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Sunday, November 27, 2011

So why are the richer getting richer and the poor very poor - and what is really happening to the Middle Class?

So why are the filthy rich getting richer.

The poor getting very poor.

The so called Middle Class eroding and vanishing before our very eyes.

We must focus on a group of very corrupt and evil people - the ones that control the insurance companies.

The larger financial institutions, the devils that play with hedge funds - and make millions when they get  " the insider tip" and more.

Who are these devils and why are they not lingering in jails - why are they out - enjoying themselves and laughing at the world.

Why do we permit them to make hay while the sun shines?

We think that we have it good with Bernie Maddoff in jail. His wife appearing on 60 Minutes and pretending she did not know a thing about the mischief?

 Well, there are thousands of Bernie Maddoffs working for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the other larger insurance companies and banks all over this world and making money.

So far nothing can be done to touch them - their names must be posted everywhere - at the Post Office, the Public Square, the corrupt ones on each Nation - read by the Main Media - and all of them put on notice - the bank accounts and travel - curtailed.

To these vultures money is a god.

The have no morals, no standards, no ethics, no nothing.

These evil people - can and will sell their mothers for a nickel.

That is five cents for those that do not know our American currency.

I was watching watching CNN and one show in particular - Global Positioning Square - the drab comments could not be worse.

How can any educated person - not believe that what is happening in Europe today will not visit us in America tomorrow?

Much of our money is tied to what is happening in the larger economies in Europe. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that.

It is the same with India from where I think the man commenting on GPS on CNN is from.

A few months ago for a dollar you could purchase 40 rupees - today it is fifty five rupees for a dollar.

Why is this happening? It is because of the stupidity of the American economy and the sub-prime loans, the derivatives, the machinations and ploys - including ploys like hedge funds that influence all markets.

India has chosen to devalue its currency - to take part in the competition in major way. India having the advantage - it is simple economics.

Can you believe Walmart will now enter the Indian Market - much like it did in China.

This does not help the Middle Class in America. It helps Walmart who will make the profit and keep it abroad.

Much like General Electric does and CISCO and many other large American Corporations.

At home there are no jobs because Congress, the Senate, the White House the mostly Republican leadership encourage "out sourcing", large manufacturing companies moved away to other countries.

Today, you go shopping - and you cannot find an America Flag made in America.

Look for some shoes and they are made abroad.

Look for anything - all the house hold necessities - are all Made in China.

All made in a manner that is inferior - there is simply no quality and it is all about blood money.

Workers producing these good are paid low jobs, treated like dirt, and made to work like mules. And we  Americans continue to buy such products.

It is just not the American way - the GAP, Walmart, other companies have been called on such production and products before - and changes made at ground zero.

The same holds good for clothes, jackets, pants, you name it.

This is the same when you travel abroad - inferior good are dumped and for those that believe in good and well made goods - this poses as a dilemma.

We must; at least here at home - be educated on issues.

Provide our students with a first class education.

But,we are failing and the empirical data says clearly we are twenty sixth in the world and spiraling down the road of destruction and into the cesspool of our own making. Why?

I talk to College and University students all the time and I see the difference - from years before.

Even those that boast they were educated in private schools. These young people - are not educated.

They have gone through reading a lot - bland information; a lot of it - but, do not have the ability to discern, to filter, to find the best and retain it and utilize the information.

If you can do that you are educated.

If you rattle and retain rubbish - then rubbish takes one no where.

It  will take you down the road of rubbish and you will get drowned in the cesspool of your own making.

Then you have Nations whose students cram a lot - and are not rounded.

 I would give Kudos to American students they are rounded - but again when it comes to Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Algebra, other more scientific subjects they lack in the knowledge of these pertinent - subjects.

I spent my time teaching and I have observed teachers - some bragging they are smart when they are not - learned when they not - they are pushers of some drab information that will not take anyone to a better place.

And so; it is only the critical thinkers that can further the use of Philosophy, Astronomy, Sociology, Anthropology, Theology, Physics, Agriculture, Medicine, History, Mathematics, Algebra, Politics and Public Policy, Law Enforcement - the other sciences like Botany, Land Use Planning, Logistics, Computer Sciences, Environmental Sciences - to bring progress and take our Earth's population to a better - place.

Bio-sciences that are mind boggling - in Russia they have inserted the DNA of a spider into a ovum of sheep to create better wool.

We have many Bio-Sciences hubs in San Francisco - but all these folks want is to make tons of money - big money.

And most of their work in linked to medicines and the ever dreaded Pharmacies that do more harm than good - always selling expensive drugs.

India does well - case in point the drugs need to curtail AIDS - generic, better and cheaper than any of the similar products that America wanted to sell to make big money.

Excuses linked the Federal Drugs Agency (FDA) the many human tests required - are all good - but, there is no sound system to this eternal madness.

Soon China, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, other countries - will have drugs and so will Russia and they will be available and they will be cheap.

Much like we can procure some good drugs in Canada and Mexico - notice I said some.

Life is about good food, clean air, clean water, sound housing, good education, child care, churches and gyms for praying and exercising, parks and so on and so forth.

Time to clean our rivers, our lakes, take care of our forest, keep our air clean, control the waste and stop polluting our watershed, there are so many things we must do well - in the end - it all comes to enforcement and exercising our moral compass.

The rich have access to everything they want and more - private beaches, vacations every single year, fancy restaurants, massages -  the poor can only dream of  such luxuries.

In America - the Middle Class could partake of such luxuries - in a limited manner - no more.

The middle class is eroding and now line up at Food Banks - take what they can get and move away.

Our education system is eroded - the teachers are there and the classes are few and the students far too many.

It is the same in the high schools, in the colleges, and in the universities.

Congress, the Senate, other politicians and policy makers are busy making money, raising money, listening to lobbyists; to divisive organizations such as the Zionists.

America is selling out to the lowest bidder, goods are being dumped on our land. 

The Main Media continues to spew garbage, pure garbage, including half-truths, misinformation, disinformation - bombarding the public with lies.

There are few that will challenge the system.

Thank God for the Internet.

The political thugs and the rich thugs that are also filthy rich - want to control our thoughts. 

hey do not want to make us think.

We must stake our territory and make this world a better place - where the majority can enjoy freely - Quality of Life Issues.

We must protect our First Amendment Rights.