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Saturday, August 18, 2012


We are lucky we have Assembly person Tom Ammiano and Public Defender - serving our children, our youth, and addressing Quality of Life issues - all these many years.

BMagic has come a long way and today was a day BMagic set aside to give the children books and back packs - making it easier for those children who need the books and back packs - to go to school and feel better.

Tom Ammiano taught for a long time in San Francisco and again and again he has fought for education - he fought hard for the "Rainy Day" fund to help the San Francisco Unified School District. Often Tom Ammiano is forgotten - others who had nothing to do with the "Rainy Day" - taking credit.

It is the same with the HealthSF program - both programs so that children and youth could receive benefits - Tom was always on the forefront - and so today - I knew he would be somewhere - and I had just a few minutes to check out the scene - and there were the two men I wanted to see - and asked them to pose for me.

The other man our Public Defender Jeff Adachi the founder of BMagic. BMagic has now - for six years given books and back packs to children. Each year I make an attempt to visit the event - look around and meet very interesting people.

Our Public Defender is someone that has won our hearts - the hearts of  San Franciscans.

I was there to also get a copy of BMagic Resource guide - which I find useful when I want to check the various Community Based Organizations - who work for the children and youth - all over San Francisco.

I heard the San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent address the crowd - he seems to know what he is doing - and I hope the SF Unified School District helps stem the exit of thousands of families - more; parents who are dissatisfied - with the poor standards and the lack of qualified teachers.

Year after year the State of California has let down the SF Unified School District.

Year after year Tom Ammiano - "Rainy Day" fund has helped keep the SFU School District - afloat.

There were a number of stalls - People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), the City agencies, one stall gave away produce, children and parents were having fun on a nice sunny day.

Here are some photographs of the event held today - August 18, 2012 at the Bayview Opera House in the Bayview in San Francisco:

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