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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Every year for the last 15 years; the Executive Branch at San Francisco's City Hall and the Legislative Branch - the shallow, inept, ignorant SF Board of Supervisors - have chosen not to address the health of our trees - trees on the sidewalks of San Francisco and less of those trees - trying to strive to stay alive - in our SF City Parks.

Now, suddenly Scott Wiener has called for a hearing and invited the culprits who helped bring about these calamity to testify. That is like hauling Ali Baba and the forty thieves and asking them to prove - why they stole and why they keep on stealing - is their forte stealing?

The first speaker from the Department of Public Works - spoke in circles - and he says he knows something about the trees in our City and County of San Francisco.

As a matter of fact - he knows some but not enough to hold a job. Muhammed Nuru must ask this guy to resign - at least let him have his facts straight on a topic he portends to know some - but knows very little about.

Then; we had a presentation from Recreation and Park - and there too - so many excuses - and we know that Rec and Park - far from caring for our trees - has treated our Rec and Park gardeners and others with disdain.The very people that tend, care, and have nurtured our trees and facilities.

More trees have died at McClaren Park and Golden Gate Park and other Parks under the jurisdiction of Rec and Park in recent years - and fewer trees replaced and that is a crying shame.

Rec and Park spent thousands preparing a document - they have the Blue Print - but not leadership and no guts to do the right thing. The document has been sitting on the shelf since 2008 - when a another Director who was a Zionist was the Director - and left Rec and Park in shambles.

At the end of this articles you may read the entire document.

We have cities all over the Nation and there are many ways to gauge the success of our trees and the maintenance thereof - and we in San Francisco stand 24th or so - among the 50 States in the United States.

That too for so many years - not bothering to maintain our trees - will take us further down the totem pole - and drown us in the cesspool - of our own creation .

We have a budget of about $6.7 Billion and a population of about 805,000.

We have one City worker for about 29 constituents. Most of them them make over $100,000 with benefits.

20 % receive a salary of $175,000 with benefits.

10% make over $250,000 with benefits - this nonsense must stop.

Any decent City replaces at least 7% of the trees that are lost - we try and replace 2% - that if ever - and this nonsense keeps going on - on the watch of the last five Mayors of San Francisco.

The City Administrators know this and we have current City officials who have know it for the longest time - looked the other way - and continue to hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco.

We also had two other private organizations from the City; one of them being Friends of the Trees - make a presentation - they work closely with SPUR.

And of course our City had to hire a consultant - from AECOM - who told us - those of us that know - that the state of affairs in San Francisco - linked to our trees is pathetic.

She stated on an average it cost about $167 to maintain the trees - money that property owners have to spend.

That figure is suspect - many owners spend two or three thousand - mostly when they have mature trees; that need to be pruned - some felled for some valid reason. Others maintained every three years or so.

Try felling a mature tree for $200 and see what response you get. It is more like $2000 per tree to fell - if not more.

Our great City and County of San Francisco once cared for our trees. No more. What we are good at is spewing hot air more at Press Conference - throwing arrows in the air and think we will arrive somewhere with no map, no objective, less transparency and no accountability.

Some 700,000 trees most of them found on Federal land like the Presidio of San Francisco - where I once worked and have detailed knowledge about such matters.  Also, about the maintenance of these trees on Federal property that is the Presidio of San Francisco - regular - and scheduled of pruning of the trees and other pertinent factors - for their general welfare.

Our City has 105,000 street trees and 131,000 Rec and Park trees. Every year over 10% of the trees are adversely affected. Go by some areas and you will see trees treated with disdain. Some chopped off at the top - like someone receiving a flat haircut. All this in San Francisco - a City that purports to care for our - trees.

In recent years there is talk of turning over the trees some 40,000 or so to the property owners in San Francisco - the City maintains the other of the Street Trees - with less money and less workforce.

The paradox is that we talk so too much in this City.

We brag about a Carbon Footprint that is not anywhere near as it is purported to be - we have City officials lie, lie, lie. This nonsense must stop.

Any mature tree can retain as much as 2000 gallons of water and slowly releases it to the watershed.

This way our dual sewer system is tasked less and it helps stop flooding and offers other benefits - dealing with particulates and helping to purify the air and environment.

Where was the City's drab Department of Environment on this one - where was the City's Health Department on this one important hearing of sorts - held by Scott Wiener.

We have a large natural watershed that we are blessed to have it -  and we have chosen with intent - not to maintain it. One extends from the Presidio by 15th Avenue all the way to Lake Parkmerced. And there is more.

We can waste millions of dollars - giving some "idiots" high salaries - but; when it comes to the necessary things - we say we have no money.

We must learn and find out a way to increase our City's Tree Canopy to 40% and do that in sync with the Sewer System Improvement Project a over $6 billion dollars project.

We must begin now - much like we are thinking of giving the very corrupt Arts Commission money - for Art when Trees are a work of Art - and we know that but have no brains to think - better - more to act faster.

At one of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Meeting - the Commission deemed fit to approve over $40 million for what is called "green projects", These projects linked with the coming Sewer System Improvement Project - most of it in our backyard - and yet we dare pander to outside UNION and other workers - who have screwed this City and continue to screw this City.

S40 million for "green projects" with no concrete mention of our existing mature trees and other trees planted but not taken care of. The left hand does not know what the right hand does - and no one can connect the dots - because they have no empirical data and what is more cannot connect the dots. At this SFPUC meeting - one of many presentation linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP). And I was present - alive and kicking.

All the time forgetting to mention - our failing and ailing trees - all over the City and County of San Francisco That was until at Public Comment I brought it to the notice of the SFPU Commission - and they felt sort of ashamed. But, their shame last a nano second and then it is business as usual.

It is the same with the Legislative Branch - the SF Board of Supervisors they are NOT educated on issues. You saw Scott Wiener call for a hearing on our Trees in the City - and when asked questions; could not answer and betrayed his abject - ignorance on matters that he must first study, then reflect, and if he has solutions they must be charted out.

Any fool can be all over the place - and if an ostrich buries its head in the sand - we can comprehend that - but not human beings who purport to know some but know nothing at all.

The man is a joke - and if he has any aspirations to run for Mayor - we will do our utmost to shut his chances - down.

We simply do not want someone like him - not educated on issues - ignorant to the core - trying to create an impression that he has the constituents back -  when we know for sure - he does not.

In the meantime our City can bid our Blocks to private Arborists and Landscape contractors and we have been talking about this for years to the Department of Public Works (DPW) and others.

But, now comes Scott Winer with his Fisher tactics - to pretend to do something - but,  just worsen the situation.

Some of us are far ahead of the game - and do not want SPUR, Friends of the Trees, and others to speak for us. Do not speak for the general population - because frankly speaking - you all do not have the best interests of the constituents.

These organization should have stood up recently - when the mature trees were uprooted and clear cut at the Columbus Triangle recently -just a few days ago.

None of them raised their voices when over 400 mature trees were cut at Parcel A on Hunters Point. These Zionists; the likes of Scott Wiener, Phil Ginsburg - want to trick us - pretending to ask for more money - and spending it on other mundane stuff - other then trees.

Right now the City our great City that talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - is preparing to clear cut over 400 mature trees at Glen Canyon - and not a whimper from Scott Wiener and those that love to have a hearing on the state of our SF City's trees - but do not have the empirical data - in front of them.

McClaren Park is a Jewel but again and again we do not get the proper Maintenance done. Clear cutting of trees going on all the time.

Why do we have to run about all over the City like an ostrich - to put out fires - maintaining and attending to one tree or two at a time?

Why can we not have Block by Block  Maintenance? Many property owners will opt for that choice willingly.

No one at City Hall and the many Department Heads who make tons of money - none of them -  want to work for the benefit of the community at large in San Francisco.

All these morons want - is to raise taxes - taxes for this and that.

How about you Upper Management - corrupt City officials taking a 20% cut just for two years.

Donate the 20% - from your fat salaries to the San Francisco General Fund. Let us see if you can stand to this litmus test. I bet you do not have the guts or balls.

I came out with an "niche" idea two years ago - a Nursery to germinate and produce native plants, training for young people linked to Riparian Projects. As a sustainable project - maintaining our SF City Trees.

Create a curricula second to none - complete with experts - Biologists, Arborists and others. Blew the minds of the Upper Management who sit on their arse - and blow air up the asses of others all the time.

Just dealing with our SF City is a pain in the arse.

It took me over 20 months to move from one level to another - 20 months. It takes 18 months - the gestation period for an Elephant.

Just when everything was set to go to another level - some idiots decide to make it hard for one singular SFPUC worker - who delivers -  put hurdles in his way. Come December - he is history.

Again and again we have transplants from New York - from Indiana - from some remote uncultured and uncouth area - come to San Francisco - and try to represent and screw our City over and over again.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

If it really takes two years for us to execute one singular project - the details given on a platter - the line items spelled out - and all you have to do is approve it. Then imagine how lazy, unprepared, lacking leadership - the upper echelon of so called Upper Management is at the leading City Departments - Enterprise or not.

If such a detailed project crawls like a snail - and it does not happen - within the timelines set - we must examine our process - and if Management is making over $200,000 and cannot deliver - such persons - must be let go.

Do not target those that work hard - and the very few that worked very hard. Do not frustrate the citizens who know better than you buffoons. Again and again you talk too much and do too little.

Favor the despicable those that have no experience - and more favor life style - hire deviants and perverts easily while pretending there is a freeze on hire - in this City and County of San Francisco.

Our City is losing the good and sound calibration it once had - and favoring the corrupt and evil - the lack luster and mundane.

I represent the Ohlone - all this is Ohlone land - and we watch you idiots more Zionists try to take control of our land. The Ohlone as the First People of this land for those fools - who came here with nothing, pretending to be humble and poor - and now think no end to themselves. The strangers!

Our City's facilities, our open space, our playing fields, anything and everything you devils see you want.

Your time has come - and just like Madoff and his ilk - you all must be sent to jail - for a long, long time.

Where once there was natural grass these deviants want artificial grass. Where we must preserve mature trees - under the cover of darkness - much like the devil - they cut our trees and say that there is nothing wrong with that.

For years we have stopped maintaining our trees in this City and County  of San Francisco.

Some of us that have lost it - think all is well - NO it is NOT - and we are watching you like a hawk.

Assessment San Francisco Recreation and Park on our Urban Forests and a needs assessment:

Report by the San Francisco Examiner on Scott Wiener's hearing how to maintain trees that come under the control of the SF Department of Public Works and City Property owners: