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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Life is for the living not the living dead.

As things are going on in San Francisco - when it pertains to sound leadership - we seem to have cry babies, shallow, spineless, 
weak in the knees. Less fortitude and for sure no leadership - to carry on and take our great City and County of San Francisco to a better - place.

Any family that is a family worth the salt; knows, that when things get bad - unity and things like total family support - gets better. All the more in America - we are best when things get difficult. We proved it many times and in recent times - during World War II.

Our City is poised to attain great credits - and even with the Giants reaching the finals of the World Baseball Series - we have been blessed to have the Giants - win under difficult circumstance - stand for the fans and do what is right. That is what life is all about.

You play and try to win - and when you win you stay humble and try to represent as best you can. This City is just the opposite - does nothing much - takes all the credit for what others do.

City Hall in San Francisco is bent on taking our City on a collision path.

We make mistakes because we are human. The laws that are on the books are made by man. No one is infallible. When any case in adjudicated following the process - we must abide.

We have leadership who must represent - wallowing, crying like babies, and not being man enough; or to include women - not woman enough - to move forward.

As human beings let us remember that when we make mistakes; let us not repeat them. When and if we do that; we prove to ourselves and to those that we represent - that our intelligence but more our compassion - can strengthen our fortitude and fulfill our innermost - aspirations.

To forgive we all know is "divine" - let those that lead remember that.

We are the City and County of San Francisco - and we have a population of 805,000. Our City workers have it good - they all make good pay and what is best - get the best benefits.

For every 29 constituents we have one City worker. Many do their jobs - but many more defy decorum, defy standards, and fail to represent. We have City Department in San Francisco - who have failed; made mistakes - and no one has the guts to remove them. A slap on the wrists is all they got.

We have had two past Mayors have sex in Room 200. It is time we place several cameras to catch all the ploys; and machinations still going on in Room 200. The last time I entered the foyer of Room 200 - suddenly all the chatter stopped; they know one when they see one.

As might not be known - the same is with our San Francisco Supervisors - and the leading the group Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen. Two despicable representatives - representing District 8 and District 10 who are immoral, corrupt, and not worth the salt.

There is no doubt that Malia Cohen is immoral and more ignorant on issues. Yet for this woman to dabble with removing the San Francisco Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - is pathetic - pouring fuel on a sordid fire - that has to be extinguished - once and for all.

We all need to move forward and no one must pay attention to these sodomites that in any other decent Nation - would not be permitted to represent. And that too when one is closeted. 

Do we have our priorities in place - and if we have could we address the following:

Fix our City infrastructure so that is lasts for over another fifty years - but, not the way the Primes are lined up to do some inferior work - with change orders  - galore.

Our representatives both the Executive Branch and the Legislative care less that most of our students in our Public Schools - do not have the wear with all - to go to college. Why they are not taking the right courses - that provide them with the ability to understand and more to comprehend higher education?

Where is Hydra Mendonca on this one?

This great city has for the last 20 years favored Big Developers and market value housing. Many condominiums selling for $5 million and in some instances $10 million.

Our skyline has changed - the Manhantanization of San Francisco freaks people out - those that visit our City and one wonders - how will we favor - the one thousand plus foot building by the Bay Bridge.

With the Housing Element in place and we must provide housing for low income and no income. Provide affordable housing and moderate housing - and so far we have too many people barking up the tree.

We need to pass a Ballot Measure where a Housing Fund provides low, and no income housing. Provides affordable housings and takes care of moderate housing. Who has the guts to carry on a mandate that helps the Middle Class?

Our City has a health model that is better than most cities. However, much needs to be done - and we need to take care of our children and our Seniors - who comprise over 50% of our population and lack qualified - help. 

Our City brags that is it a Transit First City - but the empirical data favors a report that announces to all - that our City has the worst congestion. That many cannot get home on time and safely taking Public Transportation. The folks that live at Hunters Point have not had reliable Public Transportation - for over 30 years.

The Mid-Market plan is a joke. Favoring TWITTER - at our City's expense giving TWITTER - a police station,  public transportation perks; and other perks that would shame the devil.

The Market Plan to bring about  the smooth flow of transportation is a JOKE. Again and again - we have "gridlock" bumper to bumper traffic, five, ten, and at time 15 MUNI buses - stuck and pedestrians - jumping through hoops - to get to work. Our representatives see it - but do not have the guts to do anything about it.

When the Central Subway was first looked at the number thrown out was $600 million. Now, for the 1.5 mile underground tunnel it is $1.6 billion and growing. All tax payers money - with corrupt Primes - inflating their prices and change orders - galore.

The primes like AECOM are busy filling the campaign coffers of the politicians. And many of them are NOT ashamed to tell you so.

We the people and more the constituents of San Francisco got wrong side of the stick - with the Water System Improvement Project. We suffered the insults while Regional partners - made hay when the sun was shining.

We have changes at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and we have been diligent to attend meeting, study the documents and participate at the many forums. We are not about to be taken for a ride by folks that are not from the community, transplants, and with a hidden agenda.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission have chosen a new leadership - electing Art Torres as President and Vince Courtney as Vice-President. We are watching like a hawk - and we will not tolerate - injustice more disdain shown to our workers who we assure UNION wages.

Our City prides that it has a local hire ordinance on the books - but nothing much when it comes to enforcement - I mean serious enforcement.

Drastic changes at the Human Rights Commission - have transferred Compliance and Certification monitoring to the Office of the City Administrator's office. Everybody is watching the shenanigans - folks coming from the Carpenters' Union from far away Manteca - telling us what is good for us. We know our rights and that is all that matters.

When is comes to jobs we have 50% and 60% unemployment in the Southeast Sector. We call them hotspots - the Executive Branch has been talking about bringing about succor - but to date it is all talk.

Do not fool us by promising the General Public training in Technical Jobs - for sure we need them - but not as long as 76% of our students are not slated for college. And we have students who graduate from High School - can speak good English, are not adequately trained in mathematics, physics, chemistry and the other sciences. Give me a break!

Our Mayor has his hands full - and the time to lead is now.

Now, I am not talking behind the Mayor's back - I still hope that he can move forward.

So, I sent him a letter and just in case he is too busy - copied it to others - those that whisper sweet nothings - in his ear.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

I could spell out a hundreds of issues all pertinent, all relevant, but most important it would be useless - if we do not have the leaders to represent, act and deliver. 

So far; all I see and hear is hot air. Nothing positive; no one to take this great City and County of San Francisco to a better - place.

Diatribe - folks spewing stuff that the skunks would run away from. We have Department Heads clearing over $250,000 with benefits and not doing their job.

We have others - telling you one thing - and doing just the opposite. We have crooks deceiving us in broad daylight and especially those like Dwayne Jones and others imported from New York and Indiana - who have been brought here to deceive us, cheat us.

Not on my watch. Try me.

Some of the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - linked with TWITTER and the blatant congestion - and the priorities of those whispering sweet nothings - into Mayor Ed Lee ears: