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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Nothing much has changed - 
since the demise of Edwin Mah Lee -
today - corruption has reached a peak - Room 200.

Much as it is very difficult to talk before some Commissioners - at the SF Health Commission - the Commission linked to the SF General Hospital and related institutions - University of California San Francisco - the Commissioners cannot seem to think " outside the box ". 

They have no vision - you look at them, some  and all you see is  - " Smithsonian ".

One may try to talk to them - to make them understand that viable and sustainable solutions are much needed.

More when they control a $2 Billion budget - and have received millions from entities - that have entire hospital named after them - the guru of FaceBook and his wife who happens to be a doctor - and has worked for the health system - in many capacities.

The Bayview Hunters Point during the days when the Model Cities took charge to improve Quality of Life issues - played an important part - in the building of the Main Hospital - SF General Hospital - that hospital still serves the population of San Francisco in greater measure.

The Bayview Hunters Point advocates got the money - complete with plans modeled after a similar hospital in Texas and the rest is history.

That building by the efforts of the Bayview Hunters Point advocates - has been in operation and the SF General Hospital management has forgotten those that helped build the SF General Hospital and more the many advocates and tax payers.

We did it again - fighting to keep the main SF General Hospital buildings - even the brick buildings - because we felt the land was sturdy and less prone to seismic activity at Potrero Hill rather than Mission Bay.

We did that some 17 years ago and again some 10 years ago.

Mention must be made of Saint Luke's that played a key role servicing the Mission and the Southeast Sector - that includes the Bayview Hunters Point area - more. sub-acute patients - the mentally and physically challenged. 

All that changed 8 years ago - when California Pacific Medical Center - part of the Sutter Hospitals - bought Saint Luke's - those that once relied and trust Saint Luke's - today are fed up with the disdain showed to the public at large - by Sutter Hospital management - time will tell.

The SF General Hospital has specialized -in so called fancy and shallow " hot teams " - some have fancy designations - " the gold team " and so one and so forth. 

These teams are famous for calling the San Francisco Police Department - to deal with patients who have mental problems - resulting in the death of over 10 patients - who have been shot first - before the SF Police Department - asked questions.

The SF Police Department is divided - the Command Group held hostage by the Police Officers Association.

We the tax payers do not have a stellar and astute leadership  - and SF Police Commissioners the likes of Joe Marshall - who talks from both sides of his mouth - that adds to the confusion and pandemonium.

The Office of Citizens Complaints - has a new director Paul Henderson - who worked for the Mayor Office of Violence Prevention - and now has taken over - the position as the head person - who manages the Office of Citizens Complaints - under a new name - same snake different head.

Health and Safety go hand in hand - and the time has come for the SF Health Commission and the SF Police Commission - to meet as a combined Commission.

Address pertinent and critical issues facing our communities - our unique neighborhood all over San Francisco - things are going to the hogs.

The health and safety of our neighborhoods have been compromised - and no one at " ground zero "  - among the many tax payers - who to turn to.

I have respected and know Barbara Garcia for a long time - The Director of the SF Health Department. She know me too - and at times I feel bad to tell the truth - and mentioned this to her - and she told me to do what I do best. I appreciate that statement.

The same with Tomas Aragon who works closely with Director Barbara Garcia - others too - too many to name - who I know and have followed their pattern of doing things - lacking a viable sustainable Blue Print - by dropping the ball.

When they are afford some opportunity to come to the  podium - it is mostly vain talk - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

We have a population of about 850,000 that grows to over one and half million - on any given day.

More when we have big conventions, games such as the Giants games - and at the same time several large gatherings musical festivals, conventions, and more.

It is at times like this that I pay attention to logistics and operations - and each time we have such large operations going on - the system breaks down - and when you ask questions - you get accuses.

It does not help that our SF Board of Supervisors - are  busy making long, drawn out speeches - saying a lot and meaning nothing at all.

Politicians by far are "liars " especially the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen.

 Demonic - for the simple reason they are selfish - and do not have their heart in the right place. 

They lack manners and for sure do not know how to conduct themselves in the August Chambers - Room 250 at City Hall - busy surfing the internet - and having side-bar conversations.

It is a crime against humanity in San Francisco for a single senior that I call our Elders - to sleep in tents and face the inclement weather - only to die - and their bodies to lie at the morgue that has been built - in the Bayview Hunters Point area - to insult us all.

The paradox few know about this brand new morgue - built on land prone to severe flooding and liquefaction - touted to be state of the art - by the Medical Examiner and others. Millions of our tax payers money - spent with little transparency and less accountability.

The brand new morgue built - very close to Heron Head Park - the most contaminated Park in San Francisco close to Pier 96.

 Heron's Head Park once better known at Pier 98 - where even dogs who recreated at that contaminated site - are coming down with cancers of all kind  and tumors - not to say their masters and mistresses adversely impacted.

The congestion on our streets of San Francisco - have reached chronic situations - at times it take 45 minutes to cross on single block in the City more down town San Francisco.

 Back to back traffic - on our freeways be it 101 or 208 - and more and more this traffic and rowdy drivers - pouring on neighborhood streets - defying the traffic laws - and using our street as freeway - speeding and doing as they please.

To add to the madness - our hilly streets - are not meant for cycling more at prime traffic times - but some idiots - are pushing for bicycling - with intent putting innocent people in harms way. 

Sound and healthy bicycling favors flat streets -  more if there are separate lanes. We could learn from Europe - but our folks thinks they know better and for sure do not.

It makes more sense when the main street is broad and has the width - to accommodate such plans - accommodating cycle lanes - but as I said - in San Francisco this calls for a lot of planning with standards that matter - do not push such sordid plans - down our throat. 

Our SF Planning Department has failed - learned nothing from the law suit that stalled the sordid " bicycle lane plans" - put forward by the SF Bicycle  Coalition - with a sound Environmental Impact Report.

The Bicycle Coalition  - that serves more as a Political Action Committee - using behest donations and clout to fill the campaign coffers of the SF Board of Supervisors and others - much like SPUR a corrupt entity - that does the same with planning.

The above facts are just a tip of the iceberg - of the many adverse impacts - facing San Francisco.

San Francisco the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People - this land was taken care by the Ohlone for thousands of years, more than 13, 000 years. Today all that was pristine has been contaminated.

Our safety and health has been compromised - with dangerous particulates - an increase of the Carbon Footprint, over 600,000 tons of Methane gas spewing in areas that were filled in with poor infill - one ton of Methane Gas equals to 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The late Edwin Mah Lee -
he did not leave a sound legacy.

Our last Mayor Edwin Mah Lee who recently passed away - did not believe in standards - he set our City and County of San Francisco on Fire.

The many skyscrapers, the congestion on our roads, the very high rents, the SF Board of Supervisors falling to address Quality of Life issues. 

We now have novice Mayors - vying for his position - one blind person leading the other. We are watching and hope for the best.

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