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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The turmoil in Europe is at our door and it was exported to Europe by American Greedy Financial Institutions.

The turmoil facing Europe and eroding its fiscal stability was exported to Europe by Greedy financial institutions with intent, know they were WRONG - stationed here in the United States of America.

Today, millions of mostly young people are caught in a bind and cannot make progress.

Most affected those that went to college, studied some, and cannot find work. In places like Europe their plight is worse - here in America too - they do not know what to do.

Some of these folks who have graduated - have not worked for years and regret that they wasted their time in college.

Feel strongly that the real world deceived them, and that now they have been reduced to becoming paupers. May be so.

It is simply wrong on the part of any government, any entity; having any standard linked to sound organization, to adversely impact so many millions. All this in the so called developed countries that have fallen prey to GREED and abject callousness.

The International Monetary Fund is trying to avoid this tsunami that has already hit Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy, and will soon hit France and Germany.

The plight of those in the so called undeveloped countries is even bleaker.

We see abject the kind of abject poverty and starvation - never ever witnessed
in a long, long time. The area around Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya is one that calls for the world to take notice.

Thousands of children mostly have died and what is so pathetic - a whole generation will be affected.

We, meaning those countries that have the ability to avert such a disaster could have avoided this sad plight - but as usually happens - Europe and America looked the other way. Karma.

The sub-prime loans, the derivatives, the ploys and machinations linked to sub-prime loans that were toxic and floating all over the world in financial institutions - are sitting there worthless and staring at the financial institutions - toxic and eroding the core of those that initiated such sordid actions.

Most of  these Toxic Loans were initiated in the United States of America.

Our American Constitution and our Founding Fathers would not have tolerated such nonsense.

Here lies the crux of the problems - Greed and Toxic Money has eroded our Constitution, our Congress, our Senate, our Judicial system - our morals, our ethics, and we are shallow.

Once know well for our ethics, our moral, our spirituality, our compassion, our kindness - those of the ilk of Bernie Maddoff, the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase - have eroded all that once was wholesome.

Our Federal Reserve Bank has nothing much to do with the United States Government and is a private bank - it all happen in 1913 over the Christmas holidays.

The Europeans do not have a Central Bank - knew this when they created the Euro - and today these vermin of corruption and machinations - do not know how to deal with the present economic situation.

Germany pretends to be strong but is weak at the knees - talks some but has already had several strokes and in on the verge of a major heart attack.

The ploys in a way stem from the world wide corruption that many of these European countries - exercised in the colonies.

This time around the Zionist forces stationed in America - exploited their power and greed and have with "toxic loans" much like a virus - brought down large banks, and in Europe is Euro - and stagnated the world economy.

In American the dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on.

When last I checked with those that know something - it was worth four cents.

Yet, the financial institutions have a way to print dollars - not backed by any security and when Moody's, Fitch and the other rating institutions - down graded the Bonding Status of U.S. Treasury recently - it was the greatest insult to a Super Power - called America.

China today has trillions of dollars and can if it wants with a couple of electronic transactions bring down many financial institutions.

This once paper tiger - is breathing fire - and burning the very entrails of one of the so called richest countries in the world - America.

America - still has the will power and the sound energy of its people and that is the saving grace.

We are a population of about 314 million and slowly growing.

We do not have to deal with a large population as does China and India with its billions in population; some smaller countries with its millions - and a quality of life that is dismal and growing dismal.

America is a vast country and has vast resources that all belong to the Native Americans - who have been incarcerated and kept on Reservations - and this dilemma does not seem to faze the conscience of the White House, the U.S. Congress and the Senate.

As if as - it not enough that the U.S. Government has not stolen millions of dollars owed the Native Americans.

The Department of the Interior - not only stole billions in Trust Funds from the Native American Trust Funds - but, made clear that all the documents where destroyed in some unknown flood of sorts. Unbelievable!

This turmoil that is hitting Europe is about to hit us American smack in the face.

Europe with its false pride it sinking. With higher food prices, and people jobless for years, riots and other such devious actions will be the actions of the day.

America has been blessed with food so far. Lots of good food and clean drinking water - other necessities that the filthy rich waste and flout.

Recently there was one report of the rich indulging in $10,000 Martini Drinks, $1000 Burger complete with flakes of leaf gold and so on.

Disgusting to anyone worth the salt - but to these greed, shallow, spineless morons - who have lost their mind - a fake grandeur - that will bring them to their knees.

America has not yet apologized to the world for the deeds stemming from the like of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, AIG, the bigger banks who initiated sub-prime loans - Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and so on.

What goes around, comes around - it is called Karma.