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Monday, September 3, 2012


Often times when this great Nation nears Election Time - we forget the obvious - facts and mandates that made this Nation great.

What is it that truly - this, great Nation - represents, who REPRESENTS this nation - and to whom does this Nation really - belong to?

When President Barack Hussein Obama took office - he knew behind his mind that this great Nation - belongs to the Native Americans - I call them the First Nation - and knowing this - he chose with intent - to do little about it. Why?

There is much made about the $1 Trillion dollars debt President Obama inherited - and all the fuss about Wall Street - and the many corrupt financial institutions - that had little enforcement - Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi bank, and the other many financial institutions.

These financial institution took us over the precipice and down into the cesspool - from which we will take years to recover - in the mean time the Middle Class which has suffered the most - has yet to be put on track. Promises made and promises not kept.

Derivatives, Hedge Funds, algorithms, all sorts of ploys and machinations were galore much before 2008 - and many astute folks spoke about it - but, our Nation was asleep more Congress and for sure the Senate.

There was and is today - no stringent - enforcement - more talk - hot air - and no true - enforcement. The very corrupt so called experts that manage our finance - Wall Street - and U.S. Treasury and the private - Federal Reserve Bank - carry on business as usual - only they know - what they are doing!

Our Nation - did not have to go to War and waste billions - in recent years. We did not have to bring about this sordid - waste and accrue trillions of dollars in debt. We did not have to kill folks in far off places - many of them innocent.

We did not have to bury our soldiers - thousands of them - and thousands more today and in the future will keep suffering - from the trauma inflicted on them - our beloved - soldiers.

Sorrow to their families and loved ones  - and this Nation constantly finding itself - trying to explain these horrid actions - tongue in cheek - and with a guilty and hurting - conscience.

Nothing much has changed in Iraq - it is worse off today - than it was when Saddam Hussein was in power.

When Hussein was in power the people of Iraq had good, clean running water and electricity. With the billions spent - the people of Iraq still have no amenities that we enjoy in this country - and take for granted.

Resources that were kept clean by the First Nations - that is until some one with an ugly head showed up - killed the Buffalo in the thousands for their skin, felled the giant Redwood trees, raped the land - killed the Native American - with no conscience.

All that has come to the fore -  it now reaping the sins of their fathers, grand-fathers, and grand-grand fathers. Karma.

It is the same in Afghanistan - and the sooner we come home the better. And when we come home - we must take care on our soldiers and their families. If we do not there will be more - Karma.

We must remember early on in this Elections 2012 - that we are not the policeman of the world.

We must remember our VOTE is IMPORTANT and do not thrown pearls before the hogs - the many politicians of today.

We may call ourselves a Superpower but that means nothing - when daily we pay millions if not billions to - balance our over $5 trillion dollars - growing debt.

Shamelessly, we have these dealings - pay our debt to China. This on going saga - has not been mentioned at the Republican Convention and I challenge President Barack Hussein Obama to address it at his convention - " we the people" - want to hear the T R U T H .

The Main Media with its spin - misinformation and disinformation - will NOT explain in simple terms - what the $5 trillion dollars truly does to our economy.

The many pertinent adverse affects  - how it affects the middle class; more importantly how it has divided our nation - the filthy rich and the very, very poor.

How it demeans the poor and those who are indigent.

For the first time in ages those over 60 years of age - are forced to work to make a living and survive in America. Many lost most of what they saved in the year 2008 - and nothing much has been said of this fact and the many Seniors who make it - pay check to pay check.

More, the drastic consequences faced daily in the the lives of millions of Americans -  ordinary people who worked hard and lost most of their savings - our Nation's population is about 311 million.

In terms of  drastic cuts, the on going sacrifice for so many years before 2008, and the countless adverse impacts. No one in the United States government - wants to go there.

The Election guru paint a picture as if all is well - and these two Parties - which are the same - when it comes to NOT having the interests of the common person. Less in said of the COMMONS and more is massaged - about GREED.

The paradox is that in these election - the Election of 2012 - on both sides - millions will be spent before, during, and after the Convention. In all the spending there will be no trickle down economy - we saw it already it at the Republican Convention - and it will be the same at the Democratic Convention.

Where the money is coming from - pouring in the millions - is any one guess.

But this madness - in the midst - when millions are suffering so deep - to continue to lavishly spend millions close to a billion - in this sordid elections - without priorities - with no accountability and transparency is - despicable - to say the least.

With so many home foreclosures - and the economy in peril - it sends the worst messages - ever - to all Americans and to the people suffering and dying as we speak - all over the world.

Especially those caught in by war and famine and looking at us - for solace and help.

The Koch Brothers and others will use anything in their gear - to target anyone and spend - hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is all fair game. The Supreme Court declared - Corporations are Persons - and the layman has no clue what that means.

The clout of Political Action Committees is unchallenged - that can raise millions overnight - and have a field day.

Spewing diatribe and lies in the Main Media - $10,000 plus a pop for each ad - time sixty or seventy time a day - and the Television Stations - are having a field day. This must come to an end.

President Barack Hussein Obama had one chance and he blew it - and it does not help having cronies like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - old as they are - with no gumption, no vision, no inspiration, no leadership, no morals - to bring about decent change - lost in their world of false pride and greed. Pathetic.

This election will be close - very close - and it really does not matter who will win.

The damage done to the Nation is dire - and it will take more than 4 full terms - by as many Presidents that will become Presidents - to put this Nation - back on track.

In the bargain our educational system is in a mess - some 25th in the world.

I know of no decent Nation that calls itself a Superpower - while holding the 25th place in education in the world - this is a JOKE. Wake up America.

It is the same with Nuclear Arms - that so many Nations have in their arsenals  - that all it takes is for one Nation to start using Nuclear Weapons - and we all will blow ourselves to smithereens.

Only the fool - could perceive taking this drastic route and survive.

The challenge for President Hussein Obama is to bring this world together - and before that he has one single chance - to recognize the First People the indigenous people of the world and America - and make his peace.

All the tribes in America must be recognized and put on the Federal Register. We must begin in our backyard. Do not treat the Native Americans like second class citizens.

The thieves stole the land - all of it - be it back East or here in California.

Some dare call themselves stakeholders - that bloody stake that cannot stand the light of truth. Thieves are what they are and continue to be - with blood on their - hands.

It is criminal for 1200 entities to control 90% of the wealth in America.

That is what is boils down in simple terms - a few - the very corrupt holding and controlling more than they should ever - have. The rich getting rich and the poor - poorer.

These folks control trillions of dollars - and the paradox is that most of it is floating somewhere - in foreign accounts -  off shore accounts - hidden accounts - with the knowledge of our Government who has indirectly by our corrupt laws - permitted these vultures - to ruin the Nation - lock, stock and barrel.

Where is the middle class  on this front of the economic going under - anyone may ask? No where to be found; when it comes to benefits - the middle class - the back bone of any democracy - has been eroded - and going down hill as we speak.

The politicians running in this race - do not give a damn about the Middle Class and so they must NOT receive our votes without something in writing, some mandate - some decent platform - worth its salt.

No one should get our votes just because they LIE. That is simply not how it is done - when there is some decency - some true light.

We once had great Presidents no more.

Today; we have so called Presidents more like Caligula - who say one thing and do another - and have wasted billions - and have set this Nation on fire.

Yet, we the people allow them to spend more millions daily as Election time nears - lying, spewing hot air - trying to divide our Nation - and in doing so - bringing disgrace to America - better known by the wise as Turtle Island.

Anyone way you look at it - they stole the land - and continue to contaminate, pollute, and destroy all that was good. Most of the politicians are consumed with GREED - and what is more - have no moral and standards. More those representing the Bay Area - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Here is California - our huge delegation that goes here and there - has not vouched for the Redwood Trees especially the old growth. Most do not care about the First People - and Karma waits them all.

Our rivers are polluted. Our once pristine watershed contaminated. Our air in some places - so horrible that respiratory diseases affect all - no one cares about our children and life - all they want is to make money.

California does not have one single Representative worth the salt. Even Jerry Brown has become a grouch and is now targeting the health and education of our children.

California once the fifth largest economic in the world - is tethering - cannot pay its bills - the State Assembly and the Senate - each vying to bluff one another - and in the process - making a fool of themselves.

In the mean time the political gurus keep bluffing the populace - predicting how the red states will vote for the Republicans and the Blue states for the Democrats.

This is exactly the type to crap that has ruined our Nation - everything is a "chance" - a "bet" - "a competition of sorts" - with no "standards", "no morals", "no ethics" -people make speeches with - " no empirical data" - flat out LIE - and then say they can  - lead.

Who are you leading - some hogs - over the precipice into the cesspool of the worst type of sordid corruption - we have never seen in ages - such type of blatant and utter - corruption.

We have millions of decent, hard working, Americans who have lost their homes. More people of color. No one care - the banks make a mockery of the situation. The politicians avoid the situation - all together.

We have millions of Seniors that have lost their savings - and President Barack Hussein Obama bailed the banks at the tax payers expense.

Today, the banks are siting on trillions of dollars - still charging folks double digits interest rates - when they got the money for less then one percent. What sense does that make?

The Government can directly give loans to the people - if it wants - favor the Credit Unions and send the corrupt banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Chase and others - packing away - and demand the "people's money" back - now.

These banks with intent favored sub-prime loans - it other words they cheated the people.

Instead of going to jail - the President of the United States; Congress and the Senate; the United States Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank - bailed them out. Makes no sense.

These coming elections is our time to hold the feet of those that did us wrong - to the fire.

Never mind what they say - never mind how it sounds - what really counts are the right actions that offer succor to the people - that is what really - matters.

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