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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Scott Weiner not to be trusted - he failed us -
as a Supervisor in San Francisco and more so -
now that he is in Sacramento.

When Scott Weiner ( who has done nothing much for San Francisco) teams with some one like London Breed - who talks too much - reads, prepared speeches by those who are using her like a dirty rag. Nothing good will happening if we the people - do not nip this nonsense in the bud.

Others meetings on the steps of San Francisco - promising us the world - when daily and weekly - innocent people are dying on the streets of San Francisco -just because they are indigent - poor - have fallen on bad times.

No one seems to care nor take responsibility for the death of Mrs Canada - a 100 year plus Black woman - who was evicted from her home - when she was promised to stay at that home - as long as she paid her rent - which she did. 

The evictions in our once great City and County of San Francisco has increased by over 400% go figure. We still have London Breed and Malia Cohen - talking from both sides of their mouth - trying to hoodwink the public in broad daylight.

It has been decades since the mentally challenged and the physically challenged who have been neglected - more. when Governor Ronald Regan - ordered thousands of mentally challenged into our communities - with no infrastructure in place to provide the victims - rap around services and more.

Our SF Health Department has failed the above mentioned segments of the population. They have used Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) in the Tenderloin and elsewhere dirty, stinking motels - to house our mentally and physically challenged - charge the Federal Government a lot - while making deals with those that operate the SROs - dirty, stinking, cockroach and rat infested - facilities.

Talk is cheap and Scott Weiner for all his talk - hot air - has not proved by his actions - to benefit San Francisco - he did not do that when he was a SF Supervisor - and in Sacramento he is looked upon - as a person - who main reason - in power - is to fill his campaign coffers.

Remember this guy he set our City on Fire.
Scott Weiner was one who sided with him -
the lies of the past destroyed much that was good -
in our great City and County of San Francisco.

Scott Weiner lied and spread disparaging remarks agains Jane Kim - unfounded rumors and jargon - to bring her down - and win the seat that he holds today in Sacramento. 

Scott Weiner is a jerk not to be trusted.

No one is looking at the issues linked to the mentally challenged - more when it comes to Violence Prevention - shooting and killings - and the involvement of the SF Police Department - and the so called " hot teams " - that work for the SF Health Department.

Those in-charge to control and nip the violence - and mostly acting - putting out small fires - here and there - and have NO clue what really is - at the bottom of the situation they are facing. 

The  many underlying factors need deep study - those that think they know much - and act like fools - are just wasting their time.

In our Public Housing - HOPESF and others - mostly Property Managers like Mercy Housing and the John Stewart Company - are using Federal, State, and City money - to rehabilitate run down Public Housing.

Once rehabilitated - only, to deny those that once lived in the Public Housing - access by asking for good credit - which few have - fabricating charges - many of the charges - trumped up - to deny them access to their former abode.

The Polynesians and the Blacks are now feuding each other - and have been for some ten years now.

While there are some that can buy some little time - most of those who are put in harms way - are not trained and more to comprehend - factors such as " implicit bias " and all of its implications.

More, " culturally competency " - for sure.

Have no clue about exercising " deescalation" - and underling and dealing with mental issues and the qualified training that goes with this important  issue.

Mental challenges - are a chronic situation in areas - known as Public Housing - and other areas - known as our " inner cities ". For years on end - lack of qualified services and funding - have left thousands to deal with issues on their own.

While the SF Health Department has conducted too many surveys - have the statistics - for all that empirical data - there has been NO meaningful action. Barbara Garcia who I know can do better - and the time is now.

The Black representatives we have at SF City Hall - London Breed and Malia Cohen - are far removed from first comprehending the issues at hand - and secondly addressing them on a War Footing. 

They are NOT leaders - the are panderers. 

London Breed who is dying to become the Mayor of San Francisco - can try as hard as she may - she has proved to be a liar, has filled her campaign coffers - with behest donations, and she not to be trusted. 

Much like Scott Weiner - who is in Sacramento - representing himself and his sordid ways.  The same holds good for Malia Cohen - she cannot conducted a simple meeting - without following the rules - as the Chair of the Budget Committee.

Recently as Chair of the Budget Committee failed to follow the agenda and a key speaker involved - failing to call him up to give his " presentation " .

Malia Cohen left out Mr. Ted Egan - our City expert on the failed state of our economics. When he saw the agenda time was called and deliberated and he was not called - Ted Egan left.

Mr Ted Egan on learning that he was not called - simply left room 250 - and headed to his office to attend to pertinent issues and work.

Only for the inept, spineless, stupid Malia Cohen to realize - she needed to call Ted Egan back from his office - to address the pertinent issues and more the sad state of affairs on many fronts - linked to our City's economy - which is in a dire - flux.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - we do not have a Blue Print - that all San Franciscans can comprehend.

Our inner cities are treated as " dumping ground for trash " - tons of trash are dumped - from all over the City and from the surrounding area.

We have over 50, 000 hot spots - some small and many large - that those dealing with our Environmental Issues - have NOT addressed.

The SF City has a Department of Environment - the Commission meets - and pats each other on their behinds - leading that charge Debbie Raphael.

The SF Health Department has Environmental Division - that says when it come to " HOT SPOTS " - that comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Toxic Substances Control. The woman in charge is always attending workshops - you just have to email her Stephanie Cushing - and learn her where about.

Few know about the thousands of tons of very toxic soil that was moved from the area around 4th and King - and the same toxic soil filled the area - where University of California San Francisco - and other medical institutions were built - better known as U.C. Mission Bay campus.

The toxic soil was moved - changing soil manifests -absolving the truckers who did not know really what was happening -putting them and others in harms way.

The work approved by agencies that superseded the authority of those agencies that should have approved the manifest - in the correct manner. 

The above facts and more - comes from monitoring such issues - and keeping taps on the crooks - who have BLOOD on the hand.

The novices Malia Cohen and London Breed think they can talk their way in and take control of things - knowing little and being less educated on issues. Shallow, inept, and more lacking morals, ethics, and for sure standards.

The killings and shootings in the Southeast Sector comes from many issues that have NOT been addressed.

The very serious  - contamination and pollution contributes to all sorts of chronic diseases - and creates conditions - that impact the health of our youth and young adults - others - leading to " temper tantrums ".

Picking fights without any reason - failing to understand situations - and jump to wrong conclusions.

Many drop out from school - failing to complete high school - many of them have runs with the SF Police Department and have a large rap sheet - in their teens. 

Many incarcerated leading them to become more violent - and learning bad stuff from those they meet in the jails.

Our elected Public Defender -
the best Public Defender in the Nation -
San Franciscans owe a lot to him -
his fortitude having  his heart in the right place.

Our Public Defender Jeff Adachi and former Sheriff Michael Hennessy worked hard to put programs in place to given our youth and young adults a second chance. Kudos to these public servants - who saved the lives of many.

Not once have the parents of those who get into trouble again and again been given an opportunity to express themselves -  give valid testimony to aid and help the youth and young adults.

The parents and others in the family - supporters of the youth and young adults - have lacked rap around services - where it counts - especially the authorities linked to SF City and County, the Mayor's Office in particular.

Agencies such as the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families favoring those that have connections - forgetting those that have been on the front lines for decades.  I have know Maria Su for a long time - and wonder what the hell she is think and more doing ?

I have been watching the situation at hand - from the days of RAP - the Community Response Network (CRN) - to the present evolution of Street Violence Intervention Program - all services provided by the Mayor's Office - in recent years - under the inept Diana Oliva-Aroche - who has been pussyfooting around.

Hundreds of our youth and young adults - do not have a place to live - the SF City and County has NO clue about his segment of the population -  no one today has access to these youth and young adults. 

The youth and young adults are left to fend for themselves - all this in San Francisco - where the filthy rich send their waste and garbage to the Southeast Sector - without a second thought.

Many nonprofit take money to purportedly help the youth and young adults - they  do not provided them with sincere services - because they lack a blue print - and keeps pace with today's world.

Lacking of housing, high rents, drugs of all kind - that kill so many - the worst kind " opioids " and there is more - affecting us all in San Francisco.

The Case Managers linked to some of the programs like Intercept, Predict, and Organize (IPO) are the worst. 

An audit of how they are paid - and the very poor performance - will reveal more - and open a can of worms.

Whatever happened to Emere Jackson and his case?

There is serious feuding going on in certain areas - and as much as we know who are the " trouble makers " - we have those who are suppose to be neutral and take a stand for what is right - rather than take sides - and favor those that need to be adjudicated for their mistakes and blatant crimes.

All this and more comes from lack of sound orientation - and those dealing with such issues - do not have a sound Blue Print to tackle real issues - the lack the ability to strategize and more understand logistics.

All this and more come from sound education - and not misinformation and more disinformation - that no one can discern - and less be careful not to fall prey to - disinformation can kill any information and bring it down to its knees.

At times I meet some of them and listen to them - they remind me of some "  domestic violence scene " - without parameters - each party not owning that they made mistakes.

Each party thinking and falsely believing they are right - when they are blatantly - WRONG.

The SF Police Department - the so called " gang task force " - those Captains who should step up - are now relegating themselves - to pandering and fake statistics. Taking a back seat and allow the crimes to happen and to nothing much - when it comes to solving such crimes. Time will tell.

One single death is one single death too much.

I want to know - since I took a stand - what has happened with the investigation - leading to the death of Emere Jackson?

I want to know who was his Case Manager - and would like to meet this person.

Why have the killings and shooting increased on Third Street - very near my old office 4909 Third Street near Palou - and the surrounding area?

I want to know at this late date - why are we tolerating Diana Oliva-Aroche - who is making over $200,000 plus benefits - and has put hundreds of our youth and young adults in peril - failing to comprehend what is happening at ground zero?

The youth and our young adults are our future.

They need second chances - and they need to be respected - you will only get respect if you respect them and treat them like human beings.

They also understand consequences once they trust you and listen to you - because only then we can work toward a common goal - holistically bringing about much needed change for - good.

The mentors on the field are working hard - and not paid sufficient.

It is difficult to live in San Francisco -   work very hard and put one's life on the line - every single day - and be paid a measly $40,000 plus benefits. This must be changed - in keeping with the hazardous work.

Again and again our Hospitality Workers, our Nurses and Teachers, our labor work, others - those that work hard and love their work - are treated with disdain - and cannot find decent housing. Very high rent $3500 for a one bed room - more than $5000 for a two-bed room unit.

Coming back to Street Violence and Intervention Program - I went out of my way - to provide quality office space and other amenities- because I knew I had to stabilize that organization.

Dealing with violence, killings, shooting, dysfunction reigning in many homes.

More because of fiscal woes - lacking and addressing Quality of Life issues - and more - put a heavy burden on those that are ill equipped to handle serious issues - that are evolving, rapidly.

Our SF City and County has a $10 Billion dollar budget - and our Controller, our City Administrator, our City Attorney, our District Attorney - are pandering to the SF Board of Supervisors - all of them - who have failed San Franciscans.

There is only so much nonsense - that the tax payers - can tolerate - the time has come to act.

Take charge of the situation at hand - do not endorse the crooks and those that cannot be trusted - who seek higher office - when today they pander and have failed decent - San Franciscans.

The many crooks embedded in Room 200 at SF City Hall. Aho.

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