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Saturday, September 23, 2023



Narendra Moody trying to cozy up with Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden has failed the United States - we cannot and must not trust autocratic nations like India, China, and Russia.

 If Joe Biden chooses to play with fire - that is on him - our International policies need more clout - tenacity and fortitude.

We must not cozy up to autocratic governments - right now, we are giving China billions of dollars - buying goods that we can produce ourselves - Lithium batteries, vehicle parts, medicines - all of which we can have here in the United States.

Nuclear rods for our Nuclear Plants from Russia, three-dimensional printers, and other rare minerals that would always shock the public - while we bad mouth Russia.

It is the same with India - outsourcing to India - services that can be performed at home. Paradoxically - in all of the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - the filthy rich here in the United States - are hand in glove with these autocratic governments - and all this must STOP.

All three nations, India, Russia, and China, have a multitude of spies - stealing our proprietary information, hacking our citizens - billions taken from their banking accounts - the United States government knows this - but look the other way.

Finally, Narendra Moody, a LIAR, promised the women in India more seats in the Indian parliament. The Indian women waited for 30 years now they lied to - and have to wait for another 10 years.

Recently - Narendra Moody made a statement in the year 2023 - to be precise. He said the Indian women will have to wait until 2033.

Narendra Moody boasted one-third of the Lower Assemblies would have seats reserved for the women. Then, he declared that women should wait for another 10  years. That is until the year 2033.

Indian men are so mucho that it stinks to high heaven - time the men have their mugshot distributed - one can AI now - to make them look comical complete with the uniform the suits them - funny.

Do you see what I mean - the Indian women's organizations have been fighting for equal rights for over 30 years  - and I have been supporting them - and will until they fight and get more seats - as soon as possible.

But more until the Indian women are respected - I know for a fact the Indian women are smarter and more intelligent - that most of the men politicians - most of them corrupt.

Again, Narendra Moody is a LIAR - and not to be trusted.

In 2013, China hacked the Office of Personnel Management - millions of  U.S. Federal workers were compromised - most Americans do not know this.

Again, our U.S. Government is not considering safety and privacy - this is part of our FREEDOM - when our FREEDOM is compromised - we license our ENEMIES. 

It is essential to note one-third of our so-called citizens in the United States - do not believe in our CONSTITUTION - they are fanatics - the likes that invaded Capitol Hill.

In days, we will be near the closing of our United States Government - Congress cannot balance the United States budget. This behavior is tolerated by U.S. Citizens - if the representatives cannot do their job - the penalty should be - to deprive them of their pay for one year. 

We know these crooks who want to compromise the Nation - are corrupt - it is written all over their face - five or so-sordid Republicans.

How can the United States allow the Prime Minister to address both the houses - the Senate and Congress - and enable a person like Narendra Moody - to pull the wool over our eyes.

India, with intent, has committed " crimes against humanity " - the many millions who have died  " Adsivasi " indigenous tribes - who lived in India aka Bharat - for thousands of years in peace.

Killing, raping, and burning the homes of the indigenous tribes.

The above - does not abode for Narendra Moody and the thugs who follow him.

Narendra Moody pretends that he wants to be a peaceful man - but all his ploys, shenanigans, and machinations point to a dangerous man - competing with Xi Jinping, his neighbor - one worse than the other.

Narendra Moody detests the Christian Missionaries who have educated the masses - gone out of their way to embrace the indigent and the suffering poor. 

For this, Narendra Moody has blamed the Christian Missionaries - converting the indigenous - and others - well, that is for the people to say - not the thugs who follow Narendra Moody - who are destroying the traditional parochial manner in which for decades have embraced all. 

It would be totally wrong for the United States to bar Hindus from entering the United States and making strides - no one bothers the Hindus; the same holds good for the Buddhists, the Native Americans, the Jews, the Muslims, the Jains, and many other groups of faith - that freely practice their religion.

Soon, Indians from India will be targeted - in fact, they are already afraid of this reaction - what has the idiot to say about this?

When anyone targets the faith and the human rights of anyone - any group, any nation  - there are International norms and laws - that come into play.

Right now, Narendra Moody has failed " humanity " for all his sordid talk - he is a disgrace to the human race.

Narendra Moody must change his way - or else he and his thugs will fall - flat on their faces. Make no bones about this fact.

The Tribes up north in India are being killed - their homes torched - the folks that owe their allegiance to Narendra Moody - take orders from the henchmen - to kill, rape, and commit all sorts of atrocities - and here Joe Biden and his wife - cozy up to a person who has NO ethics.  

The Tribes were once treated with disdain, "Adivasi" - deprived of how to read and write.  

Treated with disdain - the time has come to right the wrong.

The "Caste system" did not apply to the indigenous people - the "caste system" - a sordid system that has long past its dubious purpose - must be cast into the dust pin - and eradicated.

Narendra Moody wants to bring about a revolution favoring divisiveness, and anyone who caters to such devious concepts - will fail. Unity tends to progress - and that must be foremost to all Indians - much like we had it for decades - autocrats love dividing the people - and sneak at night to commit evil actions.

Today, they had a better way of living  - they joined the Christian Missionaries and got out of the rut.

"Adivasi" - is the collective term for the tribes of the Indian subcontinent,  who claim to be the indigenous people of India - before the Dravidians and Indo-Aryans settled in India.

The Christians in the 16th century were invited by the Maharajas of India - and Muslim kings like Akbar the Great - who built the Taj Mahal - to honor his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

There were Hindu, Muslim, and other religious leaders who early on embraced all - when India was called Bharat.

Narendra Moody is a racist and a diabolic character - who will look you in the eye and stab you in the back.

India acts as a broker and proxy - millions of gallons of petrol flow into India. The petrol is refined and sold in the open market - Vladimir Putin gets his cut, allowing him to fight his war with Ukraine.

If you are enjoined to the crime - you better watch out - time is not on your side. 

Such perfidious actions are monitored, and those nations - who are autocratic and pretend to be some other - must be brought before the International Courts.

Putin, with intent, has killed innocent infants, children, women, and our Elders - bombed schools, churches, and hospitals and are to acknowledge Putin and Narendra Moody -  as leaders with ethics and morals?

Some years ago, Hardeep Singh Nijjar from the Sikh Community - a prominent leader who led thousands of Sikh followers in Canada - the Gurdwara Temple - located in Surrey, British Columbia, was assassinated.

Some of us who follow International Policies flashback to the incident when the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab - was desecrated by the Indian Army - Operation Blue Star. 

The authorities in Canada and the rules - Intelligence Agencies - known as the Five Eyes - the United States, Britain, New Zealand, New Zealand, and Canada - have the facts and empirical data - the crime committed led to Indian agents who MURDERED Hardeep Singh Nijjar- assassins.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was 45 years old when he was murdered. Leaves behind a wife and two sons. Why was he killed, and by whom? Sikhs worldwide have contributed a lot to society - Sikhs are known well at most military colleges worldwide - Narendra Moody has lost his mind - and assassinations are not to be taken as something mundane  - time to wake up Narendra and clean up your sordid acts - worldwide. 

In recent weeks, India has sent press releases - warning Indians - to be on the lookout - for their lives. The Indian Embassy has stalled giving Indians Visas to enter Canada.

Canada, too, had to take some action when India decided to ask some Canadian diplomats to leave India - of course, Canada reciprocated. 

The Sikhs are known worldwide to adapt to any nation and contribute their best all over the continent of Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States - leaders such as a Sikh holding the highest rank at the World Bank.

When it comes to driving trucks in the military, nurses and doctors, mechanics, operating restaurants all over the world - here in the Bay Area - we run into so many Sikhs - many very polite.

In East Africa, I remember if a Sikh or Sikhs was among you - you were safe. Most Sikhs are very caring, and to this day - because of my association with many Sikhs as a young boy and man - they are close to my heart.

We played field hockey, cricket, soccer, and other games - and we debated, and we volunteered - we always loved to have a Sikh on our team - I speak subjectively - the Sikh religion and philosophy is one of service and to have empathy. 

There are over 500,000 Sikhs in the United States and 800,000 in Canada - Long live the followers of Guru Nanak - Sikhs make our world a better place.

Narendra Moody is out of his mind - the right thing to do was to have admitted who committed this crime - we know no decent Sikh admires crooks, and one of them is Nare dra Moody. Time will tell.

Here in the United States, many of those who hold high positions in government and elsewhere - once holding Indian passports - now - who have become American Citizens - benefited from the education they received in Catholic and Protestant educational institutions - foremost the Jesuit colleges in India.

The United States should not sell our military equipment, fighter jets, tanks, or other electronic and communication equipment to India.

At this juncture, I want to bring to the reader's attention - here, in the United States, we lose billions of dollars - hacking and stealing money from mostly the vulnerable - the crooks mainly from India, China, and Russia. 

We will be in peril if Kamala Harris, for any reason, Nation r Nation. We are in danger with Joe Biden - who still thinks he is in the old Senate and learned some playing second fiddle to Barack Husein Obama. Round the corner - the U.S. Government is likely to shut down - we always wait until the last moment to balance our budget -  wonder who is representing the taxpayers, and the citizens, and if they care about our Seniors on a fixed income, our Armed Forces, the harm it does to the motion our Nation - Congress and the Senate - acting like buffoons - again and again.

We cannot allow Vladimir Putin to kill innocent infants, children, youth, young adults, our beloved Elders - the mentally and physically challenged. 

The United Nations Security Council has long passed 78 years since it was formed in 1945 -  and should - fine-tune the Veto power given to the five nations: the United States, France, Britain, China, and Russia. 

We cannot look the other way while " crimes against humanity are committed. " Vladimir Putin " must be reined in, and Russia debarred from voting. 

The U.N. General Assembly voted against the atrocities committed by Russia - against Ukraine - only for Russia to use its Veto power.

This nonsense must STOP - next, it will be China - doing the same.

Recently, China has abused its authority by trying to take on our fighter jets and the U.S. Navy - China better have second thoughts - and while we are on the topic, China must STOP bullying the Philippines and around the Mischief Atoll. 

China has been pressing on the youth and young adults to join the military and fight for the Communist Party, which is looked upon with disdain in China by the youth and young adults.

Xi Jinping must be cautious to mention the name of Mao Zedong - and his regime - where Mao ordered millions of Chinese killed to adhere to his sordid ideas.

Genuinely speaking - the educated populace is aware of many atrocities committed when Mao Zedong was the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party - please read the article below:

Four out of five Chinese graduates need help finding jobs in China.

China's Real Estate is in the doldrums - the Chinese Communist Party does not know how to address the blatant mistakes it has made - on many fronts - the Chinese economy is spiraling, and Xi Jinping cannot sing the blues - nor play the fiddle. 

The young and young adults the world over are united - we saw this with Hong Kong, and we see this today with many Chinese moving to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, trying to come to the United States, Britain, and Europe - they had it with the many lockdowns linked to Covid-19.

Xi Jinping recently debarred using the Apple iPhone - mandating the use of a Chinese product, which is his prerogative - but there are better ways to address any situation.

The same principles hold good to the world's leaders - we must not impose our will - and encourage freedom - abuse of space is a license, and that is what Xi Jinping - thinks he can use - now that he has chosen to become the Emperor of China.

Xi Jinping's father was good to the Uyghurs - who are now persecuted in China. 

Millions of Uyghurs have been brainwashed - millions murdered; Xi Jinping and his hoodlums want to eradicate the Uyghurs - their language, culture, everything. 

The United States has no clue how to deal with these autocrats - in fact, we have one at home - a traitor - who initiated the invasion of Capitol Hill.

Our Constitution calls for such traitors to be hung.

Recently, we have seen scandals about Joe Biden and his son - some Senator with access to the most secretive information - taking bribes from Egypt - and his wife.

Chinese students line up to get a job - as you can see - throngs of them - cannot get a job and are frustrated.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping - must have a frank talk - communicate - be firm, and speak Truth to Power - War is not the way to solve the problems - stop getting our youth and young adults - encouraging them to fight rather than solve our problems.

The continent of Africa emits very little to deplete the Ozone level - the United States, China, India, and Russia - contribute the most pollution to the Ozone Level - and contributes to Climate Change - by witnessing many floods, hurricanes, and other adverse impacts - what else is there to say?.

Thursday, September 21, 2023



We protested and did our best - only for outsiders to come - and take control of our Community Benefits - aided and abetted by many local Blacks - who took little money - bread crumbs - while the main crooks filled their coffers - with millions of dollars.

After a long time, I took time out of my busy schedule to visit San Francisco City Hall - attending two meetings.

One was a Special SF Public Utilities Commission meeting, and the other was a Budget and Finance meeting.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is an Enterprise Department - generating its own money - wasting millions - more during the pandemic - making excuses - and wheeling and dealing with change orders - galore.

The main reason this meeting was held was to let the SFPUC understand how their money was invested - Green Bonds and other Bonds - the presentation was convoluted - but such are the concepts and ways of those that deal with money - dark money and that money that light can be shed upon.

While we understand the SF Public Utilities must make money - to pay the high salaries - and have more to wheel and deal - we want to know who will speak for the Salmon?

At the last count, the Salmon count was so low that it shocked all of us - below 100 - where once thousands of Salmon were counted. 

The high temperature recorded in the rivers - the Tuolumne River foremost - the algae that are rampantly spread - because of the warm water and other factors - are yet to be addressed - in a viable and sustainable manner.

Most of the Commissioners are out of sink with reality - and when one states the facts - and speaks Truth to Power - the Chair thinks she can "repartee." This is not permitted in California - public comment is sacrosanct, and the presenters were pulling the wool over our eyes - and this nonsense must STOP.

This Special meeting was held on a Wednesday - typically, the SFPUC meets on the second and fourth Tuesday - why this day was chosen - is anyone's guess - but what I witnessed was something that needs a " deep audit " - and more accountability and transparency.

The SFPUC has many vacancies; over thirty percent of the Full Time Employment slots are vacant - the two presenters - one a woman who heads the Human Resources at the SFPUC - building 525 Golden Gate Avenue and the other a woman who works for the SF City of San Francisco - Information Technology.

There needs to be more clarity regarding jobs and how the outreach is done - more in the Bayview Hunters Point - where the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) and other projects are linked to the SFPUC.

There needs to be a concerted effort to address the issue. I have been attending meetings held every Tuesday at 1550 Evans - and listening intently to the young men and women seeking opportunities to work.

At this same meeting, contractors give their input, the SFPUC has their representatives present, there are representatives - LBEs, NPEs, WBEs, and others who are eager to contribute to the City and County of San Francisco - and to the SF City's Workforce - which is in a mess.

I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy, and we created a model and addressed the issues in 2003. Most things have stayed the same since then. 

It still smells of excreta - in and around the Evans Shopping Mall and in and around the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment - in Bayview Hunters Point.

The current Commissioners linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission should visit the Sewage Plant and smell the aroma for themselves - we are in the year 2023.

The Digestors will take a lot of energy to come into operation - Pacific Gas and Electric is not cooperating and is agreeing to supply power - the SF Public Utilities Commission - more the Chair has no clue - and it is time - we have sound representation.

For too long - we have had Commissioners who lack the expertise of Mr. Richard Skylar and Mr. Anson Moron.

If it is too hot in the kitchen - get out - and stay out.

Joshua Arce, the head of SF Workforce, has resigned. Joshua Arce was denied promotions - passed over - other inept folks were given an opportunity - while Joshua Arce - had to sweat it out. The entire exit was kept so quiet that it took days before the fact could be verified - today, people are still wondering - why there has been no comment from Mayor London Breed?  

The SF Public Utilities Commission has yet to learn that hundreds of qualified workers can work on projects linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - the same applies to City Build - we hear that Joshua Arce, who headed the SF City's Workforce, has resigned.

A little bird whispered and told me - Joshua Arce worked hard - but was looked over - many times. 

Typical of folks who get fat salaries and do not know what it means to treat those who work hard and make things happen.

While Joshua Arce has the best chances of getting a good job that he loves - those who overlooked him and his promotion will be singing the blues.

Anyway, you look at the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - it is all fluff and nothing much that is viable and sustainable.

Workforce Development mandates sound goals and timelines, notably" career jobs. "

 It is a shame that the City and County of San Francisco and all those making the policies - have our once great city spiraling downward, and we San Franciscans - need more sound leadership.

At one time, this giant crane was the giant on the West Coast at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. At the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, over 10,000 workers made a living - many of them Black - today - most Blacks seeking work - are not given opportunities - in their own backyard.

The Bayview Hunters Point, way back in 1963, held demonstrations demanding jobs for Blacks and others at Supermarkets, Drive-in restaurants, automobile showrooms and repair shops, and hotels - demanding good jobs for those who cared to work and contribute their best to society.

An interim Committee on Human Rights was created by the advocates and leaders in the  Bayview Hunters Point - over time, this committee recommended to the SF Board of Supervisors creating the permanent Human Rights Commission.

In 1990, the Human Rights Commission became a Charter Commission.

Today, the Black Human Rights Leadership Council of San Francisco is led by Robert Woods, who now resides in Texas and spearheaded many projects like the Moscone Center and the Housing up on the Hill - also known to the locals as Bayview Hunters Point.

The Black Human Rights Leadership Council of San Francisco has forwarded a package addressing the atrocities and adverse impacts on people of color. This package was addressed to Sheryl Evans Davis - from the SF Human Rights Commission - Sheryl Evan Davis has yet to get back to Robert Woods - it has been over two years.

At a recent meeting held at City Hall on Reparations - I heard Sheryl Evan Davis - trying to make sense of a few issues - she could not articulate well - and did not have the decency to honor the ancestors and the elders - not once did she mention the advocates who helped create - the present SF Human Rights Commission.

It is the same that most Blacks today do not want to give credit to or respect those who planted the seeds that helped thousands get good jobs and better their lives. 

When I try my best to chronologically address the rich history of Bayview Hunters Point - many are confounded, surprised, and shocked that the rich past history is not known to them.

You all know why this is the way and how it came to be - if Blacks were proud of their ancestors, the leaders, they would record the history - and spread the word around.

It is still possible for the SF Committee of Reparation to visit the early beginnings of the SF Human Rights Commission - an organization like the Bayview Coordinating Council formed in the 1960s. 

These are the folks that sold out our community - this signing by the Under-Secretary of the U.S. Navy - the other leaders will know to you all Willie L. Brown Jr., Diane Feinstein, now suffering from dementia, and Nancy Pelosi - who should step down - but wants to represent - not so much to help us - but fill her coffers.

Why would Amos Brown talk about a young mule and an old mule - allowed to speak about reparations. The present leaders are fake - and while the leaders of the past - acted and made qualified changes - the current leaders talk the talk - but there is no walk. Why would anyone go to Bogota, Colombia, to visit the HOOTERS, miss an announced reparations meeting, and pretend to be all consumed with reparations in San Francisco?

We are watching you all like a hawk. Stop hoodwinking the public - using taxpayers' money - and think that you can always fool all the people. If you plant a rotten seed - you will reap nothing much.

We honor Aunty Bea - for serving the community - those who know her will never forget her - we honor those who do right - their hearts in the right place. She served everyone - at Bayview Hunters Point and did it gracefully. 

Rudolph Dwayne Jones hoodwinked everyone - his trial will be interesting - the millions he stashed - and the way he treated the citizens of Bayview Hunters Point - our infants, our children, our youth, our single mothers, our Elders - those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged could have been helped - we want a deep account of the $300 million plus - Community Benefits - driving a Bentley in the East Bay and a bucket in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Pathetic!  

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - I also attended the Budget and Finance committee. Room 250 - the August Chambers - smells of Sulphur - and the many lies told - will haunt those who cheat, lie, and think all is well. Karma!

The utter nonsense that this City and County of San Francisco - tolerates and has no clue how to address and solve - is mind-boggling. 

Some are confounded, perplexed, and confounded - they say they represent - but that is far from the Truth than is known to those who have their heart - in the right place.

We currently have over 35 million square feet of commercial Space vacant. This is the time for the City and County of San Francisco - to buy worthy buildings - and save money over the long run.

Instead, we are pussyfooting with private owners - the private owners trying to hoodwink our City Real Estate - the building situated at 1155 Market Street - the Fox Plaza that long has bled City Hall - with high rents and an environment that does not favor the workers.

Commercial Space is cheap today in San Francisco - and Artificial Intelligence entities are buying affordable - commercial Space.

Here comes the SF Real Estate Office - failing to do a thorough needs assessment and, with that, the role of the SF City Budget Analyst - who also is fast asleep in the cockpit.  

Another subject was the promotions and the state of affairs prevailing at the San Francisco Police Department.

Before addressing promotions - we must address why 900 Police officers are doing the work of 2000 - and why no one is paying attention to the quality of life issues.

Who is monitoring the personnel who can do the work - with less stress and rampant issues of drugs on our street, shootings and killings,  Fentanyl deaths galore, car break-ins, thug steal left, right and center -  the Mayor, London Breed - singing the blues.

The break-ins of homes, businesses -  and cars break-ins warranted a hearing that will be held today at SF City Hall - today, September 21, 2023.

Hopefully - law enforcement will partner with others - including the citizens, to find - solutions that matter.

We can bring about change, and we must keep the fucking politicians out - they hog, they lie, they cheat, they bluff, and they say they want to represent. 

Once we checkmated them - today, we need the balls to do the same. Time is running out.

San Franciscans are fed up with the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

We love our City and the County of San Francisco; we must stand up for what is right.

There is fair play and justice - when one muddies the water - that is not good - no one should swim in the cesspool - let the politicians do that - one by one, they will be indicted - he laughs best who laughs last. 

Some 25 years in earnest, we gathered empirical data and tried to help the SF Controller - he gave the information - lock, stock, and barrel to the former SF City Attorney.

It took the Federal Bureau of Investigation to come in and follow the money. 

Many have BLOOD on their hands - stay away from them - it may be difficult at first - but with time - you will shed light - where there is abject - darkness. 


Sunday, September 17, 2023



Sean Elsbernd has been at SF City Hall - wasting his time - making decisions that have taken our once great city - the City and County of San Francisco - down the drain - into the cesspool of his own making - he will drown in it - and leave NO - legacy.

As difficult as it is to say " San Francisco has gone to the hogs " - it has and in a big way.

The Chief Advisor to the Mayor, London Breed - owes his allegiance to the MACHINE.

The MACHINE is Lucifer itself and its den of thieves - they have no mercy, no empathy, no concern - about the poor and the indigent - they only care about those - evil to the core - who wheel and deal - and have taken our values - linked to Saint Francisco of Assisi - and trashed the values and cast them in the dust pin - of the disgraced.


There is a new word, " BIPPING " - stealing, looting, grabbing, home, business, car break-ins - and the idiots at SF City Hall - room 200 cannot do much - except blame others.

We are supposed to have an SF Police Force of 2000 - in reality, we have around 900, and these members of our SF Police Department - are burned out and nonchalant - the morale is lost - and what was once a City and County of San Francisco - and got some admiration - today -  no one in their right mind - cares about San Francisco.

Daily, the business, car, and home break-ins are so many that many do not care to call the SF Police Department.

The Dispatch Center will tell you that they cannot guarantee when the SF Police officers will arrive to take a report.

The head of our Department of Emergency Department - for starters, we do not have a single helicopter - and recently, an attempt has been made to restore the sirens that once were working and then shut off. The SF Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin fought to bring the Emergency Sirens back. The Maui fire - inspired Aaron Peskin to do this.

The Dispatch Center is broke - and the head of this department, MaryEllen Carroll, should be ashamed of herself. 

The Mayor London Breed should have fired her a long time ago - but this good-for-nothing individual has no experience and honestly does not know how to address any emergency situation is an oxymoron.

Where do we find and tolerate such jerks - who repeatedly have failed us - are we waiting for the Big One to strike us - and then, as usual, make excuses.

Juliet Ellis, the former Assistant General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission and Chief Strategist ( a title she gave herself ), stole, cheated, doled, and has yet to be charged and indicted - wasting millions of dollars - all SF taxpayers' money. Time to wipe that smile from the ugly face.

Mayor London Breed - corrupt to the hilt. 

Rudolf Dwayne Jones - a transplant from Los Angeles - how did this scumbag steal millions and deprive our infants, our children, our youth, our beloved Elders, those with compromised health -  more the mentally and physically challenged.

For over twenty-one years, Dwayne Jones, head of RDJ Enterprises, acted as the go-between  - pandering to the wishes of the former Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom, Ed Lee, and, of course, our present good-for-nothing Mayor, London Breed.

Why do we in the Bayview Hunters Point permit thugs to enter the community and do as they please?

Where are the OGs with balls - why did they choose to take bribes from Dwayne Jones and harm the community?

In the last twenty years, over $400 million of Community Benefits have not trickled down to the community - thugs have chosen to take the money and use it as they please.

No one has had the balls to call them out - and now, at last - everyone is saying - " wow - I did not know Dwayne Jones was that bad" - he is indeed a scumbag of the worst order.

Driving a Bentley in the East Bay and a Honda bucket in the Bayview - managing rogue businesses the likes of Urban Equity Group, Urban Ed Academy for young boys, and, of course, Dwayne's own business - at the top of the very corrupt chainlink - RDJ Enterprise.

The folks in District 10 have been hoodwinked in broad daylight.

Dwayne Jones also created the Consortium For Equitable Partnership at 1485 Bayshore in San Francisco. 

The same office was once operated by Calvin Hayes, who acted as the point person for past Mayors of San Francisco - helping the community.  Calvin Hayes would not allow a scumbag like Dwayne Jones to tarnish his name and work - working hard for the community of Bayview Hunters Point.

Here is one article by Susan Dyer Reynolds - she deserves our thanks forever - for taking a stand and speaking Truth to Power:

The Editor of the Marina Times, Susan Dyer Reynolds (now retired)  -  joined other journalists - and put a lot of thorough investigative reporting to expose Dwayne Jones, Harlan and Naomi Kelly, Juliet Ellis - and several other crooks who harmed our City and County of San Francisco.  

Why do we tolerate the utter corruption from those who can do right but choose with intent to do - wrong?  

The former editor of Marina Times - Susan Dyer Reynolds, took the lead, followed by others - however, having followed the corruption for over 40 years - I will vote for Susan Dyer Reynolds - the Joan of Arc - award.

These sordid thugs must pay for their evil deeds - make no bones about this utter nonsense. They have the blood of innocent infants, children, youth, young adults, our beloved Elders, and those with compromised health.

At this time, I want to honor the many Black grandmothers who went unsung and took care of the infants and children with whatever they had.

Millions of dollars - taxpayers' money was available to help the community a thousand times over - but the sordid crooks, like Juliet Ellis, Harlan Kelly, Dwayne Jones,  and others - with intent chose to do wrong and must be brought to book.

SF Police Chief - Scott Williams - could have brought some of these thugs to book - he tolerated their nonsense - even today - he could initiate the nonsense - wheeling and dealing going on in District 10 - if the Federal Bureau of Investigation knows about it - he knows about it he and so does his lackey Diane Aroche.

Each of these characters sold he Bayview Hunters Point - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be clean to Residential Standard - let this be clear to those who want to build homes on very contaminated ground. The signing of Parcel A - linked to the Shipyard - many condominiums bought by the Communist Chinese - leading the pack - all those you see here. One shakes like the reed blowing any which way - another - senile - Karma!

Dwayne Jone and his failed enterprise of sorts - Communities Of Opportunity - Change Starts Here - said Rudolf Dwayne Jones - time to put a red ball on his nose. Hoodwinked the community and wasted over $3 million - taxpayers money.

For all the talk about affordable housing - no housing for those making under $80,000. It has become too expensive to build in San Francisco - 60% of the construction workers have NO work - those that find work are from outside San Francisco- we have NO compliance - and for all the talk - NO walk. The San Francisco - Contract Monitoring Division - a JOKE.

These characters have used the community - and filled their coffers - none of them should be in office - corrupt and sordid to the hilt.

We have over 38 million square feet of commercial space vacant - this does not bore well for San Francisco - and the more we see Mayor London Breed - barking up the wrong tree - the more we will see the spiraling of San Francisco - those that created this cesspool will drown in it - makes no bones about this fact.