nothing of it.

There is only so much - as human we can take in - we are all amazed at the tenacity and fortitude of those that have lost all - and still have hope.

We appreciate those that support those that have nothing - and have to start from scratch - God Bless them all. Aho