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Thursday, September 6, 2012


It is a shame when California declares its representation of more than 600 plus votes - representing California - you had on the fore ground Richard Blum, his aged wife Diane Feinstein, to her side wrinkled Barbara Boxer - and that weasel of them all - Nancy Pelosi - smiling with glee.

We saw the delegations from other States and the representation was diverse - and younger. I always think that is what California stands for - rejuvenation, astuteness, vibrancy, fortitude, sincerity, accountability and transparency.

Our Representation says a lot and judging from the demeanor of those Representing - we saw a flash from the past - corruption of the highest order - and a smattering of deep Zionist ambiance. 

California once the 5th largest Economy is spiraling down - and our State has reach a state of pandemonium and utter confusion.
California is broke - and this is difficult to fathom - but it is a fact.

When it comes to the health of our children and Seniors - we have issues that do not offer succor and needed benefits.

When it comes to education - our students are told to bear with larger classes and higher tuition. California once boast a sound educational system - not any more.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - our air, our water, our land - we have serious issues to address - more here in the Bay Area - with a large Carbon Footprint, the worst particulates - and toxic hot spots on our land - that need to be abated and mitigated.

The Democrats in California have wasted resources - and Nancy and Diane and Barbara and may I add George Miller and others; all Democrats - have been having good time - representing less - and squandering our vital resources.

With inferior face lifts - and decked with pearls from their ill-gotten wealth - these three women Barbara, Diane, and Nancy made a fool of themselves - representing the past - and failing to put their best foot forward.

These conventions are only as good - as SPIN and perhaps the only person that had something to say - in general and with many of his facts straight - was former President Bill Clinton.

We have yet to state in very clear terms - how are we going to aid the Middle Class. How are we going to permit this segment of the population to play a vital role - and increase that segment of the population to produce, benefit, and contribute - the Middle Class.