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Wednesday, June 29, 2022



Indigenous tribes - here on Turtle Island.

Indigenous people lived here on Turtle Island for over 23,000 years - empirical data - artifacts and human remains - carbonated and more.

There was a time - over 70 million indigenous tribal people lived in peace - here on Turtle Island.

Then the paleface appeared across the Atlantic Ocean - they came to Turtle Island - to seek their fortune and foster greed - to this day - nothing has changed.

Before the palefaces landed on Turtle Island, three were no fences - you fought hand to hand - in battle, both sides used weapons - simple but efficient.

The paleface used gunpowder, lead shots, and guns. The palefaces made treaties with the indigenous people - and broke every one.  

It was common for the Elder to say, " do not trust the paleface; he speaks with a forked tongue. " That forked tongue references the snake - more the viper - but other deadly snakes too.

Chief Joseph - (Heinmot Tooyalakekt) Nez Perce Leader

(1841 - 1904)

In 2022, we forget the injustices meted out to the indigenous people.

The true history linked to Turtle Island - is not taught in the schools and colleges.

Ignorance and arrogance seem to reign rampant all over the land - the United States of America - once sacred, today polluted and contaminated. 

Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka-Iyotanka) Hunkpapa military, religious, and political leader.

(1831 - 1890 )

The trials and tribulation witnessed at the hands of the Whites by the indigenous people - by evil and greedy Whites was unwarranted. To this day - greed is all the Whites care for - and greed will bring about their - demise. Most will fall on their face.

Here are the images of the most well-renowned indigenous leaders.

The notorious President Andrew Jackson adorns the $20 bill - a scumbag of the worst order. Killing indigenous infants and children, raping women, murdering the men in cold blood - removing scalps - burning entire indigenous villages.

Millions of acres - of ancestral lands were stolen - and the indigenous people were taken thousands of miles away - and placed on barren land.

Land - belonging to other tribes - created divisiveness for which the White man is famous today. Pitying one tribe against the other.

Each tribe has its own tent - the design and how it is utilized.

Indigenous mother and child.

Indigenous cradles - to this marveled by many.

Chief Dan George

It is impressive to see the length the pale face and his lackeys have gone to destroy the culture of the indigenous people. 

Removing the children from the villages and taking them to boarding schools to brainwash the children - forcing them to eat food that they disliked - and teach them prayers that made no sense.

We know today - the most promiscuous folks are Whites - their awkward ways -  deep into the Morman and Catholic church - having sex with little girls and boys - and thinking nothing of it.

In like manner, stealing land, killing the indigenous people - often comparing the indigenous to animals - and so on and so forth.

The Department of Interior owes trillions of dollars to the indigenous tribes of Turtle Island, today known as the United States.

There is Karma and simply put - those that stole the land- have already seen what has happened to their families - the history is there to read - and the facts there - to bear in mind.

Culture is essential to the indigenous people.

More and more today in the United States, people realize the harm done to the indigenous people.

The Great Spirit sees it all - and all the theology of the Whites - with all the mandates tarnished by evil ways - will be adjudicated - only by those whose heart is in the right place.

Indigenous elders, women, and men are blessed - and have wisdom - second to none. 

I have met them, and they have spoken to me - and what they mention and say - is not to be repeated.

Life is for the living, not the living dead.

Today indigenous tribes are deep into giving their children the best they can offer.

On the other hand, if we are fully cognizant of the missing indigenous women - too many to count -  we must reinforce our unity and increase our resources to do better. 

Turtle Island is here to stay - Mother Earth - will always be here.

The harm those do is recorded, and those with wisdom know better. Aho.

Monday, June 27, 2022



Large grain silos - Odesa port - most of it rotting - 
while the Middle East, Africa, and other nations could use it 
all suffering from extreme - Food Security.

Mariupol - before the war - today carpet-bombed.

Vladimir Putin - targets civilians, infants, and children; our beloved Elders - crimes against humanity - will suffer much more on this Earth than he has imposed on the innocent in Ukraine.

Early in the Ukraine war - the United States - could have easily provided - long-range artillery firepower to Ukraine. 

The United States instead wanted President Zelinsky to take shelter elsewhere - protected by the United States.

President Zelinsky replied -  "give me ammunition, not a free ride."

Paradoxically we could have saved Mariupol and Odesa, freed the main ports, freed the many ships early on, and delivered much-needed wheat, sunflower cooking oil, and more.

With wheat, sunflower oil, other essential foods, and other essential commodities - the blockade stopped Ukraine's exports to the Middle East, the continent of Africa, and countries worldwide. 

Millions of innocent people are starving, and many countries with some semblance - those with access to food and clean drinking water - know about this. 

Slowly dying - more infants, children, youth, the Elders - those with compromised - health.

Some nations are exhausted from doling out help - and in recent weeks, Ukraine has been caught in a bind. 

The United States has provided over $8 billion in war materials - tanks, ammunition, communication equipment - drones - essential safety gear, and more.

War is not for the faint of heart - and we know for every one Ukraine soldier killed - 50 to 80 Russian soldiers die.

This bloodshed does not affect Vladimir Putin - a monster - that we, the free world, tolerate. Crimes against humanity. Russia should be denied holding any meaningful leadership - treated like a pariah - Nation.

The free world gave Putin a pass in 2014 when he invaded neighboring counties - bullied them - and continues to this day - countries like Crimea, Belarus, and Georgia.

We, the free world, allowed Putin and his thugs - to carry on these blatant atrocities - as he does to this day.

Had we focused on Vladimir Putin, the monster - early on - taken him out.

Besides enduring the atrocities we see today in Ukraine - we could have saved trillions of dollars - today and in the future if some faint type of recovery - takes place.

Before and after - thousands of tanks lay burnt all over Ukraine. Thousands of Russian soldiers dead. Putin does not care - he uses the Russian soldiers as fodder. Putin simply does care - if millions died. No nation leaves their dead - where they lie to rot. Ukraine - abides by Internal laws - the Geneva Convention - not so Putin and his thugs.

Mariupol was a great city - the people were civilized. Today - it has been carpet-bombed, and the world is in shock. 


President Joe Biden is too slow - in stating his international policies - often staying quiet for long durations - then coming out and making statements that make no sense. His Vice President - may smile and laugh like a jackass - this does not help. Kamala Harris has no respect at the higher levels - she lacks international experience and proven leadership.

Glory to Ukraine!

Chief Sitting Bull - he united the Lakota Nations.

 Few remember today how the United States, Britain, France, and others promised Ukraine security and economic held way back in 1996 - and coerced Ukraine to hand over 1900 nuclear missiles to Russia - then known as the Soviet Union.

Much happened in between, but in 2014 - Russia invaded neighboring counties - that kept these countries under control - bullied them, and ordered them to do what Russia mandated these countries to do.

Four months into the current invasion - billions of dollars spent - we, the free world - allow Russia to have free rein and murder thousands of civilians.

Today Rusian wants to give Belarus missiles with nuclear capability and openly is defying the free world.

It has also promised Belarus warplanes armed with nuclear bombs - defying the free world.

The United States is now stating it is ready, but it is not. Had we been prepared and done a thorough needs assessment - we could have taken out Vladimir Putin within three days - after the invasion of Ukraine.

We know where the bastard was hiding - avoiding everyone - even his Generals. His Generals - those that matter - know that Vladamir Putin - is a maniac - much like Adolf Hitler was a maniac - and got rid of his Generals - one of them General Rommell from the Third Reich. 

Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco

Our Nation, the United States of America, is at a crossroads - never, ever seen before. 

One-third of the Nation does not want to abide by the Constitution.

We are now going to war - not a battle - but a war. In November, the results will baffle the Democrats - who talk too much with poor leadership Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. 

The recent decision nullifying Roe v Wade - is something we could have avoided - but we failed to. President Barrack Hussian Obama let us down - badly.

His shadow, President Joe Biden - lives in the past - more the days - when he was in the Senate - and for one thing - that people forget - approved the candidate for the Supreme Court - Thomas Clarence.

Most Americans are not educated on issues - few read, and even fewer cannot do a needs assessment - on pertinent and salient points.

Always making general statements - and listening too much to the Main Media - that most deal with sensationalism and mundane subjects.

The trails of tears and tribulation - the recession is here - food security knocking at our door every day - and there is more - each one now has to defend oneself - do not trust the politician - more those that talk from both sides of their mouth - saturated with corruption - more the Democrats.

When is the last time you acknowledge a leader with wisdom - today, the politicians are busy filling their campaign coffers - lying, cheating, and some jailbirds who have not represented -  when it comes to morals, standards, and spirituality - low on the totem pole.
More here in San Francisco - one of the worse cities in the Nation with filthy streets, hundred dying of addiction, tent cities people living in filth - the Mayor of San Francisco - barking up the wrong tree.

Like Mother Earth, the indigenous woman stands tall and represents the just. Those who did wrong - have to pay the price. It is not for one to say what - the Great Spirit sees it all.

Millions of acres were stolen, and to this day, no compensation. Trillions of dollars accrued by the Department of Interior - no one wants to adjudicate this fact. When asked - to show us the books - the answer was, " there was a big flood, and the books all washed away. " Do not trust those who speak with a forked tongue.

Who will speak for the buffalo?

Saturday, June 25, 2022



United State Supreme Judge - Thomas Clarence.

Here is America; as much as we tout our Constitution - we fail to comprehend the Founding Fathers. The reason is simple - our times are different, and there is nothing more to say - as time goes by - we make progress - we must not go backward.

Our Founding Fathers - had no way of knowing - about today's ploys and machinations.

We may not believe it - right now -  we the people must heed the clarion call - we must now, more than ever - vote - participate in the meaningful deliberations.

Some biased U.S. Supreme Court judges would be pussyfooting with some concepts  - that says something -but it is not fair to the citizens of the United States - women and men.

The privacy right linked to Roe vs Wade may have been stalled - there are other privacy rights that Thomas Clarence - challenges - same-sex marriage, using contraceptives,  our 13th and 14th amendments - the man is losing his mind. 

Some years ago, Thomas Clarence declared, "we should reconsider all of the court's substantive due process precedents including - Crisworld, Lawrence, and Obergefell."

Thomas Clarence was referencing Crisworld linked to contraceptives, Lawrence linked to a same-sex and intimate relationship, and Obergefell - related to gay marriage. 

There are rights protected by the 13th and 14th amendment - Thomas Clarence - wants to go back - and unchallenged the rights of the LGBTQ community - he will fail - miserably.

San Francisco embraces all - we all know it is the home for the LGBTQ community - a haven where we try to provide resources and have representatives who go out of their way - to provide solutions.

The State of California is opening its doors to provide whatever help to those women who need an abortion. 

In fact, it will not cost any women seeking help.

Everyone accepting the help - will be treated well, and clinics and hospitals provide the best services - with standards.

California will lead the way - even as the best attorneys here in San Francisco - will take the matter to Court.

This fight has just begun - and all will be well.

This help is much appreciated by Californians - women, and men who stand in solidarity with those who have chosen to work with Californians and those on the frontlines - valuing human rights.

The best legal minds are busy at work - I started on this project three weeks ago.

Our doctors, nurses, and agencies dealing with abortions - are working and will be helped by the State of California - the Governor, the representative in the California State Assembly, and the California State Senate.

The antiquated U.S. Supreme Court.

If the U.S. Supreme Court justices think that confronting the citizens with statements that attack human rights will intimidate us, citizens are all mistaken. 

Women and men will unite, and the recent decisions made by the United States will be totally wiped off.

In fact, we do not need to argue too much about the situation.

Congress can readily unite and pass a law - favoring a woman's rights and giving every woman the right to protect her body.

Every woman who has an abortion - makes decisions that give her peace of mind and relieve her from undue - stress.

In 2022, trying to restrict anyone from having an abortion - more a woman - who knows her human rights - is totally uncalled for.

Only a woman understands the situation at hand - for the United States Supreme Court - to seek some link in the Constitution - is abhorrent and absolutely - foolish. 

On another note - in Europe, women endure more restrictive rights linked to women's rights and abortion.

For Thomas Clarence to make some drab commentary on adjudications made decades ago - is unbecoming - the man has lost his mind.

We need to keep calm and recollected - even as we plan - to confront and win this fight - more action and less noise. Aho.

Friday, June 24, 2022


The current Supreme Court blew it -  countless women will now be in peril -  more women of color - their precious freedom over their bodies - thrown asunder.

This morning - June 24, 2022, will be a day we all will remember - Roe vs. Wade protected women from having an abortion - a woman making that decision - without any pressure - in no more after being in place and helping - countless women for 50 years. 

Striking down a woman's right - forcing her not to have an abortion - when she chooses to have it - as her constitutional right - defies logic and plain common sense.

Understanding, having empathy, more the inherent right - each and every woman has - and for that matter, men who know that is right to stand by our women - when it comes to such issues - life and death.

When a woman decides what is suitable for her and her body - no one has the right - not the Supreme Court - not anyone.

This issue was discussed a long time ago - 50 years ago - now Roe vs. Wade is no more. Congress could mandate the Roe vs Wade decision by put back on the books - Congress must do this and silence the bigots - once and for all.

Some of us who witnessed the discussion - the debate - the consensus arrived by the then-Supreme Court - that was bipartisan.

We all embraced our Constitution, our nation, and most of all, our women who play a vital role - in the upbringing of our children.

When a woman makes up her mind - to have an abortion - it is not because she takes the issue of abortion - lightly. 

Most women understand this - in today's world, men understand it too.

Most single families have to value and adjudicate for themselves the pros and cons of abortion - and it is left to the woman who makes that critical decision. There should be no outside decision - the Supreme Court or any entity.

All over the nation, women are shocked - now is the time to rally in force and speak truth to power.

Infant mortality is a problematic issue all over this nation and the world.

The Supreme Court has not considered millions of women who have a miscarriage - who are then forced to have an abortion - to empty their womb - the fact that few know - and most ignorant make light of it.

In 2022 no one in their right mind - understands why the United States Supreme Court - would decide to favor the Conservatives - primarily Republicans - and put thousands of women in harm's way.

In California and more in San Francisco - San Franciscans - in considerable measure - will support the women. 

In fact, we will embrace those women who need help - and have made essential preparations to welcome those who most need help.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could have done better. We are now on the battlefield. We must be prepared to help the women who most need help. We must save our energy - using the digital tools - to contain the Supreme Court - that has gone - rogue. The Supreme Court has decided not to be bipartisan, which is wrong.

This five-to-four decision - is too narrow - leaked out some months ago - and today - it has sent shills, and many women and men in their right minds - are confounded and perplexed.

Thirteen States - trigger states - are ready to implement - the recent decision.

Other states that favor abortion will now bear the burden to stand by our women and men - and for the nation's good - do right.

Our nation is divided - most of the harm done to the country - comes from the Republicans - who have decided to divide our nation - and in doing so - with the intent to harm our women.

Democrats could have done better - now we have to deal with other rights, the right to conception. The right to same-sex marriage - these laws convoluted as they come - opens a can of worms. 

President Joe Biden has his work cut out for him.

Mitch O'Connell, the majority leader in Senate - has long been behind the scenes - appointing conservative judges. One by one - putting in place Federal Judges, the current conservative Supreme judges. Mitch O'Connell is the author of this madness - neutralizing bipartisan values that have long existed at the Supreme Court. In Congress - the Senate - of course, the Supreme Court.

San Francisco has been at the forefront regarding all rights - women's rights and their reproductive freedom.

We must conserve our energy to create the correct language - with the best minds in the nation - and force the Supreme Court to realize once and for all - that the people united will not be defeated.

There are many grey areas - say, a father impregnates his daughter. Are we going to say - it is acceptable for the young girl - to deal with the shame - and goes through her pregnancy and term? 

The Constitution does not mention the word abortion, contraceptives, and their use, consensual sex - now the Supreme Court wants to use commentary  - nationalism - to harm women, primarily poor women - and people of color. 

President Joe Biden can now issue Executive orders - to help women who need an abortion. 

These Executive Orders - must be done concertedly - with the best minds - creating legal mandates - that confront the primitive thinking of the current Supreme Court. 

Fair men - men who have taken a stand to bring about the right changes - for humanity.

Now is our time to confront - and shake up the mostly Conservative naysayers.

The current Supreme Court is not in sync with most Americans -  out to do more harm than good. Aho.


Thursday, June 23, 2022


The land belonged to Jose De Noe - some 87 acres - the last alcade of San Francisco - when it belonged to Mexico. Much like the SF General Hospital built to care for San Franciscans - the Almshouse was created for the needy. Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

In recent years the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has failed us - miserably.

The San Francisco Laguna Honda Hospital - known for its skilled nursing abilities - is the only publicly funded -publicly owned skilled nursing facility in the United States of America.

In 1930 - SF Mayor James Rolph helped build the Hospital with a Revival Design - known as Univesity of California Medical School  - caring for the neediest.

In 1963 Laguna Honda Hospital was accredited as a skilled nursing facility.

This was the Revival Design - seen today - alongside the current state-of-the-art building. The old Laguna Honda is not in operation. Current operations - take place in the brand new Hospital. Laguna Hospital - a skilled nursing hospital caring for our Elders - all over the United States.

Some fifteen years ago - the SF General Hospital - took it upon itself, without any public hearing and comment - to move chronic addicts - using Heroin, Meth, Fenathoyl - and other drugs - to Laguna Honda Hospital.

Our SF Board of Supervisors, our SF City Administrator, our SF Controller, our SF City Attorney, and the Directors of the SF Health Department - saw this transfer and knew what they were doing.

With intent - to save the SF General Fund - the crooks above dumped addicts to live and created hell - adversely impacting our beloved Elders. Those above have BLOOD on their hands.

It does not help that the current Mayor London Breed - a heifer - the SF City officials - those funding the many Non-Profit - working with the homeless - addicts - fail to understand the situation.

The once known Almshouse - is now known as - Laguna Honda Hospital.

Laguna Honda hospital - was never meant to treat " chronic adult addicts under 45 years - many of them violent. "

Patrick Monette-Shaw - and advocate - others - have spelled it out in detail - the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans going on at Laguna Honda Hospital.

In San Francisco, we are lucky to have astute and experienced advocates with institutional knowledge who have spoken truth to power about all the nonsense going on at Laguna Honda Hospital. 

Former Directors of SF General Hospital Barbara Gracia, Thomas Aragon, and the current idiot Dr. Grant Colfax - have no clue the harm they are doing to San Francisco.

The current Mayor, London Breed for all her talk - knew what was going on at Laguna Honda Hospital - her own mother was a patient.

The federal government spends over $500 thousand a month - to help operate and maintain a high standard at Laguna Honda Hospital.

The federal government has inspectors who will issue Notice of Violations - stating the failures - that when they happen - Notice of Violations are given.

It is mandatory that the discrepancies are corrected - for some reason, this was not done - again and again - thus the current situation we are in.

Two doctors took it upon themselves to correct the blatant corruption at Laguna Honda Hospital - Doctors Maria Revero and Derek Kerr.

I was present and spoke at the SF Health Commission - to no avail - Dr. Derek Kerr took Laguna Honda authorities to court and won his case.

The SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Controller, the SF Mayors going 20 years ago - the SF City Administrators - the SF City Attorneys all failed.

With intent, each of the entities mentioned above - defrauded the Federal Government. 

Each of them decided it was acceptable to adversely impact our beloved Elders - sent to a skilled nursing facility - to pass their last days -in solace.

Our gratitude as the public - for the service and the contribution to our City and County of San Francisco -  a facility created some 150 years old - to cater to the most - vulnerable.

This is the brand new building that Laguna Honda Hospital operates - the hospital has some hard-working - skilled nurses - the patients love the nurses and doctors.

It is a crying shame - we expect our Elders to enjoy their last days - before they pass the other side.

It is simply wrong to allow drug addicts - more men under 50 years old - addicts who are violent - to prey on the Elders. 

Many Elders are traumatized and this nonsense has been going on since 2009.

We, advocates, are monitoring the situation - we will not allow the evictions to go on - without a fight.