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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The world is shrinking and most of us in this digital age are fully aware of it.

Yet with all the technology and supposedly better way of improving our lives worldwide - we see poverty, trauma, stress, and literally - wherever we live the divide between the haves and those that have it less - is poles apart.

To know is to feel and when you travel with an open mind, a heart that embraces, looks in the eyes of your fellow women, children, and men - what you see today on the streets - is something that is akin to a drastic change waiting to explode.

The 2008 economic downfall has left deep scars and even in the United States - as much as our failed political system wants to sugarcoat its progress - all we see and witness are failed promises - and a HOPE that is full of hot air.

As human beings we are supposed to understand, exercise compassion, and take our aspirations, hopes, actions to a better place.

Where is the leadership and who has the holistic vision?

This short tour of Europe has been an eyeopener and thousands of Europeans - finding no HOPE in their own countries - have fled to seek refuge and make some living - only to encounter - often very stressful and tragic circumstances.

Once the so called cradle of civilization - touted by many and documented by so called great leaders - movements have arisen in Europe to influence the entire world. No more - to down trodden and looking for someone - somewhere to rescue Europe and bring it closer to the shadow of its past glory - one more last time - before it cast its last glance - and it all passes away.

It the the same today - in most other countries - in various degrees - the same factors - the only difference is those is charge and in the middle of a fiscal turbulence - and in this tsunami - everyone trying to make some sense - and truly speaking - no one really knows what they are talking about.

Looking in this tall hay stack for a tiny needle - when it is not there in the first place.

I have met many people - intelligent people - and the deeper I pry into - "quality of life issues" - the deeper the scars of years of hardship, fighting against odds, poverty and starvation - braving the worst of times - trying one's best - as most strong human have been known to endure and brought themselves out - from the depth of despair to some light at the end of the tunnel.

These men and women know that that America had a hand - something JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the other greedy financial institution will not admit.

Citi Bank, and the many other larger financial institutions that do not feel ashamed that today they have put a - "lean" - on monuments, museums, and anything worth the salt.

The very essence that brought and reminds us of a once thriving and progressive civilization - be it Spain, Portugal,Italy, France Greece - we read it - the circumstances some what vaguely in America.

Listening to the people at ground zero - sends shills up the spine and makes your hair stand - even as you begin to understand the scars of the times. Witness the dignity of fellow human being thrown to the wind.

The world is shrinking and the divide between people makes it easier to acknowledge, feel, realize, and act on factors that before would take years.

It takes resources to create solutions - and the greedy are holding the human race - hostage.

Those that have been the authors of this fiasco - deepening of the scars - are looking the other way and  it seems they rejoice - in this calamity of sorts. This cannot go on for too long - and this time around the French Revolution and the actions taken then - will pale in comparison - the light has been focused - and if no one pays attention - it is on them.

Imagine 9000 families - entities - controlling trillions in America. We say the one percent on one side the filthy rich and the 99 percent the poor - at the tail end.

It is more like one quarter percent - the filthy rich and the rest drowning - the middle class evaporating in front of our eyes.

Civilization - monuments - the makings of human beings - now controlled by evil entities.

The tools they use in money - mostly paper money - and transactions - digital transactions - that are often transaction filled with deceit, meaningless - destroying what little integrity is left of our human race.

Who will bring some solace - create some equity - enforce sustainability - and bring about some harmony?