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Wednesday, November 30, 2022



The United Nations was formed, and the Charter was signed here in San Francisco.

Today the United Nations Plaza, once visited by millions for many years - is unkempt.

The man - addicts from all over the place - and some paid folks called " practitioners " - pretending to create some semblance of sorts. What these folks do is anyone's guess.

A site that encouraged folks to come and use drugs - their fix - in a supposedly clean environment - drew thousands from far and wide - and messed up the United Nation Plaza.

A quarter-mile radius - around the United Nations Plaza - to this day - poses a problem - for law enforcement - and constituents who live in the area - and around United Nations Plaza - in San Francisco.

The brand new Whole Foods close to Trinity Plaza on 7th and Market Street in San Francisco - has been invaded by addicts - who steal, use the brand new toilets and leave them filthy.

Is this the way we treat our business community - who is in charge of this utter - nonsense?

We used to love to go to the Farmers' Market held every Wednesday - and Sunday - we have been denied these services, and with it - the quality of life issues have been compromised. 

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - as part of their representation, has failed us all - San Franciscans. 

The deliberation at the SF BOS is drab and long drawn out - each vying with the other - spewing diatribe and toxic hot air.

Drug dealing - assaults - the cartels rule the area - and then you have the Chinese - they set up a flea market - selling free goods they gather all over the City - given to them - as part of food security - comprising quality of life issues - food product laid on the dirty ground - surrounded by filth.

Positive Resource Center has been having problems since 2017. 

It managed to get funds all these years until recently when it was questioned about its Budget before the Budget Committee.

Brett Andrews, the CEO, was forced to tell the truth - Positive Resource Center could not continue its operations. It has no money to make the payroll.

The same matter came before the SF Health Commission - the Commission assuring the public - there were some problems - but all would soon be under control.

In the interim, the SF Budget Committee under Supervisor Hillary Ronnen - released $200,000 to meet urgent payroll - while the entire operations - would be reorganized - some leeway given to the workers. 

Brett Andrews has taken leave for three months. 

He promises he will return - hopefully, rejuvenated to offer his service to help those who most need help.

As things stand, Positive Resource Center - is in jeopardy - HealthRight360 and some other entities - in the wellness business - taking on the responsibilities of the defunct - entity.

This is how the United Nations Plaza looked clean and a joy to be around the place - now filthy, stinky, and for those who care - disgusting to behold - nauseating.

I request Matt Dorsey and Rafael Mandelman to protect our vulnerable population. 

If confirmed, we will get a new Attorney General for Northern California - Attorney Ismail Ramsey.

There is an unfished business that needs to be addressed. 

Several SF City officials are going to be investigated - some are jumping ship - they will be called back - there is no way these few scum bags can escape.

This store was looted. The Mayor London Breed's response - we will flood the area - with SFPD. Why after the fact? So where were your  Ambassadors and the aged retired former SFPD -not armed - were any of them around - while the looting took place at Union Square and on 5th and Market - Westfield Shopping Center?

For the last ten years and more in the previous 5 years - Cartels - have chosen to target San Francisco.

On any given day - we need folks in Law Enforcement to make a sound needs assessment.

While a vigil was being held in the Castro - linked to an incident on the East Coast - the Cartels took an opportunity - to do as they pleased.

The Mayor has no clue what is happening all over San Francisco. Daily assaults, shootings, killings, filthy streets, too many addicts high on the roads -  the Mayor barking up the wrong tree - every opportunity she gets.

San Francisco City Hall has failed us, taxpayers, on all fronts.

Can you imagine giving the public just one measly minute - to speak - during Public Comment?

San Francisco is going to the hogs.

The SF Board of Supervisors is mandated to represent the people and address quality-of-life issues.

Stop talking about gun violence all over the nation - stop referring to your family members - you are just making a fool of yourself.

Are you telling us that if some thugs come to attack us - we will surrender and fall prey to them? 

If you want to be in that predicament - you do that. Stand in your line - and do what you are supposed to do.

More and more, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is becoming a circus.

Supervisor  Asha Safaii walks around - instead of being in his chair listening to the public at large who pays his salary.

If he feels reckless - he should go outside the August chambers Room 250 - and stay outside - good riddance of bad rubbish.

The man brings nothing sustainable and viable to the discussion, and so does Hillary Ronnen from District 9.

I hope the next SF elections eliminate the many charlatans sitting in those chairs and wasting our time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022



The Chinese are fed up with the draconian lockdowns - for months on end - they are locked in their units - fifteen, twenty, twenty-five - in small rooms - living in hell. 

It has been a long time since we have seen riots in the thousands - Chinese from Beijing and Shanghai - are determined to send a strong message to Xi Jinping - the Chairman of the Community Party - to stop the draconian lockdown - that has been going on for months.

The Communist Party is using COVID as their primary reason - to stop the spread of COVID - but the methods used are primitive.

It does not help that those most vulnerable in China - the Elders - are not vaccinated - the Chinese vaccines are inferior too - and Xi Jinping is bent on having his way - and this time around - he will fail.

A parallel failure is going on in Russia - another one in North Korea. One in Syria - where ever there are despots - and we here in the United States - must be on our guard.

We remember we had one President who was an egoistical maniac -  a third of the Nation follows him - and we must treasure our freedom. 

Our health and the right to save and guard our bodies is our right.

China does not give a damn - and we have seen this with the Uyghurs who are Muslim - Xi Jinping is determined to brainwash them - harvest their organs - demean their women, and more.

Right now, the Chinese military and police are determined to stop the riots - that will not happen - quickly.

Hong Kong is watching the tragedy, and so is Taiwan.

Here in the United States, most do not give a damn - about the riots in China.

Even though Wall Street decided to send a message - the dow jones industrial losing a point and a half - recovering today a little. 

Apple is concerned its factories in China will close for days on end.

 Also, Germany is heavily invested in China - and if their factories close - that will not bore well for the Germans - their economy is already tanking.

The Chinese are losing on many fronts - their real estate is a mess, and their health system spiraling; the Chinese are quick to stop dissent  - while investing trillions in ramping up Chinese Defense - stealing our defense plans - while we are sleeping at the cockpit. 

These Chinese riots are a strong signal for us in the free world to wake up - these autocratic governments - do not believe in freedom - there is a big difference between freedom and license. 

Chairman Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden.

Our Nation today is in a dangerous place - the only firewall we have on alert today - is our military led by General Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley.

On January 6, 2022, our Nation learned not to trust those who should have kept our Capitol Hill operations safe - our representative at bay - away from adverse impacts.

The safety and security at Capitol Hill and other places sacrosanct to our government must be revisited and made bulletproof.

We know the thugs, the racists, those who do not believe in our Constitution, and others who think this land is theirs - when we know the indigenous people were here for over 100,000 years.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

Chief Sitting Bull of the Lakota nation.

Geronimo - Apache

Not long ago - those that speak with a forked tongue did as they pleased. Killed infants, and children, raped women, stole the land - and did not give a damn.

It is a shame many do not study the history of this nation - our schools, colleges, and universities are devoid - of a sound education.

Today we have buffoons who cannot stand their ground - they do not know their own history - they do not know where they came from - they live for the moment.

Seminole - Florida

One of the most despicable morons who lived on this earth - Andrew Jackson - daily you see his mug - on the twenty dollar bill.

President Andrew Jackson was much like a person living today - lying, cheating, stealing, not paying his taxes, favoring deceit - even stealing secrets that should be in the Nation's archives and taking them to Mara - Lago - Florida.

As I mentioned before - one-third of our Nation's population - are fanatics - today, they march in their military fatigues - carry machine guns and other equipment meant for killing and used in war - defying the authorities - and in many States, this conduct is tolerated. 

Our Nation has politicians on both sides Democrats as well as Republicans - who are not educated on issues.

We have them here in San Francisco, too - they have no discipline - run their mouth - spew diatribes - and give us less than a minute when it comes to public comment.

Union Square in San Francisco is a mess - the Westfield on 5th and Market Street was runover - thugs stealing, and those who had come to shop - were terrified.

The Mayor has a salary of $500,000 and has failed San Francisco.

During her entire term, she has been barking up the wrong tree.

The Mayor has hired ambassadors - they get a minimum wage - of around $15 an hour - and they are supposed to live on this meager salary.

Our SF Board of Supervisors is all over the place.

Quality of life issues in San Francisco is nonexistent.

Filthy streets, drugs, and needles everywhere - our stores in downtown San Francisco - are looted.

A brand new Whole Foods at 7th and Market - had to hire security - thugs and addicts came in and helped them to what was on the shelves.

Jailbirds and so-called practitioners are patrolling our streets.

Ambassadors who are not trained to defend themselves - not certified to carry arms - nor can they protect themselves - when attacked.

This is another kind of mayhem in San Francisco - all the time, the Mayor London Breed and her lackeys frolicking and pussyfooting. 

We are a Democracy - slowly but surely - San Francisco - is becoming a place - where anything goes - manners and etiquette - have vanished - hooligans run the government - wasting millions of dollars - taxpayers - money.


Sunday, November 27, 2022



Many of us human beings fail to get educated on issues. We must learn to make a sound - needs assessment.

We tend to generalize when we make statements.

Spew diatribe and think we get away with it.

If anyone is responsible for saving or caring for lives - and has to make that needs assessment and be responsible for the outcome - any such person knows what I am talking about.

President Joe Biden and the egotistical maniac before him - used Qatar to make deals. The treaty with the former President of Afghanistan - who now lives in Afghanistan - was a disaster.

Today thousands and dying - most infants, children, elders, and those with compromised health. This winter will be a disaster - and here in the United States, we have no clue about the situation.

Few of us remember the treaty signed among a chosen few to allow Israel to pussyfoot with Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia - and a few other Arab nations - wheeling and dealing - mainly large sales in arms, jets, ammunition, missiles, and communication equipment - favoring some to deal with Iran.

Do we remember such scenes?

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is an intelligent politician.

Qatar helped the United States - take in Afghan refugees - helped us with translators - made up for our stupid mistakes. Who do you think is responsible for this fiasco? Who initiated a plan with no exit plans worth the salt?

History will record the fiasco at Kabul Airport - the many atrocities committed - the death of thirteen soldiers, mostly U.S. Marines and more.

Afghans were treated like chattel - paradoxically, Afghan translators were left to die in Afghanistan. The United States promised them visas to the United States - and failed to keep their promise.

The United States gives Qatar what it wants - for one reason only - they can afford to pay for the military equipment - including our latest jet fighters and missiles.

It pains me that Yemen infants, children, and elders - had to starve because Qatar, with intent - blocked any food from their port going to Yemen.  

Recently United States Chris Murphy met with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who made a $100 million donation to address food security in Yemen. 

Where there is the will - there is a way? Qatar can do better - someone has to whisper the sweet nothings - in someone's ear.

The United States has failed us, the citizens of the United States - not only the egoistical maniac Donald Trump.

The current Democrats pretend they are doing something - this time around - during the mid-elections - the independents and women helped them win - some.

If only the citizen of the United States - were fully aware - of what else is happening all over the world.

Just like little kids, we grin and laugh - when we enjoy the so-called World Cup - failing to comprehend that over six thousand five hundred lives - mostly poor immigrants - were sacrificed - to build the facilities - linked to the World Cup 2022.

We must go to 2014 and Gorbachev to find out why Ukraine is in the current mess.

When Mikhail Gorbachev was head of Russia -  Great Britain and the United States had no problem - handing over 1600 nuclear missiles belonging to Ukraine to Russia.

We never thought about dealing with a monster like Vladimir Putin.

So we disarmed Ukraine - tied their hands behind - and now we cry - spending billions - to help NATO.

The United States is always messing with countries, and gone are the day when we had someone like President Eisenhower.

Our only saving grace is two Generals, one retired - James Mattis and the other Mark Milley, who today works closed with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

It must bother we have close to a trillion dollars - spent on the war with Russia and Ukraine - helping NATO and doing all the heavy uplifting.

Germany thought they could get all the gas - at a subsidized rate - Germany sold Russian trains - built factories with state-of-the-art operations and facilities. 

Germany showered its best on Russia - and learned nothing much from World War II. 

After World War II - the United States helped Germany, France, Italy - other NATO countries. Yes - we, the United States.

The problem today is that those in our high schools, colleges, and universities have no clue of good history - the digital platform can perform some - but there is nothing like a good, working, rational brain. 

Good experience - good actions - your heart in the right place - give you wisdom.

Each of us has a conscience - the more you fine-tune your conscience, the more you understand - right from wrong.

That is the most essential barometer to attain our goals, timelines short and long - and achieve - excellence.

Let us not live like buffoons - listen to the fanatics - the American political leaders - not educated on issues.

As to the Democrats, they are getting their rewards - there are only so many impeachments one can have as a tool to teach the Republicans a lesson.

No one cannot convert fanatics overnight.

The only way is to build good firewalls. Nip them in the bud.

The paradox is that we could not keep the fanatics away from Capitol Hill.

We may not think much of January 6, 2021 - the world was shocked, and with that one incident - we, the United States, lost respect. 

Today we are pussyfooting with Vladimir Putin - within the first 72 hours - we could have taken him down. His own people were ready to do that for us - we gave the idiot a pass.

Glory to Ukraine

The horror inflicted on the infants, children, youth, Elders, and others in Ukraine will come to haunt us. We are dealing with an educated population - some of the finest minds in the world. 

I have written many articles on Afghanistan and Ukraine.

The atrocities perpetrated on these two nations - are totally uncalled for - we must not use infants, children, and those frail like our Elders - as fodder.

These two wars mentioned above have thrown all our plans linked to climate change, our economy, our relations with China and North Korea, and other mischief makers - all over the place, putting out fires from location to location.

The flag of the United States

We have one flag, the flag above, that two-thirds of our population honor and stand for.

You may not believe one-third of the population are fanatics - they do not believe in our Constitution - law, and order.

These fanatics openly carry the flag for racial hatred - and now openly wear military fatigue - and march - carrying military hardware.

There is freedom and license - abuse of freedom is license.

Why do we tolerate licenses? We must ask this question - more - when we allow an egoistical maniac to run his mouth - spewing lies, hate, and fake news and wanting to run for President?

There are other maniacs out there, too.

They get their money - on a platter - from the United States government.

Turn around and try to play games with the citizens of the United States. One in particular - this is not South Africa.

We must have several plans to deal with China - choke North Korea - keep a lid on Russia.

Give Iran an ultimatum - the Ayatollahs are playing god - and the Iranian women are being raped and killed - the men tortured and killed - hundreds of them - tally thousands. 

All these while - we are watching the World Cup in Qatar.

Wake up, America - we are on Native American land - we need to be aware of this fact. 

The thieves must be aware of this fact - sooner, not later. Aho.



Saturday, November 26, 2022


50 Allied nations met in San Francisco - from April 25, 1945, to June 26, 1945 - resulting in the creation of the United Nations Charter.
On June 26, 1945 - the United Nations Charter - was signed at the San Francisco War Memorial.

After world war II - many nations met in San Francisco - they saw the need -  to bring the world together - and never, ever to shed blood as was shed in World War I - and again in Europe in World War II.

Great Britain got us involved in World War II - Prime Minister Winston Churchill and  President Franklin D. Roosevelt - agreed to halt World War II.  

It helped to have President De Gaulle of France and President Stalin of the Soviet Union - unite to keep Hilter at bay. 

Mussolini from Itlay with his Brown Shirts was kept out - Fascism and Nazism -  did not bore well with the nations - that wanted peace and were fed up with millions of soldiers from the free world dying.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization  (NATO)ATO was created - to keep NATO nations united - if any country attacked a NATO member - the rest would come to its aid. 

The War Memorial Conference - where the United Nations was signed - the Charter is in operation - to this day - five nations - given the power to veto Great Britain, United States, France, China, and Russia.

This is the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco - this area is filthy with drug addicts roaming, and nearby, there is a site - where people use drugs freely.

All over San Francisco - you witness scenes like you see above - on Market Street, all sorts of drug dealing - assaults - too much talk and no action. Quality of Life - compromised.

The World Cup is on - what has it done to help -
millions of human beings dying in Afghanistan, 
Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Pakistan, Ukraine -
you get the picture.

So many nations - came to the World Cup 2022
held in Doha, Qatar - Qatar itself fared poorly -
Qataris walking out - even as their team was losing -
Qatar spent $250 Billion - yes - $250 Billion.

The World Cup held in Doha, Qatar, is the worst ever.

We know Qatar spent over $250 billion to put on a show - that is replete with mistakes -  poor sportspersonship - the FIFA president making a statement - that belied the purpose of the World Cup.

Football or Soccer is not for the faint of heart - from our youth - those who love football - embrace unity, empathy, and most of all, LOVE.

Our United States women were forced to take FIFA and related organizations to court here in the United States. 

FIFA quickly realized that the women had exposed the hypocrisy of FIFA - treating the men differently - disdain for the women.

The gusty American women - took the jackasses to court and won.

Imagine FIF condescending to the women in the United States who attracted more fans - and played a superior form of Soccer or football. 

Winning more championships than the men.

Qataris have doled out billions
billions do not buy respect.

Here in San Francisco, we once had the respect of the entire world.

After the United Nations was created in San Francisco - people flocked to San Francisco - and this continued until the early 1980s.

The world knows about the Hippies - who congregated in large numbers in the 1960s. 

The streets of Haight Ashbury are known the world over  - and even today, in the year 2022 - tourists - love visiting Haight Ashbury when they visit the Bay Area and more of San Francisco. 

San Francisco again - embraced our youth and young adults - who were fed up with the war in Vietnam and many failing to welcome our soldiers in the United States. 

Last I heard, the United States is still a Superpower.
I challenge our nation to be a moral power - fostering -
tenacity, fortitude, empathy, and love.

The Federation Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, was founded in 1904 and is the international governing body of football or Soccer.

FIFA's mission is simple:

Develop the Game, Touch the World, 
Build a Better Future. Wow!

Well, the mission objective may sound pleasing to the ears - it depends on how FIFA has governed itself - if it has touched the hearts of millions - in the appropriate manner.

I often say - we must have our hearts in the right place. Only then can we take others to a better place.

More and more women are playing football and Soccer - and much like the United Nations - FIFA has its work cut out - to embrace all - and use its resources - in a meaningful manner.

It is a fact FIFA was founded in 1904 - has accumulated years of experience  - hopefully, wisdom should come naturally to FIFA and what it stands for.

The divisiveness felt all over the world is unbearable.

We cannot. Allow infants and children to die - in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Kenya, Peru - all over the world.

As human beings, we are all connected - much like football - where there is harmony - as the ball moves to the goal - and it gratifies us when a goal is scored.

We human beings are challenged to address the Carbon Footprint - the United States, Russia, and China - are among the worst polluters. 

It is not right that Sudan, Pakistan, Kenya, and other countries that pollute less - experience fires, hurricanes, flooding - different inclement weather - suffer, and thousands die - all over the world.

Just imagine those suffering - knowing and hearing about the World Cup 2022 - remember - over $250 billion was spent - this is a large amount of money.

We know over 6500 human beings - primarily immigrants died - constructing the many facilities - linked to the Qatar - 2022 World Cup.

Most were declared having heart attacks - allow Qatar not to compensate those who laid their lives - so that so many could enjoy the World Cup - held in Doha, Qatar.

Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

The Emir of Qatar - Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
 must provide some recourses to those that need help most :

   "We must stand united in our fight against Injustice."

I have been listening to Al Jazeera - its motto you rely on Al Jazeera for truth and transparency.

I know the Emir of Qatar will listen to me - as one who has been all over the world, and I have fought for what is right - for over forty years.

I have met Qataris worldwide - and they can do better.

Qatar can reassess what needs to be done - to make the world a better place. Aho

Thursday, November 24, 2022



When the Mexicans dared to murder - Apache Geronimo's wife and three children. His Mother too. This happened in 1851. Our children and youth are not taught this history because shady people are mostly cowards. Hopefully, they will learn more about Geronimo, a great warrior, shaman, and stellar leader.

Geronimo was born in 1829 and led a quiet life until he turned 30 in 1859. We know he led a band to trade for Casa Grandes - when he returned, he had to deal with what he saw his wife, three children, and his beloved Mother - all murdered by the Mexican soldiers.

Geronimo pondered for a long time - he had no weapons; as he considered deeply, he swore that he would kill every Mexican soldier he saw and crossed on his path. He did just that for the next ten years. How could this ever happen?

Geronimo decided to lead a band of 200 Apaches - and for the next ten years - the Mexican soldiers and the United States Army - were all stunned at the prowess of Geronimo.

For reasons best known to the United States Army - they chose to get the Buffalo Soldiers involved in the capture of Geronimo and his followers. They succeeded - military historians will not go there - they take credit for such actions - when it comes to losing the blame on others.

Leading military historians have consistently failed to highlight the Buffalo Soldiers - be it their victories in Libya or Cuba with Theodore Roosevelt - the rough riders.

They left their trademark in the Philippines, Trieste in North Italy, and Europe. 

The Buffalo Soldier patrolled the Southern Borders - all along the Southern Borders - there were many military posts -  many Buffalo soldiers succumbed to diseases, and some died in battle.

As time went on and the military posts - crumbled - the remains of the Buffalo Soldiers were brought to the Presidio of San Francisco - their remains interred - and tombstones placed - each demarcating the units they served. 

The Veterans Cemetery honors the Buffalo Soldiers - while some 500 strong men are acknowledged - to this day, there is no monument to the Buffalo Soldiers.

At one time, the 9th and 10th Calvary made their home at the Presidio of San Francisco - by the Lombard Gate - and closer to El Polin Springs - they had their tents.

The 500 series buildings are now used for other purposes - no installation is maintained as a museum  - to honor the Buffalo Soldiers.

Such is the evil ways - of white trash - who will do anything to erase the true history of the Buffalo Soldiers.

The 10th Calvary was all Black soldiers - who revered Geronimo.

Many a time allowed him to escape and did not want to kill him outright - this bond still remains - where it must be kept to remember the honorable.

Now and then, depicted in some Western Movies - though it is challenging to capture the essence of the situation.





General Nelson Miles summoned Lieutenant Charles Gatewood to Alburquerque in July 1886. LT Charles Gatewood - understood the Apache - and the Apache understood him.

All the same, Geronimo did not trust the U.S. Army - he did give General Nelson Miles a pass of sorts.

General Nelson Miles - ordered the reluctant U.S. Army scouts - familiar with the Apache territory - to find the elusive Geronimo - who hid in the mountains bordering Mexico and the United States.

On March 27, 1886, Geronimo - surrendered to General Crook at Canon de Los Embudos, Sonora, Mexico. This was not a surrender but more allowing the White men - a leeway to do something positive - tongue in cheek.

More like Chief Joseph, Geronimo did not want his people to suffer.
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce - fled to Canada - to save his people. We remember the trail of tears - this history is not taught in our schools, colleges, and universities.

While General Crook played second fiddle - his tactics did not work, and he had to leave the U.S. Army - that is putting it slightly.

General Nelson Miles had enough to General Crook - that name suited him well - his exit was acclaimed by all - more the U.S. Army soldiers - who hated his sordid ways.

While a lot is made of the 4th Calvary, the Buffalo Soldiers - the 10th Calvary- played a crucial role in the surrender of Geronimo.

Good soldiers - more Calvary have respect for each other.

We know that time and time again, the 10th Calvary - all Black soldiers - had an understanding with Geronimo and Geronimo with the Buffalo Soldiers.

The surrender of Geronimo led to his tribe being exiled to Florida and from there to Fort Still in Oklahoma - where Geronimo spent most of his time with his people.

He was a warrior, a shaman, a businessman - he sold buttons he said he had worn, and his signature meant something to many.

To this day, the U.S. Airforce, many a time - will use Geronimo's name - as a code.

Some critical missions - the Airforce cry his name before parachuting - and so on.

I have spent time with live Buffalo Soldiers - learning many facts that have not been recorded in books. 

The fact that the Buffalo Soldiers captured Geronimo - is not revealed - it was not a capture but more of giving himself up - to save his people.

There was trust between the Buffalo Soldiers and Geronimo. 

This trust will not be understood - by those who speak with a forked tongue.

Folks - who invade countries - without cause -  people who are not trusted and are less appreciated.

There was a mutual understanding between all Black Buffalo Soldiers - the 10th Calvary, Geronimo, and the Apache. 

Brigadier General Charles Young posthumously promoted to 
Brigadier General Charles Young - brought tears to all
of us who supported him all these many years -
that to his great-niece - for bringing about this ceremony
and attention to someone who deserved to be a General.

Captain Charles Young headed the 9th Calvary -
posthumously promoted to Brigadier General.

After spending five years at the Presidio of San Francisco - managing the Federal Lands - in Northern California - Sequoia National Park.

Captain Charles Young- used his engineering skills to build roads - and has a monument in place - at Sequoia Nation Park.

Captain Charles Young - the first Black Superintendent of the National Park Service, was appointed in 1903. 

The current National Park Service, formed in 1916, used Captain Charles Young - Standard Operating Procedures - and has failed to give credit where credit is due. 

In 1904 Captain Young became the first Military Attache to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Captain Charles Young served in the Phillippines - he shares his experiences in a Book  - The Military Morale of Nations and Races (1911).

Many Black Buffalo Soldiers remain in the Philippines, marrying the local women from the islands.

This history is known only to those who have traveled widely - continue to think outside the box - and embrace humanity.

From 1912 to 1916 - Colonel Charles Young served as the military attache to Liberia.

After returning to the United States, he served as a squadron commander - tracking Pancho Villa - on the Mexico border.

For sure, he respected Geronimo - he had to deal with the ongoing madness - divide and rule - to steal land and abuse power - he understood more than anyone - the disdain the United States Army had for Blacks - he endured it for a long time. 

Colonel Charles Young - could quickly have been appointed General - but the White haters - would not have the balls to do that.  

Colonel Charles Young distinguished himself a the Battle of Aqua Caliente - in the interim, being promoted to major in 1912 and lieutenant in 1916.

In July 1917 - he was promoted to full Colonel.

In 1921 on a visit to Nigeria - Colonel Charles Young fell ill and died. He was buried in Nigeria - ruled by the British - one year later, his body was brought to the United States - and buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

On November 1, 2021, Colonel Charles Young was honorably and posthumously promoted to Brigadier General. 

This effort was led by the great niece Renotta  Young who began the effort some 50 years ago. Bravo.

Please read this article:

Brigadier General Charles Young and his family.

Ada Young - was born in Oakland, California, on October 30, 1880.

Brigadier General Charles Young taught at Wilberforce, Ohio -Military Sciences and Tactics. His students loved him.

A brilliant teacher - who spoke French and was prolific reading the music sheet. A man of many talents - a scholar and a gentleman.

The Buffalo Soldiers in the hay days - were known as great musicians - including Brigadier General Charles Young.

The Buffalo Soldiers were famous as baseball players.

Some of the best horsemen - they rode their horses - so gallantly that they won the respect of everyone - including the many Native American tribes.

 The Buffalo Soldiers - Music Sheet - composed by Brigadier Charles Young - dedicated to Charles Burroughs - the title -  
" There's a Flag in the Window. "

While the Apache and the Commanche roamed freely - they were harassed by the Mexican Army and defeated every time.

It was the same with the United States Army - who tried their best to use force repeatedly - the United States Army - lost.

General Nelson Miles - knew from experience to respect the warriors - Custer was humiliated by Chief Sitting Bull in battle.

Hower Chief Sitting Bull saw that Custer - was accorded a burial site - as he died as a warrior.

He made sure the Lakota Nation and the warriors understood - that the Lakota Nation - had their own standards and norms.

General Nelson Miles was told about Geronimo - the story about the wind speaking to Geronimo - revealing to Geronimo - no guns would hurt Geronimo.

The Great Spirit would aid Geronimo - his arrows hitting the target - it was also revealed to him - Geronimo would not die on the battlefield.

The 9th Calvary and the Buffalo Soldiers respected Geronimo - they met him several times - and worked out some armistice - more to save lives - the lives of the Apache women and children.

The Buffalo Soldiers - explained to Geronimo - it was best to keep the peace - and save the lives of his people.

Towards this end - the all-black Buffalo Soldiers - aided and abetted - massacre and bloodshed.  

The Presidio of San Francisco - 100 series buildings - built by the Buffalo Soldiers. 


The Veterans' Cemetery - Presidio of San Francisco.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

Chief Sitting Bull - Lakota Nation

Secretary of Defense - Lloyd Austin - time to assess the role of the Buffalo Soldiers - and honor Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph. Let us set the record straight - Custer was defeated by General Siting Bull - General Joseph of the Nez Perce - saved his people - put his people first - General Eisenhower would agree with me - and so would General Mattis and General Mark Milley.  


In recent years General Collin Powell, General Llyod Austin, who is the Secretary of Defense - other Generals - I know many - the list would be long - it is time - we have a monument of Brigadier General Charles Young at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Brigadier General Charles Young meets all the requirements and more. Let us up the notch one more - and give him his well-deserved posthumous title - Brigadier General Charles Young.

Director of the National Park Service - Chuck Sams III

Secretary of Interior - Debbie Harland - could uplift the Native Americans - one way is Federal Recognition - another honoring our Chief and Elders. We need a hearing - let Congress hear the Chiefs and Elders - and be educated on issues.

It is time for the Secretary of Interior and the Director of the National Park Service - to honor the many Chiefs and warriors - many of them gave their lives - and we may live.

It is time West Point - the Department of Defense - the Department of Interior - contact our Universities - to bring about a drastic change - in how we teach history - in our schools, colleges, and universities - institutions that have ample money - but care not to see beyond their noses. 

This land - every square inch - belongs to the indigenous people.

Usually, those who lived the longest on any land are respected and honored.

Not so in the United States - one has just to study the economic wars J.P. Morgan Chase will the railroads,  Andrew Carnegie U.S. Steel, Vanderbilt - the Sherman Antitrust has done some good - but there is more - left.

Today we have Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter sinking - none of these corrupt financial giants - have considered helping the Native Americans.

The same hold good National Baseball Association, the National Football Association, the National Basketball Association - all the sporting moguls - who give a damn about the working - poor.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Only those who have their heart in the right place - can take others to a better place. Aho.

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Brigadier General Charles Young

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we must fight for a monument at the SF Presidio of San Francisco.