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Saturday, March 6, 2021


 The military must step up - here in San Francisco - and take care of the very poor logistics, too many hurdles - and those in charge of administrating vaccines - using Smithsonian procedures - lack of logistics - and always blaming the software and so on.

This pandemic is here to stay and it has been over a year - since COVID-19 has been in our region taking November 2019 - as the month and year.

By now technically all of our Elders - also known as Seniors - should have been vaccinated. 

We could have used our smaller - master locations where CVS, Walgreens, Pop and Mom Pharmacies - could have done more - and administer more vaccines -  we must remember - keeping sound records - and there is more.

San Francisco failed when it came to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), gloves, sequencing, COVID-19 testing, and Mayor London Breed is always blaming others - time she step down and fade into oblivion.

San Francisco has been lagging - and more of those in charge of COVID-19 testing and Vaccinations - are busy talking and chatting at the locations - where the vaccines are administered - be it at Moscone East, SF General Hospital, City College, the Embarcadero - you name the site. 

All of the above sites lack standard basic logistics.

Essential workers more those working in our restaurants, our Pop and Mom Stores, those working in ware houses stocking essential goods, our Postal Service, MUNI drivers, other drives delivering good and essential needs -  the list goes on and on - Essential Workers left in the dark.

I have taken upon myself to study the situation at hand - and Mayor London Breed and Dr Grant Colfax should be ashamed of themselves and step down. 

Both should STOP their ploys, machinations and shenanigans - h the many drab, long winded Press Conferences - waste of time - with no viable and sustainable information given - they must roll up their selves and act - do the job they supposed to do.

By the way where is Dr Tomas Aragon - why did he leave the SF Health Department after 35 years?

Our mild weather in San Francisco, windy at times - the astute and stellar San Franciscan - have been wearing their MASK for too long and done a good job. 

Most of us maintain hygiene and do all in our power to exercise, eat right, and meditate.

Dirty and filthy tent cities spread all over San Francisco.

San Francisco spends millions on these filthy, stinking, disease infested tent cities - as much as $100 million according to reliable sources.

All sorts of commuter meet - virtual meetings - want money to do more - when all these many years - millions of dollars have be spent - pour good money in a black deep hole - pathetic.

The many tent cities do not help and the congregate situations are getting worse.

It is just a matter of time - we detect variants that are unique to San Francisco. 

What will London Breed have to say - accept to point fingers at others. Much like her kind do - stupid, inept, and for sure spineless.

I have been observant - observing, at the many locations - I have spent time - helping the Elders and others that need help.

Of course I have standards, and have from time to time gone into a situation - and put things on tracks. I do this only if I am asked to do so.

San Francisco does not have a strong platform to register -  be it for COVID-19 testing or vaccination.

Basically -  the information needed is First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Cell or Lan number, and an email to make communication possible.

Again and again the Links sent are not working. This can be very frustrating. To put things even worse - once you register of the twenty of so apps available to register - you receive a lot of messages - and most say - the vaccines are in short supply.

If you send an email sent for help - mostly, a third party will send  you a standard answer - say " some one will get to you " - and no one gets to you.

We know that when the Big One strikes - we all will suffer.

We - could have learned a lot from the Pandemic - and so far - all the City and County of San Francisco - is famous for - is talk, vain talk, diatribe - and those in charge - simply making waves and have little - if no concern for those suffering.

People of color are left in the dark - and left to fend for themselves - all because they are poor and have no connections.

Very poor outreach  - has forced thousands  " people of color " to be left out - in some cases those hubs offering vaccination are overwhelmed - in others - the long lines do not exists. Vaccines have to be turned in - as I said no sound outreach they expect people to come with being informed - and of course NO - outreach.

When it comes to registering oneself - in most cases the links sent - have long written directions.

Describing and stating - how important the link is - which it is. 

Then you start input the basic information. After this it states that you must  " continue " - you reach to a dead end - and you are stalled. All this in our digital world - and in the year 2021.

Imagine the frustration - why cannot be have Non-Profits - help innocent San Franciscans to register.

Even those sponsoring - or those in charge - decide - that they do not want too many to register - linked to supply and demand - of the vaccines. They are at least provide help to register.

When folks are registered is makes it easy for those - at the vaccination hubs.

Walk ins cause a lot of confusion - especially when you have no one to translate - and less those who come - have difficulty - giving the relevant and pertinent - information - required as part of the data.

Many entities - do not want to empathize - have NO compassion - again and again those have connections are squeezed in - and those who have bothered to registered - made to dance the jig.

Hundreds of so called Team Leaders sent from the SF General Hospital, City College, University of California San Francisco -  other hospitals be it Kaiser Permanente - try to do their job - in the midst of utter - confusion.

Kaiser Permanente will send you umpteen notices - none of which help. 

Most Kaiser Permanente members in San Francisco have goy their COVID-19 test on their own - early on from March to December 2020.

Many of got their vaccines also - all Kaiser Permanente does is promise the members - who pay huge premiums - they care about the members - send pressing releases - Kaiser has failed - Kaiser cannot deliver.

Kaiser and the other entities raking in millions - do not have a software where one can use ones First and Last Name - cell number, and email - and find out if one of their members have got the vaccine.

Every one vaccinated - has to fill out a questionnaire that one must  be filled out - this questionnaire - is sent to the Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention.

However locally there seems to be NO Centralized data point - where the best information - can be assessed.

The United States is supposed to be a Super Power and we ought to have standards.

The only entity today that have shown again and again - it can deliver is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Our authorities in San Francisco talk too much - and many of those - who purport they know some - are doing damage  -  the people will tolerate - their nonsense for so much - only.

When they face the IRE of the people it will not be nice.

I guess the frustration - is going to reach a saturation point.

No one should be waiting - for so long - to receive a vaccine - we must acknowledge the Biden Administration has stepped up - and that is good.

The University of California San Francisco has done a very poor job. 

So has Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco General Hospital and the Smithsonian SF Health Commission - out of sync and outdated.

We could recruit college students and others savvy - who need work and will do a good job.

 I was trained as an Incident Management Commander - way back in 1987 - and know what I am talking about.

We have had too many deaths - too many indigent people have died - and we cannot get the tally - State of California laws they say prohibit these scoundrels - from disclosing.

Our Mayor London Breed is busy - barking up the wrong tree - lacking manners also know as etiquette. 

She surrounds herself with crooks - I know many of them - using lifestyle norms - to make a living - while wasting thousands of person hours - gossiping - and wasting millions of tax payers - money.

Essential workers matter - and we must serve them on a War Footing -  anyone can talk the talk - time to walk the walk.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021



Our essential workers are critical when it comes to Quality of Life issues - yet, the determination - how to distribute and more administer the vaccines in San Francisco - has been shoddy to say the least. When it comes to our essential workers.

We just cannot be blaming other and pointing fingers - hundreds of essential workers have died - when they could have been saved. Paradoxically these essential workers - laid their lives - because they died in servicing the fellow men and women.

Mayor London Breed lacks leadership and talks too much.

London Breed always barking up the wrong tree - lacking leadership has failed San Franciscans on many levels.

She has failed on the rampant increase of the homeless face inclement weather - so many have died - we cannot get a real count of the homeless dead.

This past year - besides the thousands who have been dying all over California - and hundreds here in San Francisco - we have hundreds dying of over doze of drugs - on the streets of San Francisco.

The Mayor for all her talk - does not have a plan.

Millions of dollars are given to so called Non-Profits who are raking in thousands and fill their own pockets. 

They have a model that suits them first and the victims - that should be saving and helping - last.

In the middle of the pandemic these so called Non-Profits are asking for more money - millions - to serve the indigents and the poor. They are not ashamed to poor millions down the black hole - wasting tax payers money. When will they learn.

Down Town San Francisco looks like a War Zone.

Graffiti all over the place -  Tourists have had too many bad experiences - and this one fact does not shame the authorities in San Francisco - more the Mayor and Chief of Police.

The City and County of San Francisco have more than 33,000 on their pay roll - who come under the jurisdiction of the City Administer - the new one - Carmen Chu.

Most of the 33,000 City and County of San Francisco - essential workers have been given a " pink slip " - many will loose their jobs - and there has been NO meaningful hearing - on these subject.

In the middle of the pandemic the Mayor London Breed who lacks sound leadership and has made many mistakes - telling us to wear our mask and stay at home. She and her buddies - attending a dinner at the French Laundry Restaurant - congregating - and doing the opposite.

Mayor London Breed giving herself a raise - she now makes over $400,000 plus benefits - has no clue how many essential workers - are suffering. 

The essential workers - had to visit her home - and lay down on the road outside her apartment - to protests and  show their utter disappointment - when Mayor London Breed - refused to compensate the essential workers - a little - dip into funds belonging to the essential workers - from the General Fund.

Years earlier the essential workers to help the City and County of San Francisco - gave up their pay increase - saving the City and County of San Francisco - $50 million.

Most  essential workers - have No respect for Mayor London Breed. Most San Francisco who are knowledgable have no respect for Mayor London Breed. She lack manners and has NO etiquette.

San Franciscans demand testing and sequencing.

San Francisco demand testing and sequencing - soon we will witness her variants ravaging our great City and County of San Francisco.

For all the talk after Dr Tomas Aragon left San Francisco Health Department - most everything now - is in disarray. The side kick who is always playing second fiddle to Mayor London Breed - has no clue what is happening - again and again -  Dr Grant Colfax keeps making excuses.

We are in a pandemic - and after more than a year - we do not have sound Blue Print - to address our citizens and more our essential workers.

It is the same with our SF Board of Supervisor - who have long drawn " virtual meetings "  - patting they behinds -  heading the SF Board of Supervisors - a jail bird.

Our essential workers need to be vaccinated on a war footing - certain days set aside only for essential workers - the various categories of essential workers - spelled out - so that all the many location with varied leadership and directives - are all on the same page.

Our essential workers are more valued than the Mayor London Breed and her lackeys. For that matter the SF Board of Supervisors - who talk too much - and give the public a measly two minutes during public comment.

The long drawn out diatribe of the SF Board of Supervisor - more - during this pandemic - is pathetic. The poor fools think - they can fool all the people all the time. Go Figure.

Monday, March 1, 2021



Chief Sitting Bull
ca. 1831-1890

Chief Sitting Bull who united the Lakota Nations - he spoke Truth to power - and to this day - is honored as a Chief who had Wisdom.

He was well known by all his people and those who dared to fight him and his people as a Hunkpapa military, religious, and political leader.

He defeated the U.S. troops in the battle of Little Bighorn.

We visited his land to stand shoulder to shoulder with thousands at Camp Oceti Sakowin - we saw the many atrocities committed - and we will remember.

Today the present administration has stalled that sordid pipeline bringing the worst type of petroleum - from Canada to the United States - today we who took a stand - rejoice with the present administration - all the same we must be vigilant.

Today the confusion prevailing in the House and Senate is as confusing as they can be - those in Congress and the Senate - not all - but most who speak with a " forked tongue " - say one thing and mean another.

We are in a pandemic and the most vulnerable are people of color - our indigenous people - those poor and indigent - who still are looked with disdain. 

This utter nonsense must STOP.

This virus could have been nipped in the bud - but it was not. We have an egoistical maniac who thought when the Sun came out - the virus would disappear - and must be held accountable for the over 521,026 deaths and 29,060,600 who have come down with the COVID-19 virus.

Innocent indigenous people are most vulnerable - more because live and foster a congregate situation - too many living in close proximity - and when one factors in - lack of hygiene.

No - sound drinking water - pollution and contamination - of the air - all these conditions - coupled with " food security " and no sound health care - we have a situation that leads to disaster. 

Chief Joseph (Heinmot Tooyalakekt)
Nez Perce Leader

Chief Joseph fought those that tried to subdue his people - when the United States used superior forces with superior arms and ammunition - Chief Joseph led his people and crossed the border to Canada.

Again and again he always put his people before his own health -which took a heavy toll on Chief Joseph's - when many of his 300 warriors died fighting bravely - he took the 500 women and children, the aged - to a save place.

Pursued by the U.S Troops - 40 miles short of the Canadian border  border -  Chief Joseph surrender was held prisoner in Kansas - where five of his children died of diseases - that he and his tribe were not immune from.

Chief Joseph was not permitted to return to his homeland - he died in 1904 at the Colville Reservation in Washington, State.

Indigenous people in the United States are vulnerable - and most do have sound health care. 

Even as so many are dying - we must be vigilant - and do our own research. Daily thousands are dying - LatinX, Black, Native Americans, others - mostly people of color.

We read about the disparities - more, the number of indigenous people who are dying. 

Most are dying because they did not receive the vaccination. 

The mRNA technology that produces the recent vaccines that are distributed - is technology that can help us - a far cry from other vaccines from the past - and this new technology started some ten years ago.  

In years past - vaccines were created after a pandemic - after a break out of measles - after a break out of polio - I took an interest in all that I have mentioned - because I was a victim of poliomyelitis - short form POLIO.

Dr Salk who created the polio vaccine also created the flu vaccine. He was asked by many to trade mark his creations and make money - he refused.  He once said " what if you were asked to pay for the sun that you enjoy ".

Indigenous people have been slow to understand the fundamentals of the vaccines and the COVID-19 virus - that from the beginning was spoken of with disdain for the Chinese, called the Wu Han virus, and other misleading - disinformation that suited the best interest of the man we got rid of from the White House.

Today more and more indigenous people are fully aware of the basics - but there is more to the situation. It takes a long time to recover from COVID-19 - loss of taste, weakened muscles, headaches one of kind - and just listening to the victims - is mind boggling.

We do not know how to handle the many " variants " - the English Variant, the South African Variant, the New York Variant, the Los Angeles Variant, the Brazilian Variant - and so on.

One factor that serves as well are the vaccines - all of them deter us from fall prey to the COVID-19 - giving us time to heal - and in large measure - fewer people to hospital - the vaccines are a kind of - " fire-wall ".

All this and more is convoluted to those that are not interested in science and the empirical data - that is critical to under the pandemic and its many nuances.

Paradoxically the Insurance Companies - for the first time - have realized they have failed us all - raking in billions - with increased insurance premiums.

When the COVID-19 cases inundated the hospitals - when there where no beds - when there were lack of respirators - when there were NO vaccines to be held - the insurance companies - had nothing to say.

Then the Insurance companies -  sought to seek those that hoard gloves, swabs, personal protective equipment - always seeking other ways - to make money.

The entire Insurance business must be investigated and those that milk the system - must be sent to jail - for preying on those that pay their premiums - and when they need help most - cannot find any solace and peace of mind.

We - in the United States have NO health care system - worth the salt. What we have is a sordid Health Market System - that favors the Insurance Companies - acting like some Drug Cartels or the Mafia.

This is a golden opportunity to get to the operations of the many crooked and corrupt Insurance Companies - using ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - to cheat, steal, lie, deceive, and milk innocent people - with NO empathy and for sure NO compassion.

Scumbags of a kind - their ilk has been know for generation to gravitate towards money - dirty money - they always seeking a pound of flesh - to make all the money - they can grab - GREED.

The U.S. Government must mandated the Insurance Companies to pay for part of the billions spent on vaccines and related paraphernalia - gloves, needles, masks, PPE, vaccines, respirators - you get the picture.

If they do not pay - they must be find - $10,000 a day - or they can shut down their businesses. We do not want such sharks that prey on those that cannot defend themselves.

Insurance companies by a  large measure are an anathema.

Our so called Health Maintenance Organizations - as the title states - traded us like chattel -  Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente , Athena, other so called Health Maintenance Organization - have failed us - and must be held accountable.

It is time we have a Health System that is holistic where doctors, nurses, janitors, social workers, medical technicians, radiologists, the many others who work in our hospitals - and treated as true essential workers.

So many of these essential workers were put in harms way and died - they must be compensated. The money can and must be got from the crooked and corrupt Insurance Companies.

We must also look into the large Pharmaceutical Companies - those that make drugs and distribute drugs - vulnerable people take them - get hooked - and thousands have died. 

Now and then we hear some Pharmaceutical Company taken to Court and fined - but we have more to do - too many very corrupt Pharmaceutical Companies raking in billions - and in some cases trillions.

We the tax payers will have to pay for the vaccines - money was given in the billions - for those who brought forth the vaccines - the Moderna, the Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, others - all stand to make trillions - money first - and less empathy and compassion.

Few know that worldwide the poor and the indigent are dying - because it will take years for these poor nations to have a situation where they have " herd immunity ". 

Millions will die - and most will not know - how they died.

Here in the United States we know that thousands have died - most died alone.

None - of their loved ones were there - and in many cases - the bodes incinerated - and the ashes - given to the love ones.

This ritual that all of us take for granted - being at the bed side of our loved one.  Having a funeral and a repast - giving the spirit a farewell - so that that soul may Rest In Peace.

We have had No time to ponder - because we are all in shock - traumatized - few have the time to learn the spiritual aspects - our loved ones gone - without a decent burial - no farewell where the soul - that deserves the best - is left to fade into oblivion.

The Great Spirit sees it all. Aho.

Sunday, February 28, 2021



Again and again crooks are guiding how to win a bid  - any prime contractor or sub-contractor favored by SF Public Utilities Commission - are provided the answers as the appear for the Selection  - we advocates have brought this corruption to the attention of the SF Public Utilities Commission - the Commission seems not to care - they will fall flat on their face.

March 3, 2021 at 10:30 am we have an agenda item coming before the Budget and Finance Committee. SF Board of Supervisor Matt Haney, Asha Safai, and Gordon - will hear Agenda 2 #200934.

HDR Engineering, Inc - is requesting an increase in its agreement linked to the Headworks Facility Project - an increase amounting to $10 million for a total not to exceed an amount $27 million. 

More with a time extension of one year - for a total term of 7 years subject to the Board of Supervisors approval pursuant to Charter, Section  9.118. (Public Utilities Commission).

Learn more about HDR Engineering which has a cozy relationship with Harlan Kelly,  Juliet Ellies, and Julie Labonte.

Read this interim - independent - audit :

Julie Labonte - now works for HDR use to work for  San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - went to work for AECOM and receive a $500,000 bonus - and more now from HDR.

Learn more about HDR and Juliet Labonte : 

Technically HDR Engineering, Inc has failed to comply with certain rules and regulations - mandates laid by the City and County of San Francisco.

There are several loop holes that must be filled - one acting as a conduit - to make money for oneself - here in terms of getting bonus - large sum of money $500,000 - as was the case when Julie Labonte left AECOM after giving them access to information  - aiding and abetting - wheeling and dealing.

It is totally wrong to pay large amounts of money to some one who has deep dark connection with SF Public Utilities Commission - such as someone like Julie Labonte. Her enablers Harlan Kelly and Juliet Ellis. Now may be the Acting General Manager - who has replaced Harlan Kelly.

Julie Labonte has provided deep assistance to AECOM and took a $500,000 bonus. This has also been the case with HDR - pay to play. 

Such nuances are not known to most - more, our SF Board of Supervisors - who have been rubber stamping - projects.

In this case HDR Engineering has a $17 million  project -  has asked for $10 million more - bring the total if approved to $27 million.

For sure HDR Engineering and will come for more and more - that has been the trend of corrupt entities of which HDR is one.

If - one, truly understands - how things operate on this particular project - the Headworks - with other sub contractors - and the influence of Julie Labonte

We have SFPUC staff who can follow specs and the plans - making sure any qualified and vetted contractor - follows the requirements.

An amount and amendment to the contract of $10 million and more - technically, has to come before the SF Board of Supervisors. 

Mostly - the SF Board of Supervisors - hear the issue - and approve the amount.

Many - a time - not even making a comment - less questioning the issues at hand - with the exception of Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

Are the SF Board of Supervisors really representing us all?

One must listening the " virtual meetings " - pathetic - and a waste of time. 

No one seems to be listening to the Public Comment - a measly two minutes given - the communication system is disarray.

In recent years - some entities have spent the amount - more than $10 million and then brought the matter to the SF Board of Supervisors - the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

As I mentioned only one Supervisor has the guts to ask the right questions - and that is Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

Juliet Ellis and Harlan Kelly - do not work for the SF Public Utilities anymore - but the evil seeds they have planted - still haunt everything they have touched. Both, have had deep connection with HDR Engineering and Julie Labonte who once worked for SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Sewer System Improvement Project asked the tax payers a sum of $6 billion ( yes 6 billion ). Now it has reached $12 billion and before you know it - it will be $20 billion. Why?

A general lay out of the Headworks Structure -  the $6 Billion Sewer System Improvement Project of which 
the Headworks is just one part - has now reach $12 Billion - all tax payers money - is assumed to reach $20 Billion - who is hood winking whom?

HDR had engaged Juliet Labonte as a conduit much as AECOM and others have done. 

We know that Julie Labonte received $500,000 bonus beside her regular salary during the 3 year contract.

How much has she agreed to be paid -  bonus, this time around - with HDR Engineering - is a question that we want to know?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has looked into the many Consultants the likes of Susan Leal, Dwayne Jones, and Julie Labonte and others.

These consultants all have worked for SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department  - that think they are NOT subject to ethics, standards and morals.

These consultants have offices at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - and when Juliet Ellis and Harlan Kelly were working ( both have since resigned linked to corruption cases ) - these consultant were given access to anything and everything.

Other employees such as Masood Ordikhani, a consultant Dwayne Jones who works for AECOM -  are raking in million - linked to our Community Benefits. Why?

Using Covid-19 as a ploy - the upper echelon of the SF Public Utilities Commission -  have hired consultants - all of them corrupt.

Every single consultant were deeply connected with Juliet Ellis and Harlan Kelly. 

The SF employees need work and these consultants have NO experience and more love to take junkets, spend money on mundane things - and have been having a gala time all this time.

Harvey Rose's office initiated an audit - nothing much has come from that audit. 

We want know more about the $300 million - linked to Community Benefits. We the tax payers want accountability - linked to the $300 million dollars - and have yet to review an audit that makes sense.

We have SF Public Utilities staff - who are fed up with the consultants - with the exception of the Project Manager who worked for Juliet Ellis - is now the Project Manger of the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant - a job he took after Karen Kubick left. 

This corrupt man - has been giving many contracts to his former company he worked before - the fox guarding the chicken coop. 

Right at the top of his article - is a clear diagram that spells out the details - for the SF Board of Supervisors who cannot do the heavy lifting.

We know who the crooks are - the Federal Bureau of Investigation knows who the crooks are -and how they are hood winking the tax payers in broad daylight. 

What is our SF City Attorney and our SF Controller doing about the sad state of affairs? Nothing!

How can they sleep every night - when millions are wasted - tax payers money?

Wheeling and dealing - is inherent - how SF Public Utilities Commission does business - using tax payers money - when
will it STOP? 

The virtual meetings held - are devoid of transparency and accountability. 

The meetings are drab, too much diatribe, the SF Board of Supervisors have no clue - what really is happening.

HDR Engineering - starting a project -  at $17 million - now asking for $10 million more - for a total sum of $27 million. Soon - it will be $20 million - I guarantee you.

If some of us can figure our these ploys, machinations and shenanigans why cannot the City Attorney Dennis Herrera?

Why cannot Ben Rosenfield the Controller do something about it?

Why cannot our Ethics Commission - who are kicking the can down the street.

Some of us have been attending the virtual meetings held by the SF Public Utilities Commission.

At the last virtual meeting - we the tax payers had to remind the SF Public Utilities Commission they are not doing their job.

One Commissioner use the F word - than - has the audacity to order the Secretary of the SF Public Commission - to remind the public to be civil.

The public is civil - time to time - the nonsense we hear is over bearing - and some of us have got angry - but have never used the F bomb - one SFPUC Commissioner did and we have a tape to verify the fact.

The corruption at the SF Public Utilities today - is worse - and the blatant corruption has reached saturation point.

Here is the Budget and Finance agenda - March 3, 2021 - at 10:30 am - it will be a virtual meeting. Stop the corruption - stand tall and represent :

Read this independent audit - kicking the can down the street:

Friday, February 26, 2021


 San Francisco City College has touched thousands of students - here at home and all over the world. 

The home of the Black Students Union, the Ethnic Studies, offering one of a kind courses Media, Dance, Nursing,  Photography, Culinary Studies, Automotive Repairing, Criminology - you get the picture.

Much like the current COVID-19 pandemic that has so many adverse impacts - vaccines are created to keep the pandemic at bay - with much success. 

At San Francisco City College - there is another type of pandemic - that has sent shills down the spine of those that need help most. 

The confusion prevailing at SF City Hall - and the Board of Trustees the Chancellor confused, confounded, and most of all astounded.

Right now everyone knows - SF City College - is facing a tsunami - so many problems and the most important issue - smashing its sordid face - 25% have moved away.

The man in charge of finances - has a grip on the situation - he says - but no one wants to "trust him " - the Chancellor has lackeys - pandering to him - these lackeys attend the SF City College Trustee Board - and add fire to fuel.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

No sound entity waits at the last moment - the eleventh hour - to shout out - the house is on fire - its fiduciary responsibilities thrown asunder - pulling their teeth and hair - and finding themselves drowning slowly but surely - in the cesspool of their own creation.

Some years ago we found out some entity with roots in Texas trying to take over SF City College. Creating a situation by first attacking the very soul of the SF City College.

Lighting hit SF City College when the State of California Accreditation Commission that controls the Community Colleges and Jr. Colleges - informed SF City College - their accreditation status - was in need of repair - a Notice of Violation issued - and most everyone was stunned.

The Student Representative was attacked for speaking Truth to Power and trying her best to represent the students at large. Asking how this Accreditation came about and what would happen to so many students - who were fleeing SF City College? 

The SF City College - Board of Trustees - were paralyzed - and amidst all the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - some of us advocates - had to quickly - set aside our own projects - and join the students from SF City College - who were is dire straits to help them out.

The City and County of San Francisco -  its City Attorney Dennis Herrera - agreed to the take on the  State of California Accreditation Commission.

The City and County of San Francisco on behalf of the SF City College  - took the State of California Accreditation Commision to court - and won the case.

The attempt to take over SF City College - by nefarious entities - was exposed- the many false charges - set aside - and most things - put on track.

Most of those who thought they knew who was behind these atrocities -  have NO clue - about at the real culprits. Right now they are bidding their time - they want SF City College to fail.

As much as we worked hard to help SF City College - justice as we truly understand - moves slowly.

We did what we could - in the given situation - with  Senator Mark Leno,  SF Board of Supervisors Jane Kim and numerous other stellar and astute advocates - Shanell Williams  - the SF City College student representative - and thousands of San Franciscans - rallying to the cause. A historic moment - that most of us have forgotten.

The many teachers from SF City College told shoulder to shoulder with us.

Some - heads of Departments from SF City College - thousands of others - a long list  - stood shoulder to shoulder - understanding this was a worthy and paramount cause.

Bottom line - Lady Justice deemed it fit - that SF City College - should be saved - giving all an opportunity - to prove ourselves - worthy of SF City College's - great, legacy.

The victory brought about some immediate actions - all those in position to do outreach tried there best to back the students who still at SF City College - supporting them in many ways - it was a grassroots movement.

Many of the students were close to their graduation - and had to transfer to other colleges - while SF City College and those in charge - were put things on track.

The SF City and County of San Francisco - agreed to set aside some money - for tuition.

At one time - so many San Franciscans remember attending SF City College - tuition free. This was years ago.

San Francisco City College helped create a Middle Class is San Francisco - and the San Francisco State University too - since eroded - and we seem not to care too much.

The  economic disparity in San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda a third world nation - San Francisco boasts many billionaires - thousands of millionaires. 

How San Francisco City College comes today to face such a conundrum - a bevy of issues - that mostly stem from very poor leadership.

Here and there rampant - lack of transparency and accountability - after all we went through is mind boggling.

We had put things on track - fought for some money - to help the students, handed over an operation - that was going to fail.

Some of us detected the outside influence - truly wanting to decimate SF City College - and take control of the land for housing.

Powerful entities some established here in San Francisco. 

Others in Texas - had a Blue Print to decimate SF City College.

The power of the people, united - brought about a solution.

It was a movement that worked - and soon we saw it erode away. Why? Who is constantly putting the hurdles in our way? Where is the leadership?

The San Francisco Board of Trustee - should not be a place for triads and vetting - take that garbage somewhere else.

It is not a place for those mentally challenged - to get an opportunity to exercise some therapy that does the public at large NO good - more in the middle of a pandemic.

The SF City College Board of Trustees tolerate too much rambling, too much diatribe - and the public listening to such tirades are fed up and it does a great disservice to some of us who spent thousands of person hours - to help the students.

Take your therapy to some Social Worker, some Psychologist, some Psychiatrist, some Pastor, Shamann , Monk who can soothe the demons that trouble you - a disturbing pain that should not be spread on a virtual meeting.

These tirades and shooting arrows in the air - are disturbing - and some one must set the ground rules.

In a pandemic a flood of mentally challenged have leashed out at innocent people. Do not get me wrong - normal people when they hear harsh, rabid comments - are traumatized.

Seasoned advocates and trained can control the situation - issues that have nothing directly to do with the situation at hand - the fiduciary responsibility gone hay wire at SF City College. 

San Francisco City College staff and others loosing their jobs. Classes cut to the minimal. A whole array of issues that only those who handle important jobs - and have a higher responsibility comprehend and execute.

You would not allow a dish washer who has no training and skills to prepare a gourmet dish - serve some one who is paying for her or his food - and allow a dish washer - to take a chance to please some one when right of the bat - you know that will not happen.

Students in large measure have NO clue of some very powerful people with connections - who are preying on the students - while wheeling and dealing with upper management.

For over 40 years - I have been tracking - some entities - and these so called Chancellors - we had one who had a chauffeur drive him every time he came to San Francisco - may three time a week - full paid for being given a royal treatment.

Where do they find such Chancellors who live in a mansion - South Lake Tahoe - while pretending they are helping students who need help in San Francisco - more San Francisco City College.

You do not need be a Rocket Scientist to know that San Francisco City College has precious real estate - and some one is salivating - waiting for the right time - to make the right move - this has happened before.

The deeper we studied the problem the last time around - the deeper we entered the dark world. 

Some wrote a nasty letter to Shanell Williams - threatening her - this was brought to my attention and I took care of the issue at hand.

Shanell Williams has since circumvented the situation at hand - and at yesterday's virtual meeting - has to speak for the students - to the utter astonishment of the lackey who was trying to say something and said nothing at all. The Deputy Chancellor a woman had to come to his rescue - and he thanked her for that.

A couple of time Dr. Rajen Vurdien referred to the same lack - to explain to all attending the virtual meeting - the model and the key factor taken into account to cut staffing positions both permanent and temporary, the consolidation of classes and other pertinent and salient factors.

Dr. Rajen Vurdien did not shy from stating freely - a the virtual meeting - with glee - that upper management, others - folks like Administrators - were making too much - time to cut their salaries.

I have met such clowns before - no student, no professors, no administrator - should be informed at the eleventh hour - about cuts and crucial defunding of programs - without meaningful deliberations.

Today San Francisco City College in embedded with corrupt individuals - some on the SF City College Board of Trustees.

One Trustee kept suggesting - the Federal Government and the Stimulus Funds set aside - for precise situations - should be used - only to be told - take it easy. The man was hungry to rake in millions at the expense of the Federal governments. 

I once read the Independent a local paper - it closed its doors - and that and other incidents - make the intrigues - and the situation at hand - all the more - plausible. What?

Some know about these issues - I am talking about - but most think - the current issues can be solved.

 It is not about the issues - it is about very corrupt individuals embedded in the system - the higher echelon - trying to hoodwink us all - in broad daylight.

Yesterday February 25, 2021 I attended a virtual meeting that started at 4 pm and went passed mid-night. The SF City College Board Trustee meeting for a hour up until 5 pm - the start of the meeting - and then going into Closed Session for three hours.

Coming out from Closed Session - and then every agenda item was contentious.

Public Comment on the agenda items was taken - a measly one minute given - to express so much - most cut short.

Those who called at Public Comment  - begged, cried,  cajoled - and pleaded that classes should not be cut - programs close forever - in some cases classes have NO teachers - the position - gone, gone forever.

Plans are afoot to cut the San Francisco City College - current budget - by 20%.

Some drab formula - maintaining the buildings and salaries - are foremost - and money set aside for these two functions.

The model then prioritizing the rest of the issues - and reducing classes, getting rid of Full Time Employment (FTEs) - temporary positions - and it goes on and on. 

They kept saying it is all data driven - have you heard data many a time - is garbage in - garbage out. The San Francisco City College - has primitive software that they are full aware of.

Have poor bandwidth - and Internet - have even poor maga data processing software and more hardware to collect pertinent and relevant - information.

SF City College has always catered to the Arts - its Media, Dance, Journalism, Photography, Nurses, Criminology, the Sciences, Ethnic Studies, and so many one of kind classes .

San Francisco City College is the envy of colleges and universities - all over the Nation and aboard. On my travels many stellar educationist, others who hold prominent position - all over the Untied States and in many countries - have lauded San Francisco City College.

If only they knew what is happening to their Alma Mater and who in in charge - the many ploys, shenanigans, and machinations - that we all endure - but NOT for long.

Many World Leaders - and I know many of them  who studied at San Francisco City College - are in touch with me.  What am I so say - to them but tell them the Truth.

We who live here in San Francisco - know some about SF City College but we do not know - that this gem is about - to go over the cliff.

As I mentioned above I attended this long, drab, contentious - Virtual Meeting - it revealed to me - the core problem - about some in the  inner circle - who think they can hoodwink us in broad daylight.

The miscreants will fall flat of their face.

They miscreants - decision makers - have failed when it come to the so called ploy to build " affordable housing " on land that was meant to build an Arts Building. 

The back and forth - has forced the developers - to move away. 

Some  "build in design concept " -  that does not work - when there is NO clarity - and less in this pandemic when most building material have become very expensive - in many cases - construction material in short supply - costing 120% percent  higher.

Concrete, steel, other building material shave gone up by 80% and will to up and not down.

Promises made to the students, others plotting - salivating - to get into the affordable housing - near and adjacent to the Balboa Reservoir - their dreams and aspiration - shatter - and these miscreants think nothing much - they will fall flat of their face.

San Francisco City College has failed us all - making deals - as is the case with  the 1550 Evans Project - the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) which is a seasoned -  corrupt entity.

Its former Manager - Harlan Kelly indicted - the former Assistant Manager for External Affairs - the main person who brought SF City College - to work with SFPUC.

Juliet Ellis - resigned in disgrace - all because the Federal Bureau of Investigation - investigated and found these two scoundrels - corrupt, using tax payers money - for their own personal nefarious activities.

Using slated Community Benefits for private projects - doling out money - grant $300,000 to some entities - without due process. 

Community Benefits money was planned to be used for the 1550 Evans and Third Street project. 

The FBI investigation has stalled some moves - and the future will reveal more.

Umpteen cases - conflict of interests - much like those at SF City College - the higher echelon.

So called leaders who lack spirituality, less empathy and compassion, and for sure have no morals, less ethics, and for sure  absolutely No - standards.

The SFPUC wants to partner with SF City College which is sinking - SFPUC itself is in deep trouble - investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - so what is there to say.

Two good for nothing entities - who have created a mess - now partnering to created a contaminated cesspool.

When the cesspool is created - both entities will drown - in an operation of their own making.

The San Francisco City College Trustees may pass the Resolution - the matter may go to the Courts - more money will be wasted - with the pandemic hanging around - Court Cases take a long time - much like the Balboa Reservoir fiasco - those who thought in a couple of years - they might move in some affordable units - now, are leaking their chops.

I read a Resolution of the San Francisco Community College District - requesting the City and County of San Francisco transfer ownership of site of proposed 1550 Evans Street Education Facility.

WHEREAS the City and County has asked the District to invest Proposition A bond funds in the construction of the Education Center.

WHEREAS the District  affirms its committeemen to the Bay View Hunters Point community and supports additional investment in college facilities and supporting educational and career training programs in Bay View Hunters Point.

WHEREAS - the District has been advised that it is unclear if the District has the legal authority to spend Proposition A bond funds  of school facilities constructed on land that is not owned by the District. 

WHEREAS - in order to permit the lawful expenditure of Proposition A bonds funds to pay for a portion of the construction costs of the Educational Center, the District requires a fee interest ownership of the portion of parcel know as 1550 Evans Street on which the Educational Center is proposed to be constructed.

WHEREAS - the District desires to request that the City and County transfer fee ownership of the real property footprint of the Educational Center to District so that Proposition A bond funds can be lawfully contributed toward the construction of the Educational Center and the expansion of educational opportunities for the residents of the Bay View Hunter Point Community.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and here we have San Francisco City College - the SF Board Trustees - the San Francisco Community College District - wheeling and dealing - having NO clue what so ever - the adverse impacts inherent in this deal that stinks to high heaven.

The Virtual Meeting on February 25, 2021 started at 4 pm and went on pass midnight - paying NO considering to those that want to speak on the above agenda items 9A.

I waited, and waited, and waited pass midnight - and then simply forgot about the call that I was promised - which would permit me to speak.

Is this some new - drama after drams - deeper and deeper - we must be vigilant - and on our guard. 

Education is paramount to all - even Seniors were just getting ready to learn more - when COVID-19 pandemic - decided to visit us all - we wear a MASK and stay at home. Go out for essential work - only.

Our students needs must met - our students need information and the right to a sound education. 

Right now we have so called managers - professionals - who are looking at profits - large profits - and if they work for outsiders - they plan the right situation - for a complete take over - of San Francisco City College property.

We must remind these charlatans - San Francisco City College - as is San Francisco State University - both institutions have served thousands of San Franciscans - for decades - as I said created a sound Middle Class that is vanishing - right before our eyes.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on all matters that are linked with Quality of Life issues - Education, Health, Safety, Transportation, Communication - and have participated and monitored the pertinent issues linked to San Francisco City College - for 35 years.