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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It is nice that the San Francisco GIANTS won - world baseball champs of the world. It was nice that some sponsors - donated so that all of us could celebrate this VICTORY at City Hall in San Francisco.

The Giants were given the "key" to the City - normally reserved for dignitaries and individuals who have in large measure won some honor. For the first time - a team was bestowed this honor - and considering the feat of the GIANTS - coming from behind; struggling but staying in there - they deserved this kudos.

Millions gathered on a cloudy day but they gathered because often time when the GIANTS were not performing their best; the fans were there to support them. On some days 42,000 strong; sending a strong message to the team; play harder and win - we are with you all the way.

We saw the GIANTS come from behind and defeat the Cardinals. Then we went to the finals and grabbed the World series with a clean sweep defeating the Tigers - and once and for all sending a strong message: " do not mess with the GIANTS".

Not long ago in the year 2010 we won the World Championship in baseball and now again in the year 2012. This time we got a wider response - with fans coming from a far off - and rejoicing with us all San Franciscans.

Our City welcome all and judging from the general state of affairs - we did well - the many who worked day and night - to bring it all together - as the City that knows how.

The well behaved crowd and the crowd control by those who did the monitoring and controlling the traffic - was well coordinated. The City and County of San Francisco; did well starting well in advance - taking a chance but anticipating this great - victory.

The GIANTS have put us on the map - and this City did everything right - including remembering those in New Jersey and the surrounding area, who lost their lives. The millions of dollars of damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

If we can we must support that relief effort.

Here are some photographs of the GIANTS victory and celebration:

The parade and some more photographs: