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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Will this Nation - the United States of America - stand tall and save the middle class? Will San Francisco stand tall and make good stuff happen - save the Middle Class and take us to a better - place?

The National Democratic Convention is trying to impress us and play on the people's emotions.

While emotions can be played upon - the matter of fact - when all is said and done - the reality of day - is to ask one straight up; front question - is my life and that of my family and loved ones - better off or worse off?

The First Lady Michelle Obama put her best foot forward as only she knows.

She laid bare the family life she had - and that is good for those that are not well read - and know little about her - but the First Lady must know - in real life; too many people have gone backwards, lost their homes, lost their savings, lost their respect.

The many who are sleeping in shelters, standing day after day in long lines at soup kitchens - caught in this madness Seniors who cannot fend for themselves - but, today have to struggle to make ends meet.

Seniors and decent families with children -  who do not have a roof that they can call their own - and all this in the United States of America. America a Super Power of sorts.

The President Barack Hussein Obama has NOT reined in on the many corrupt - banks.

The President has not reined in on the Credit Card companies - who are raking in billions - while most of America is suffering. The credit card scams are many - well published - but no one with clout - is taking the rascals to task. The United States Government is giving the Credit Card companies - a free pass and this is TOTALLY - wrong.

No credit card company should charge double digits - and think for a second that is right. They borrow large sums of money at very low interests rate - below 3 % for sure.

The U.S Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank brought down the interest rates to a single digit - when it comes to borrowing - but the large Financial Institutions and Credit Cards - are using the low interest rates - to prey on victims.

This is a crime. I want to hear the President talk about this fact today - and how Credit Cards have ruined many a student, a decent worker, some one in need and made false promises by the Credit Card company. Very much like the sub-prime ploys and machinations.

The Credit Card Companies are having a gala time - preying on those that need money - Discover, Visa, Master, Chase, Citi, the other Credit Card companies - raking in the millions from those that need the money to barely survive - but must pay a pound of flesh.

The Middle Class is evaporating before our eyes.

The Supreme Court has called a Corporation People.

The Koch Brothers and others - can at a moment's notice - dump millions - using Political Action Groups as conduits.

They are doing it right now with both the Political Parties. 

There is NO transparency and for sure NO accountability.

There is a lot of hot air - and there is only so much of the emotional play on those that are not educated on issues - that will ferry this Nation - we still have to have sound - leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

There is NO doubt - it is just a matter of time - when the people will NOT be able to take it any more.

People are flocking to California - from all over - just to survive.

They will take any job - just to survive. We see this in San Francisco - we, the few who are at ground zero - who cannot be bought and doing our best to address the situation at hand.

The local government of San Francisco is nonchalant - they have no real clue as to what is happening. True they have a $7.6 Billion dollar budget - but the local government has done nothing for the Middle Class.

Not with drab representation from District 8, 10, 5, 6 - folks who cannot truly represent - and really do not know what they are doing at City Hall. Messing with proven methods and destroying institution that shed light - where there is - utter and abject - darkness.

On the National level Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have failed San Franciscans and California.

These two aged women - past their prime - have raked in millions - and really do not care about the people who they must serve and represent.

The Democratic Party has failed San Franciscans - for one simple reason - it has NO leadership worth the salt.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee is  a JOKE.

It has always been a JOKE - endorsing candidates on their sordid SLATE - most of whom have not proven to be good leaders - more panderers.

The President of the United States will speak today - and he will make promises - but truly speaking in many areas - he has NOT helped the Middle Class - it does not mean that he has not kept this Nation afloat - but he could and should do better.

We owe an obligation to take care of our Veterans and their families.

We owe an obligation to take care of our Seniors and those that cannot defend themselves.

We owe an obligation to mandate the financial institutions to get on track and serve the people - and stop in these dire economic times - charging very high double digit interest rates.

The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank that is a private entity - seem NOT to care what the banks are doing.

The President initiated the Stimulus Package - and the analysis done on the huge sum - in the billions invested - show - large gaps - and waste of money - in many areas.

We need to stop importing as much as we continue to import - and start investing and promoting - Made in America. 

It is disgraceful - when we cannot manufacture an American Flag, pins bearing our sacred logo, shoes, clothes and other domestic needs - everything is stamped - Made in China. 

Our Unions have not united - and have allowed billions of dollars of production work to go abroad - the UNION once had a sound track record - no more.

Here is San Francisco there is no enforcement - even though we have a local hire ordinance.

The corrupt and the local government - very sad to say - look the other way and Nibbi, Webcor, Cahill, Swinerton, Turner and Turner, Belfour, and the others - do as they please - when it comes to employment.

It starts in our back yard and our local leadership is all talk and less concrete action.

The same in Washington DC - it is business as usual and our Representatives from the Bay Area Barbara Boxer, George Miller, Jackie Spier, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein - and the many others that can help us - are busy filling their campaign coffers - and making a personal fortune.

San Francisco use to be a Blue Collar town - no more.

We use to have some decency no more.

In a couple of weeks - we will turn our attention to lynching our elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi. No one seems to care that we have other important things to attend to - Quality of Life issues that impacts thousands.

San Francisco has a $7.6 Billion dollar budget. Our population is a measly - 805,000. We have 28,000 City workers - one  City Worker for every 26 constituents - that lives in our City of San Francisco. 

Over 25% of our City workers make over $175,000 with benefits.

We have employees when they retire - who make more than when they were working for our City and County of San Francisco.

Over 50% of our aging population in San Francisco are Seniors - and most of them make below $30,000.

We have the indigent population growing by leaps and bounds - and our City allows this to happen - looks, the other way and has not been addressing the real the critical - issues.

Killings and violence are on the increase - the fake Black pastors make a lot of noise.

The NAACP with Amos Brown in charge - barks a lot - it has no clout. 

Quality of Life issues in San Francisco have withered - and our fair City is losing its grace.

The politicians seem not to care - especially Scott Wiener who has used his ploys to stop the Sunshine Task Force in its track - the only body that shines light on issues - that - "we the people bring before the Sunshine Task Force".

Where is the justice in San Francisco? Who is truly serving the best interests of our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi.

Will this City of San Francisco and the Nation stand tall and save the Middle Class - the segment of the population that really makes Democracy tick?

The Middle Class some pertinent information: