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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Senator Diane Feinstein swearing 
in Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
looking on his wife Anita Lee -
daughters Tania and Brianna Lee.

Over the years - I have seen - Mayors come and go.
The good, the bad and the ugly - Edwin M. Lee - was the worst -daily in Room 200 at City Hall - wheeling and dealing.

Let us start - with Mayor Diane Feinstein - she will be remembered as - going into this room at City Hall - seeing Mayor George Mascone - lying on the floor - assassinated - by Dan White.

Diane Feinstein repeats this lie - she saw Moscone blooded and lying on the floor and proceed to take his pulse. Wow!

This one incident led to Diane Feinstein - becoming the Acting Mayor - then the Mayor of San Francisco - and umpteen terms as Senator of California - she has failed to represent us Californians -  recently stated she could change the ways of Donald Trump. Really!

History repeats itself - no one predicted - that Mayor Edwin Mah Lee would kick the bucket - and then propel London Breed - a product from the Hood - to the post of Acting Mayor - the first Black to do so - in San Francisco.

Mayor Art Agnos

After Mayor Diane Feinstein came came Mayor Art Agnos - Mayor Art Agnos - will be remembered for being the Mayor who that to deal with the 1989 Earthquake. We were not prepare then and we are NOT - prepared now.

Art Agnos is alive and kicking - the Virgin Olive Oil - used in cooking and salads by most Greeks - can take one a long way.
More when it comes to longevity - God Bless him - for helping those in need - to this day.

Mayor Frank Jordon

Frank Jordon beat Art Agnos in his second term  - Frank Jordon will be remembered for - using MUNI funds - meant for buying new buses - Frank Jordon bought  Police cars. 

As Mayor he felt empowered to help the SF Police Department -  the SF Police Department - needed new police cars - he was the former Chief of Police - so conveniently used MUNI funds to purchase cars for the POPOS. All good things come in good time - and it helps to be the Mayor - damn if transportation issues matter.

Frank Jordon also had the opportunity to operate the entire Presidio of San Francisco - before Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - was deactivated.

Federal property that San Francisco could have used - for housing - and other uses. Frank Jordon - turned the offer down.

Frank Jordon will be remembered taking a shower - he and his host - naked - the host a DJ from a local radio station - to raise some funds for some dubious charity.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr

Following Frank Jordon - in came Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - a famous " thug " Mayor - who amended the SF City Charter.

Brought the City Administrator under the Executive Branch - eliminating the City Administrator job description - which was independent of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -  hired over 2000 employees - creating some fake Job Description - Administrative Assistants.

Hundreds of City employees - started as Administrative Assistants - today hold high jobs - after 5 years they all acquired tenure - milking our City coffers - many of them inept and lazy.

Many are now permanent City employees - leeching on us - decent tax payers - we pay their very high salaries - one of them our current City Administrator - Naomi Kelly.

After Willie L. Brown we had Mayor Gavin Newsom - a Metro-sexual Mayor - known to sniff some powder - and a player. 

I once saw him inebriated at the former Emporium at Fifth and Market - with a under age girl - both of them were in high spirits.

Metro-sexual Gavin Newsom -
 ushered in Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
the rest is history.

Gavin Newsom made a run for Governor - some of us followed him to Santa Barbara, San Diego, closer to home Napa, Oakland - we revealed to all present - that Gavin Newsom was a liar.

It worked - few know about this - but the fact is - where there is a will - anything can be done - including dealing with those that are - " evil ". Gavin jumped ship - he did not run for Governor of California the last time around. Governor Jerry Brown ran for Governor and won.

Gavin Newsom  - took credit for things - others had done.

We revealed to all present - he was a LIAR - he continues to LIE - and now is attempting once again to run for Governor of California.

The first time around he got out of the gubernatorial race - settled as the Lt. Governor and now wants to run for the Governor's race - once Governor Jerry Brown - terms out - soon. Time will tell.

Gavin Newsom made it possible to usher in Edwin Mah Lee - a corrupt and crooked individual - lacking morals, less ethics, and for sure having no standards.

The two Mayors - Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom - with Mayor Edwin Mah Lee:

From left to right Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr - Mayor Gavin Newsom - and of course Mayor Edwin Mah Lee.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
he passed away December 11, 2017 -
he was 65 years.

I have known Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - for over 35 years.

The many meetings I had with him - revealed to me - how wicked this man was - he spoke in a mild manner - to convince you he was on your side - then stabbed you in the back.

He was no leader when it came to the prevailing violence on our streets. 

I once met him - in his own office - with two men known to him Paul Anderson his lackey - and Arturo Carrillo - who runs Street Violence Prevention Services. 

The Mayor tried to take me on.

I let him be known - that as far as empirical data was concerned - I had better knowledge - what happens at ground zero - more information at the tip of my fingers -  than he would ever have.

Suffice to say - he did not like what I had to say.

I could to reveal to the public at large - the many nefarious activities of Edwin Mah Lee - and confronted him many times - and told him to his face - after that meeting in his office - that he was no good - least of all a good leader.

continued to remind him in writing - my Blog the one you are reading mentions him - more than any other "nefarious character  -  when I saw him face to face - and told him  that he was not a leader- he got made but controlled himself as any lap dog person would do.

I took every opportunity to remind Edwin M. Lee again and again -  to change his sordid and evil - ways.

I will continue doing so after his demise - as I have the empirical data. 

A scum bag is a scum bag.

Edwin Mah Lee - adversely impacted Quality of Life issues - impacting our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - more mentally and physically challenged - citizens of San Francisco.

The disparity and widening gap - between the filthy rich and the poor in San Francisco - is lower than that of Rwanda - a third world country. Check that out.

The congestion on our roads - is the worst ever - poll after poll states - the worst nationwide - San Francisco's congestion - is chronic.

The high rents in San Francisco  - have forced thousands of families - to move out of San Francisco.

Affordable housing is a JOKE - a one bed room cost over $3500 and a two bed room over $5800.

Non-profits suffer most - I was forced to move from 4909 Third Street - by some greed profit vultures - could have taken them to court - but I really do not tarnish my name - with dubious characters - they reward is here on Earth - as we saw with Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - scumbags get their reward here on Earth.

They say one must make over $160,000 to live comfortably in San Francisco.

Daily Edwin Mah Lee - went to his office - to wheel and deal - mostly with developers - favoring skyscrapers and market rate homes. 

Taking huge bribes - and filling his coffers - more depositing hug amounts - in  off shore accounts.

Edwin Mah Lee worked with Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and the worst of them all - the John Stewart Company to rehabilitate - old Public Housing - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Public Housing - bordering a Superfund Site - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where Depleted Uranium was first tested in the early 1950s - as part of the World War II efforts.

Homeless living in tents - under the bridges -
under bushes, anywhere they can find some space -
slowly dying and cursing Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
and his lackeys - every single day - the authorities moving the homeless - from place to place - confiscating their medications and few belongings -
throwing them in garbage truck - crushing their 
things in the compactors. God sees it all.

Thousands of San Franciscans - are homeless living in tents - facing the element weather. 

Many die - their bodies lie in the morgue - then after some time - they are incinerated - when no one come to claim they bodies.

This is an injustice -  few know about the " evil ways " of those in charge - our SF Health Department - the Coroner - the Sf Police Department - others one worse than the other. 

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
set our City on Fire -
he was a Caligula !

Edwin Mah Lee - could not care less - daily these poor, indigent - many of them Seniors cursed the Mayor and he was fully cognizant of this fact.

I told him so - many times - and he was always furious when I spoke my mind.

More so when I wrote about his ass.

The Faith Based organizations - donated $3 million to open a Navigation Center - the Mayor took credit for this needed action.

The Faith based organization donated more - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - took credit for this too.

We have a budget that is over $10 Billion - and our City and County keeps wasting millions.

Out sourcing services to crooks and the corrupt - paying many City employees over $275, 000 with benefits.

All the time - while we tax payers - pay our taxes.

Our streets are not kept clean - our roads are congested - the Van Ness corridor is a mess - North Beach has construction rubble - every where. 

Tons of rubble in the Financial District - South of Market Area -most everywhere - and the City and County of San Francisco - is quick to take our taxes, the money linked to parking fines - other taxes - and gives little in return.

North Beach Businesses are hurting - and Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - cared less.

I could go on and on - but suffice to say - I will STOP.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was a despicable person - he took revenge on many - and tried to take revenge on me - but failed.

God sees it all - more when you target the poor, the indigent - and those that need help most.

He failed as the Director of the Human Rights Commission - more as the Director of the Public Works Department - a Civil Rights Lawyer trying to run the Public Works Department. Go figure!

He then attempted to run the Contracting Office and was caught fleecing - cases pending in the Court.

He failed as the City Administrator - cooperating with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - acting as a conduit to conduct nefarious activities.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee then was ushered as a Mayor by Gavin Newsom - before that he was adamant - that he did not want that position as Mayor. 

He was in Hong Kong - when he agreed via telephone that he would run for Mayor - this decision was made and accepted - late at night - and I was at City Hall. The drama was unimaginable - we saw it all happen - and few remember that night - but those that do - know better.

Recently he was in China - wheeling and dealing.

Once in Room 200 - daily he was wheeling and dealing.

You entered City Hall - and smelled Sulphur emitting from Room 200 - at SF City Hall.

Today - San Francisco is worst off - and we now have a person in London Breed - who has NO experience, less morals, even less ethics - and this heifer wants to be Mayor of San Francisco. Time will tell

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco.

Francisco Da Costa - 
Mayor Edwin Mah Lee and his wife Anita Lee -
my condolences to Anita Lee - Tania and Brianna Lee -
the daughters of Mayor Edwin Mah Lee.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Each and every inch  - of the land in San Francisco was stolen by those that purport today to own it - they all are thieves and know it.

Today these vermin continue to be " greedy " - favor the rich and look with disdain at the poor - and those that need help most.

The great Master said - " blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

I will not state what the Great Master said about the rich in detail - except that " it is easier  for a camel to enter the eye of a needle - than a rich more greedy person - to enter the kingdom of heaven ". Aho.

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