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Sunday, February 4, 2018


Atomic Bombs such at the one seen above -
were assembled at SF Hunters Point - loaded 
on the USS Indianapolis that left for Tinian Island -
part of the Mariana Islands. From here especially 
trained airmen - left for the targets - killing thousands -
mostly civilians - innocent people - while the Japanese
Army headstrong - were warned - they refused to surrender.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard located in the Bayview Hunters Point - has long played an important role - in killing thousands of innocent people - using the " Atomic Bombs " that was assembled at San Francisco's Hunters Point Naval

The Atomic Bomb - 
known for its infamous mushroom -
after its deadly explosion and damage.

These Atomic Bombs were then loaded on the USS Indianapolis right at San Francisco's Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and left for Tinan Island - a secret air force location - where special teams - who had years of training - waited for the - " green signal ".

Two Atomic Bombs were dropped - both using visual sight - one on Hiroshima and the other at Nagasaki.

All part of the World War II operations - to bring an end to World War II - after we the United States lost thousands of our men.

August 9, 1945 - this was the scene -
after the Atomic Bomb  - was dropped
on Nagasaki, Japan - over 100,000 died.

The United States joined  World War II - late - more to aid England and our allies - and this fact and more today is unknown to many - but more the role of SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor - did not come to a surprise to us - we knew something was going to happen - and when it happened - we were force to join the allies - at very short notice - and one battle after another - led many of our brave men dying - thousands of them - adversely impacting thousands of families to this very day.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard today is a mess. Hundreds of very polluted and contaminated " hot spots " - have not been cleaned - even though a company liked Tetra Tech has been paid millions - more than $600 million for sure.

Before that International Technologies and other  - where more than $300 million were spent - and there too - poor abatement and mitigation - were conducted with very poor supervision - less accountability and transparency.

Today decades later - Tectra Tech is fully aware of the many and dangerous " hot spots" - found all over the SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the representatives - who must truly represent - have failed us al - decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans. Pathetic.

Today's SF Supervisors are so "phony " - so out of sync - so nonchalant - talking from both sides of their mouth - and failing to address Quality of Life issues.

Many have NO clue about the seriousness of the issue at SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. A raging fire underground - that has been there for years - on Parcel E2.

The District Supervisor Malia Cohen - an airhead - now wants to run for the Seat at the State of California - the Board of 
Equalization - after failing miserably - to represent District 10. 

Shame of this political whore - who will pander to anyone who offers her money and favors.

The atomic bombs " Little Boy " and " Fat Man " left San Francisco after being assembled and were loaded on the USS Indianapolis which then headed to Tinian Island part of the Mariana Islands.

These bombs were loaded on special planes - all manned by a special team of airmen - who trained for years - for such types of secret - operations.

Often time the weather had to be devoid of clouds - and other inclement weather - for the pilot and the person manning the atomic bomb - to get visual sight of the target.

Many books have been written and in some of the them the role of SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard mentioned.

We all know about Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and may have heard of Kokura. Should learn more about Kokura - just so that we challenge ourselves - and know more about the Atomic Bomb that was meant for Kokura - but it never, happened

Little Boy and Fat Man had a lot to do with SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - even today - there are people still alive that know about the many Skeltons - linked with SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The Atomic Bomb experiment at Bikini Island - where large animals were used in tests - then the radiated carcasses brought to SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried all over the place.

The ships that took part in the Bikini Island tests - brought all the way back to SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and the hulls sand blasted. The sand jettisoned - all over the SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The actions of the United States Navy defy decency but our Mayors of San Francisco and more our SF Board of Supervisors would not know that - especially those that speak from both sides of their mouth.

These candidates vying for the SF Mayor jobs - come June, 2008 are novices - more, when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues.

What all of them have in common - is the ability that somebody prevents and hinders them from discerning - it all stems from them mostly being ignorant - not educated on issues.

They all talk a good talk - but their heart is NOT in the right place - and they cannot and will NOT be able to lead - and more take the constituents - the citizens of San Francisco to a better place. Aho.

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